Group Dynamics,
7th Edition

Donelson R. Forsyth

ISBN-13: 9781337408851 | ISBN-10: 1337408859

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

| 752 pages

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Learn how group dynamics theory applies in the real world with the help of this best seller. GROUP DYNAMICS, 7th Edition, covers all major theories and topics pertaining to group and team processes. Focus on what's most important with clearly organized chapters and highlighted key points, and see how to apply concepts to actual groups through extended case studies -- one in every chapter. The author draws on examples from a range of disciplines including psychology, management, law, education, sociology, and political science to help you develop a deeper understanding of each topic that you'll take with you beyond the classroom.

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Dr. Donelson R. Forsyth is Professor and the Colonel Leo K. and Gaylee Thorsness Endowed Chair in Ethical Leadership in the Jepson School of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond, where he teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses. His areas of focus include moral judgment, attribution, and group dynamics. His honors include the Outstanding Lecturer Award from the College of Humanities and Sciences and the Outstanding Teacher at Virginia Commonwealth University. A proven author, Dr. Forsyth has written more than 80 chapters and articles, published in such journals as AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGIST, JOURNAL OF PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY QUARTERLY, and JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN PERSONALITY. A member of numerous editorial boards, he is the founding editor of GROUP DYNAMICS: THEORY, RESEARCH, AND PRACTICE. He received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Florida.

  • Each chapter is revised to reduce its length, to improve readability and the narrative flow from section to section, and to increase interest and engagement. For example, focus boxes present high-interest material, and each chapter includes two or three self-assessment exercises that ask students to apply chapter concepts to themselves and their own groups.
  • Emerging areas of interest such as multilevel analyses, group composition and diversity, multiteam systems, neuroscience, psychological safety, and new interpretations of classic studies (e.g., the Milgram experiments) are examined in detail.
  • The author continues to expand the book's coverage to draw on all fields that investigate groups and teams (e.g., team science, behavioral economics, social network analysis), while being careful to ground newer findings in foundational theories and methods.
  • Up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the latest work in team, group, and organizational science is integrated with established, well-supported principles in the field.
  • The text is reader-friendly, and includes pedagogical features such as a running glossary, chapter outline, detailed chapter summary, self-assessment exercises, and suggested readings. Each chapter is broken up into three or four major sections that can be read at a single sitting and uses headings and subheadings liberally to help readers recognize the chapter's organization.
  • Examining all aspects of groups and teams, the text devotes entire chapters to topics such as research methods, group formation, group development and socialization, structure, influence, leadership, performance, and intergroup relations.
  • The author explores topics that are interesting to both theoretically minded basic research scientists and applications-oriented group experts.
  • A unique two-column format makes the subject matter accessible and easy to read.
  • Taking a multidisciplinary perspective, the text provides in-depth coverage of key concepts and theories across a range of disciplines, as well as the empirical studies that support conclusions based on those theories.

Table of Contents

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1. An Introduction to Group Dynamics.
2. Studying Groups.
3. Inclusion and Identity.
4. Formation.
5. Cohesion and Development.
6. Structure.
7. Influence.
8. Power.
9. Leadership.
10. Performance.
11. Teams.
12. Decision Making.
13. Conflict.
14. Intergroup Relations.
15. Groups in Context.
16. Growth and Change.
17. Crowds and Collectives.

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