Essentials of Pharmacology for Health Professions,
8th Edition

Bruce Colbert, Ruth Woodrow

ISBN-13: 9781337395892 | ISBN-10: 1337395897

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

| 672 pages

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Best-selling ESSENTIALS OF PHARMACOLOGY FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONS, 8e is the ideal resource to help you prepare for licensed practical nursing, medical assisting, and other allied health careers. Focusing on "need to know" drug information, it gives you the confidence to master pharmacology. Extremely reader friendly, this clear, concise book simplifies material into engaging and manageable chapters. By stressing clinical application, it also ensures you understand the "why" behind what you learn. Part I provides a solid foundation in basic pharmacologic principles. Part II covers drugs, sources, legal concerns, and medical uses. Chapters organize drugs by classifications and include their purpose, side effects, interactions, and precautions or contraindications. Patient education is highlighted for each category, while numerous reference tables help pull everything together for you by listing the most commonly prescribed drugs, dosages, available forms, and special considerations.

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Meet the Authors

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Bruce Colbert is an Associate Professor and Director of the Allied Health Care Department at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. The author of 10 traditional books, he also developed an interactive worktext and DVD program on student success. Focusing on such topics as stress and time management, he has presented more than 250 regional and national lectures and workshops devoted to professional skills, enhancing critical and creative thinking and effective decision-making. In addition, Mr. Colbert consults with educational programs to improve teaching effectiveness as well as presents active teaching workshops.

Ruth Woodrow is a Medical Consultant for Education and Infection Control in the Health Services Department at Senior Friendship Centers, Inc. in Sarasota, Florida. She previously served as Director of Staff Development at Plymouth Harbor, Inc., and she also taught pharmacology at the Sarasota County Technical Institute.

  • More user friendly than ever, the Patient Education Boxes that accompany each drug classification have been expanded with more in-depth summaries and key highlights that help health care professionals effectively instruct patients about medications they are taking.
  • Colbert/Woodrow's ESSENTIALS OF PHARMACOLOGY FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONS, 8e reflects the newest developments and most current practices from the field. Each drug classification has been updated with the latest and most frequently prescribed drugs available.
  • An-all new section is devoted to ear medications.
  • The complete pharmacology resource for allied health professionals at every experience level, ESSENTIALS OF PHARMACOLOGY FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONS, 8e also makes a great refresher and on-the-job reference.
  • Easy-to-use reference tables included with each classification list the most commonly prescribed drugs according to their generic and trade names as well as dosages, available forms, and special considerations.
  • Enhancing the relevancy of the material, Clinical Connection features provide real-life examples and applications, such as coverage of narcotic overdose and treatment.
  • A special icon identifies the most common and important side effects of drugs.
  • Extremely reader friendly, ESSENTIALS OF PHARMACOLOGY FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONS, 8e simplifies the learning process and organizes material into engaging and manageable chapters -- instead of long complicated chapters jammed with tons of concepts.
  • End-of-chapter Review questions help readers master the information, while Administration Checklists enable them to put what they learn into practice.
  • Providing the most comprehensive coverage available, the text offers detailed descriptions of each classification, along with the characteristics of typical drugs, their purposes, side effects, precautions or contraindications, and interactions.
  • Enhancing the learning experience, online resources bring chapter concepts to life through medication administration technique videos, PowerPoint® presentations, and extended pharmacology content.
  • Comprehensive review quizzes for Part I and Part II help learners thoroughly practice and prepare for the final test.
  • Reality-based case studies in Part II present drug usage scenarios in a variety of settings and stimulate critical thinking by providing practical application of drug information.

Table of Contents

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1. Consumer Safety and Drug Regulations.
2. Drug Names and References.
3. Sources and Bodily Effects of Drugs.
4. Medication Preparations and Supplies.
5. Abbreviations and Systems of Measurement.
6. Safe Dosage Preparation.
7. Responsibilities and Principles of Drug Administration.
8. Administration by the Gastrointestinal Route.
9. Administration by the Parenteral Route.
10. Poison Control.
11. Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs.
12. Skin Medications.
13. Autonomic Nervous System Drugs.
14. Antineoplastic Drugs.
15. Urinary System Drugs.
16. Gastrointestinal Drugs.
17. Anti-infective Drugs.
18. Eye and Ear Medications.
19. Analgesics, Sedatives, and Hypnotics.
20. Psychotropic Medications, Alcohol, and Drug Abuse.
21. Musculoskeletal and Anti-inflammatory Drugs.
22. Anticonvulsants, Antiparkinsonian Drugs, and Agents for Alzheimer's Disease.
23. Endocrine System Drugs.
24. Reproductive System Drugs.
25. Cardiovascular Drugs.
26. Respiratory System Drugs and Antihistamines.
27. Drugs and Older Adults.
Comprehensive Review Exam for Part I.
Comprehensive Review Exam for Part II.

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Study Guide for Colbert/Woodrow's Essentials of Pharmacology for Health Professions, 8th

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