Advertising, Promotion, and other aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications,
10th Edition

J. Craig Andrews, Terence A. Shimp

ISBN-13: 9781337282659 | ISBN-10: 1337282650

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| Published 2017

| 635 pages

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Explore all aspects of marketing communications, from time-honored methods to the newest developments in the field backed by the latest research, data and analytic techniques with one of today’s leading IMC texts, ADVERTISING, PROMOTION, AND OTHER ASPECTS OF INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, 10E. With emphasis on the fundamentals and practices you need, this edition focuses on advertising and sales promotion, planning, branding, consumer behavior, media buying, public relations, packaging, POP communications, and personal selling. You explore emerging topics, such as today’s popularity of apps, social media outlets, online and digital practices, and viral communications, as well as their impact on traditional marketing. Revisions to this most current IMC text on the market address must-know changes to environmental, regulatory, and ethical issues; MindTap Insights Online; place-based applications; privacy; global marketing, and memorable advertising campaigns.

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Meet the Authors

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J. Craig Andrews is Professor and Charles H. Kellstadt Chair in Marketing at Marquette University, where he has been a faculty member for 32 years. Dr. Andrews recently served as a Social Scientist (Center for Tobacco Products), Senior Scholar (Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition), and on the Risk Communication Advisory Committee with U.S. Food & Drug Administration in Washington, DC. Dr. Andrews also has been responsible for ad copy testing efforts on the Behavior Change Expert Panel for the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, working with Ogilvy & Mather and FCB ad agencies in New York, NY. He also has been Editor of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, for which he earned honors as Reviewer of the Year three times and twice won the Kinnear/JPPM Award for article of the year. Dr. Andrews also served as a Consumer Research Specialist in the Division of Advertising Practices with the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, DC, earning the FTC’s Award for Meritorious Service. Through the Advertising Education Foundation, he has held visiting professor positions with Coca-Cola Foods in Houston and with the Fitzgerald & Co. advertising agency in Atlanta. His work has appeared in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Retailing, Tobacco Control and the American Journal of Public Health, among others. Dr. Andrews received his Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of South Carolina.

Terence Shimp is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of South Carolina, where he was a faculty member for 29 years and earned a number of teaching awards, including the Amoco Foundation Award. The former W. W. Johnson Distinguished Foundation Fellow and Chair of the Marketing Department in the Moore School of Business, Dr. Shimp also taught at Kent University. He has published widely in marketing, consumer behavior, and advertising, and received the American Academy of Advertising's lifetime award for outstanding contributions to research in advertising. Past president of the Association for Consumer Research, as well as the Journal of Consumer Research policy board, Dr. Shimp has represented the Federal Trade Commission and various state agencies as an expert witness in issues concerning advertising deception and unfairness. Terence A. Shimp received his doctorate from the University of Maryland.

