Introductory Technical Mathematics,
7th Edition

John C. Peterson, Robert D. Smith

ISBN-13: 9781337397674 | ISBN-10: 1337397679

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

| 1040 pages

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Considering a career in today's sophisticated trade and technical work environments? This practical, easy-to-understand, and engaging text will help you build a solid understanding of essential math concepts and their real-world applications using step-by-step examples and problems drawn from a variety of occupations. Now updated with more than 1500 new exercises to introduce and reinforce key skills, INTRODUCTORY TECHNICAL MATHEMATICS, Seventh Edition, also features accurate, up-to-date information from the field, including expanded coverage of topics such as estimation usage, working with spreadsheets on tablets, and energy-efficient electrical applications.

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Meet the Authors

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John C. Peterson is a retired professor of mathematics at Chattanooga State Technical Community College in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Following a career in industry, Dr. Peterson taught at the middle school, high school, two-year college, and university levels. He is the author or coauthor of four other Cengage Learning books: MATH FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE TRADE, TECHNICAL MATHEMATICS, TECHNICAL MATHEMATICS WITH CALCULUS, and MATHEMATICS FOR MACHINE TECHNOLOGY. He was also a member of the four-person team that revised and interpreted the two-year college portion of the 2015 College Board of Mathematical Sciences cross-sectional survey of undergraduate mathematical science programs. In addition, Dr. Peterson has published more than 90 papers in various journals, given more than 200 presentations, and served as a vice president of The American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges.

Robert D. Smith was Associate Professor Emeritus of Industrial Technology at Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, Connecticut. In addition to his teaching experience, Mr. Smith worked in the manufacturing industry as a tool designer, quality control engineer, and chief manufacturing engineer. He has also been active in teaching applied mathematics, physics, and industrial materials and processes on the secondary school level and in apprenticeship programs.

  • Content has been revised and updated to reflect current and emerging trends and technology in today’s industry, including more energy-efficient examples of electrical applications, expanded coverage of estimation usage to help students better understand whether answers are reasonable, and introductory spreadsheet material that covers working on a touchscreen tablet.
  • The authors have revised chapter content in key areas, including consolidating many brief sections to make the text more engaging, efficient, and cohesive for today’s learners.
  • The Seventh Edition includes more than 1500 new exercises, providing a wide variety of opportunities for students to assess their learning and hone their skills through practical activities aligned to real-world applications.
  • Clear explanations and easy-to-follow procedural steps explain how to solve example problems, providing useful and effective guidance to help students apply what they have learned.
  • The authors explain how to solve many problems using calculators and spreadsheets, providing valuable, practical instruction that students can apply on the job using common tools of the trade.
  • Coverage of statistics ranges from introduction of basic statistical concepts to exploration of statistical graphing techniques such as bar, line, and circle graphs.
  • Many exercise sets begin with a half-dozen or more Power Up exercises referencing material covered in earlier sections, helping students refresh and expand key skills as they progress through the text.
  • Illustrations accompany many problems and resemble those found in technical manuals and handbooks, emphasizing the real-world relevance of mathematics concepts for professional success.
  • Written in an engaging, straightforward style, the text begins with simple concepts and helps students steadily build the skills and confidence they need to solve even the most complex problems.

Table of Contents

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1. Whole Numbers.
2. Common Fractions.
3. Decimal Fractions.
4. Ratio and Proportion.
5. Percents.
6. Signed Numbers.
7. Precision, Accuracy, and Tolerance.
8. Customary Measurement Units.
9. Metric Measurement Units.
10. Steel Rules and Vernier Calipers.
11. Micrometers.
12. Introduction to Algebra.
13. Basic Algebraic Operations.
14. Simple Equations.
15. Complex Equations.
16. The Cartesian Coordinate System and Graphs of Linear Equations.
17. Systems of Equations.
18. Quadratic Equations.
19. Introduction to Plane Geometry.
20. Angular Measure.
21. Angular Geometric Principles.
22. Triangles.
23. Congruent and Similar Figures.
24. Polygons.
25. Circles.
26. Areas of Common Polygons.
27. Areas of Circles, Sectors, Segments, and Ellipses.
28. Prisms and Cylinders: Volumes, Surface Areas, and Weights.
29. Pyramids and Cones: Volumes, Surface Areas, and Weights.
30. Spheres and Composite Figures: Volumes, Surface Areas, and Weights.
31. Graphs: Bar, Circle, and Line.
32. Statistics.
33. Introduction to Trigonometric Functions.
34. Trigonometric Functions with Right Triangles.
35. Practical Applications with Right Triangles.
36. Functions of Any Angle, Oblique Triangles.
37. Vectors.
Appendix A: United States Customary and Metric Units of Measure.
Appendix B: Formulas for Areas (A) of Plane Figures.
Appendix C: Formulas for Volumes and Areas of Solid Figures.
Appendix D: Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises.

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