Student Success in College: Doing What Works!,
3rd Edition

Christine Harrington

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| Published 2018

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STUDENT SUCCESS IN COLLEGE: DOING WHAT WORKS!, 3rd Edition, will help you choose or confirm a career path and develop the skills needed to be successful in college and in your career. You'll get to see what the research says about which strategies work best so you can do what works to reach your goals. You might be surprised by some of the research findings! A unique feature of this textbook is that it includes actual research studies, so you'll get the opportunity to learn how to read and use research, building your information literacy and critical-thinking skills. These skills will serve you well in your other courses and in your career.

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Dr. Christine Harrington is a professor in the History and Social Sciences department and serves as the director for the Center for the Enrichment of Learning and Teaching, a professional development center for faculty, at Middlesex County College in New Jersey. She is a licensed psychologist with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Lehigh University, an M.A. in Counseling and Personnel Services, and a B.A. in Psychology from Trenton State College. She has been teaching the Student Success Course at the community college level for over 15 years, often teaching special sections for students with learning disabilities. In addition to teaching the Student Success course, Dr. Harrington's teaching experience includes Introduction to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology, Educational Psychology, Child Psychology, and Lifespan Development, teaching many of these courses in an online format as well as the traditional in person format. Prior to teaching full time, she worked in the Counseling and Career Services Department for seven years, serving students with disabilities, as well as the general campus population. Dr. Harrington also served as the Assessment Coordinator for her campus, providing workshops, consultation and support to academic and service areas assessing courses, programs, and services.Dr. Harrington frequently presents at national conferences, colleges and universities on topics such as motivation, the syllabus, dynamic lecturing, and effective group work. Her research based approach to the student success course was featured in an article published in E-Source for College Transitions. Dr. Harrington was also invited to write a chapter on the developmental process of becoming a critical thinker for an upcoming book to be published by the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience.

  • Modular, Customizable MindTap. MindTap allows you to seamlessly reorder content to match your course goals and preferred sequencing. Each module includes an Author video that introduces the student to the content and readings, a quick quiz to ensure students are understanding the material, as well as Time for Action activities that have been digitized and moved exclusively to MindTap. You can also easily incorporate additional information as a new module, such as a module about your college or university so that students can learn about the opportunities and supports at your institution.
  • Over 125 new citations, most from research studies! The hallmark feature of this text is the research-based information it contains. Students can rest assured that the information strategies presented in this text are supported by research and therefore work.
  • Increased focus on career, academic, and financial planning. Using a Guided Pathways framework, students are given tools early in the term to choose a career pathway and develop plans and skills needed to stay on track and achieve their goals, which includes creating academic, career, and financial plans. Students will learn about developing networking skills and behaviors critical to career success, including the importance of a professional presence on social media. Expanded content on financial planning will help students better understand loans and debt to make strong financial choices.
  • New focus on soft skills. Because soft skills are critical in college and careers, an entire chapter is devoted to strengthening soft skills. This chapter addresses the soft skills most desired by employers: professionalism, time and project management, interpersonal skills, and leadership skills. Students will be able to immediately apply skills being learned when they work on group projects in your class.
  • Chapter Summary Note-taking Models emphasize the practice of extracting key information and organizing it in a way that helps students learn. Cornell Method notes, concept maps, matrices, and new digital notes created using word processing software are featured models. Students can compare the notes they take with the models at the end of each chapter.
  • Quick Quizzes allow students to check on their learning progress. When students read the chapters in MindTap, they can click the question to see the answer. The answers are in the back of the book for students reading the hard-copy version. These quick quizzes can help students practice self-regulation.
  • Having only seven chapters, this text offers you the flexibility to cater the course schedule to the needs of your students. It also allows you and your students to more deeply explore content and skills related to being successful, including focusing on developing high-level skills such as information literacy and critical thinking as you explore different success topics. The peer-reviewed research articles included in the text are a great vehicle for developing these skills.
  • The Exploring the Research with the Author Videos in MindTap provide an overview of the research studies provided in the text. The support provided within this feature helps students read and understand high-level scholarly sources.
  • Exploring the Research in Summary is featured at the beginning of every chapter. Not only does this provide students with a brief overview of a relevant research study that is connected to the chapter content, but it also serves as a reminder to students that the content in this book is based on research, not opinions.
  • MindTap is a fully online, highly personalized learning experience built upon Student Success in College. MindTap combines student learning tools -- readings, multimedia, activities, and assessments -- into a Learning Path that guides students through their course. Instructors personalize the experience by customizing the order of the content and by adding their own content in the Learning Path via apps that integrate into the MindTap framework. The Learning Path for Student Success in College will include learning outcomes, readings, activities, videos, and chapter quizzes.
  • Student Success in College: Doing What Works!, 3rd Edition, comes with a robust set of instructor support materials, developed by the author, that are integrated into MindTap and are available on the Instructor Resource page. Instructor resources include teaching videos, visually effective PowerPoint® slides, an extensive test bank, and numerous assignment and activity suggestions. The author is available to answer questions or provide consultation or support.
  • The introductory 7 Success Strategies at a Glance give students a sneak peek at key strategies they'll need to put into action and provide them with the context around the themes covered in each chapter.
  • Exploring the Research in Depth provides students with an opportunity to read original research studies. The following four-step process helps students engage with the content and learn essential skills: Engage via Research Prediction, Read for Key Points, Critically Think about the Research, and Build Information Literacy Skills. Peer-reviewed research articles provide an innovative way for students to practice reading, information literacy, and critical-thinking skills.

Table of Contents

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Introduction: Getting Started.
College Expectations: Getting a Strong Start. Value of the First-Year Seminar Course.
1. Discovering the Value of Education and Sharpening Key Thinking Skills
Exploring the Research in Summary. Value of College Education: Societal and Individual Benefits. Decision Making. Information Literacy. Critical Thinking. Chapter Summary: Note Taking Model.
2. Setting Goals and Choosing a Career Path.
Exploring the Research in Summary. Setting Goals. Career Exploration and Decision Making. Chapter Summary: Note Taking Model.
3. Building Academic Skills.
Exploring the Research in Summary. How Memory Works: Building Foundational Knowledge. Active reading strategies. Note-taking. Study strategies (include a chart of effective and ineffective approaches). Chapter Summary: Note Taking Model.
4. Strengthening Soft Skills.
Exploring the Research in Summary. What are Soft Skills? Professionalism.
Time and Project Management. Interpersonal Skills. Leadership. Chapter Summary: Note Taking Model.
5. Demonstrating Knowledge and Skills.
Exploring the Research in Summary. Purpose of Academic Tasks. Academic Integrity. Papers and Presentations. Test-Taking Strategies. Chapter Summary: Note Taking Model.
6. Mapping Your Path to Success: Plans and Action Steps.
Exploring the Research in Summary. Creating an Academic Plan. Exploring Experiential Learning Opportunities. Career Planning: Discovering the Power of Networking. Financial Planning. Chapter Summary: Note Taking Model.
7. Staying on Track and Celebrating Success.
Exploring the Research in Summary. Reflecting on Progress. Staying Motivated. Managing Stress. Being Resilient and Developing Grit. Celebrating Success. Chapter Summary: Note Taking Model.
Exploring the Research in Depth Appendix.
Answer Key Appendix.
References Index.
Subject Index.

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