  • THE LATEST CONTENT LINKS TO INSIGHTS ONLINE IN MINDTAP® TO ENSURE CUTTING-EDGE UPDATES. In addition to these timely Online Insights, you find a wealth of helpful supporting material in MindTap® to keep your classroom presentations up to date, including commercial links and other important IMC features.
  • TEXT EMPHASIZES STRONG TIES TO BRANDING AND OUTCOME-BASED MEASURES OF PERFORMANCE. All advertising and promotion examples are fully integrated with branding, including a special treatment of brand equity and intellectual property issues. To reflect today’s shift in agency compensation to outcome-based performance, numerous examples connect advertising and promotion to such measures. Students find meaningful discussions of the link between advertising and sales/behavior, return on investment, advertising elasticities and prediction of market share.
  • THIS EDITION REVIEWS THE LATEST MATERIAL ON EMERGING AREAS OF IMC. Students examine app advertising, digital media choices and issues for online and mobile advertising, new research techniques such as neuroimaging, ad privacy and blocking wars, sponsored content, customer relationship management (CRM), and non-traditional media choices in IMC.
  • ALL NEW AND UPDATED MARCOM INSIGHTS, INSIGHTS ONLINE AND GLOBAL FOCUSES KEEP CONTENT BOTH CURRENT AND ENGAGING. The Marcom Insights, Insights Online, and Global Focuses in this edition are all-new or updated with the latest material. For example, the fascination evolution of the Goodwill Boutique brand is now featured in the Marcom Insight in Chapter 3. To remain more current, these features are linked to the online resource, MindTap®.
  • LATEST IMC TECHNIQUES ARE BACKED BY RECENT AND CLASSIC RESEARCH, DATA AND ANALYSIS. Students examine the rationale for IMC approaches based on articles from leading journals, including Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, and Journal of Retailing. In addition, data from Advertising Age’s Data Center and Marketing Fact Pack, Nielsen, Kantar Media, Carat, Zenith OptiMedia, eMarketer, and comScore serve as the basis for the book’s numerous tables, analysis and support material.
  • THE HARVARD BUSINESS PUBLISHING CASE MAP. If you wish to use Harvard Business Publishing cases, this map links chapters to almost 70 HBP cases suggested for review for use in your classroom as you emphasize and directly apply IMC principles.
  • MINDTAP® INSIGHTS ONLINE HIGHLIGHT THE LATEST MARKETING AND ADVERTISING DEVELOPMENTS. These engaging features in MindTap® draw students’ attention to a variety of brilliant ads that illustrate key IMC concepts at work within real company situations. These Insights enhance the text’s global marketing perspective, while spotlighting unique international applications and their impacts on IMC campaigns.
  • HARVARD BUSINESS PUBLISHING CASE MAP: A new Harvard Business Publishing Case map ties over 90 Harvard cases to the 23 chapters of the text. This case map provides the full case identification on the HBP site, a case abstract, and its fit into specific chapters in the text. These cases represent some of the most recently applied issues and problems experienced in the many areas of marcom. The IMC Case Map is posted to the instructor companion site: www.cengage.com/login.
  • UP-TO-DATE MATERIAL ENSURES YOU ARE TEACHING THE MOST CURRENT INFORMATION. This edition discusses the latest IMC methods, research, and practices -- including social, ethical, regulatory, and international dimensions -- to give your students a comprehensive picture of how IMC is practiced today. All material is backed by the latest research and data in today’s advertising and marketing fields.
  • INTERESTING INSIGHTS OFFER PROFESSIONAL ADVICE AND PERSPECTIVES. Chapter-opening "Marcom Insights" introduce today’s students to each chapter’s topics with practical, professional guidance and helpful tips and advice.
  • BOOK FOCUSES ON EMERGING PRACTICES. This edition’s IMC coverage would not be complete without discussions of online, mobile, apps, viral, and social media practices and options, making the book the most current text of its kind. Students examine the latest issues and how these issues are impacting traditional marketing.
  • CONTEMPORARY ADS BRING PRINCIPLES TO LIFE. Students clearly see how successful marketers have turned products into household names, as advertising campaigns in the book’s readings demonstrate effective advertising in action.

Table of Contents

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1. An Overview of Integrated Marketing Communications.
2. Enhancing Brand Equity and Accountability.
3. Brand Adoption, Brand Naming and Intellectual Property Issues.
4. Environmental, Regulatory and Ethical Issues.
5. Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning.
6. The Communications Process and Consumer Behavior.
7. The Role of Persuasion in IMC.
8. IMC Objective Setting and Budgeting.
9. An Overview of Advertising Management.
10. Effective and Creative Ad Messages.
11. Endorsers and Message Appeals in Advertising.
12. Traditional Ad Media.
13. Digital Media: Online, Mobile and App Advertising.
14. Social Media.
15. Direct Marketing, CRM, and Other Media.
16. Media Planning and Analysis.
17. Measuring Ad Message Effectiveness.
18. Sales Promotion Overview and the Role of Trade Promotion.
19. Consumer Sales Promotion: Sampling and Couponing.
20. Consumer Sales Promotion: Premiums and Other Promotions.
21. Public Relations, Content Marketing, Viral Marketing, and Sponsorships.
22. Packaging, POP Communications, and Signage.
23. Personal Selling.

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