American Corrections,
12th Edition

Todd R. Clear, Michael D. Reisig, George F. Cole

ISBN-13: 9781337557658 | ISBN-10: 133755765x

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| Published 2018

| 624 pages

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Explore the American corrections system from the perspective of both the corrections worker and the accused person in AMERICAN CORRECTIONS, 12th Edition. You'll learn about institutional and community sanctions, aided by high-profile corrections cases taken from recent headlines to reinforce important theories. The authors "tell it like it is" with thought-provoking, unbiased examinations of such topics as assisting felons during the re-entry process, reducing recidivism, the death penalty and surveillance. You'll also get a frontline view of careers in the corrections field.

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Meet the Authors

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Dr. Todd R. Clear is university professor of criminal law at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. He is currently involved in studies examining the effects of incarceration, the criminological implications of "place" and the concept of "community justice." A prolific author, Dr. Clear has written on topics of correctional classification, prediction methods in correctional programming, community-based correctional methods, intermediate sanctions and sentencing policy. He has served as president of several professional organizations, including the American Society of Criminology and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Dr. Clear has served as a programming and policy consultant to public agencies in more than 40 states and five nations. In addition, his work has been recognized with prestigious awards from the American Society of Criminology, the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, The Rockefeller School of Public Policy, the American Probation and Parole Association and the International Community Corrections Association. Dr. Clear has written 13 books addressing various aspects of the justice system, including three books on community justice and a book on mass incarceration.

Dr. Michael Reisig is professor of criminology and criminal justice at Arizona State University. He received his Ph.D. from Washington State University. Previous to joining Arizona State University, he served on the faculty of Michigan State University and Florida State University. Dr. Reisig's corrections research has appeared in several leading criminology journals, including Criminology, Crime and Delinquency, Justice Quarterly and Punishment and Society.

The late George F. Cole was professor emeritus of political science at the University of Connecticut. He was recognized for outstanding teaching and research and in 1995 was named a fellow of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. A specialist in the administration of criminal justice, Dr. Cole published extensively on such topics as prosecution, courts and corrections. He also developed and directed the graduate corrections program at the University of Connecticut and was a fellow at the National Institute of Justice (1988). Among his other accomplishments, Dr. Cole was granted two awards under the Fulbright-Hays Program to conduct criminal justice research in England and the former Yugoslavia.

  • A new Chapter 21, "Immigration and Justice," highlights immigration issues and trends.
  • This edition provides a complete update on the facts and figures of correctional policy and practice in the United States. The authors cover new trends in correctional reform in detail, especially as they address mass incarceration. They also discuss the recent changes in the growth of prison, probation, parole and community corrections systems, and implications for future correctional policy issues.
  • Updated language introduces new terminology--for instance, use of "the accused" as opposed to "the offender" or "the convict"--that reflects a better understanding of the impact of language on readers' attitudes and opinions.
  • Careers in Corrections boxes focus on a particular correctional occupation, giving students valuable insight into who plays what role in the corrections field. Descriptions include the nature of the work, required qualifications, earnings and job outlook plus a source for more information.
  • For Critical Thinking sections ask students to reflect on real-world situations related to chapter discussions. Topics include whether probation is an effective general deterrent to someone convicted of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct (Ch. 4); whether the head of a jail should be an elected official (Ch. 7); and whether newborns should be with their mothers if the mother is incarcerated (Ch. 12).
  • Focus On boxes bring to life the real-world relevance of the issues discussed in the text. These boxes--which cover People in Corrections, Correctional Policy and Correctional Practice--illuminate chapter topics with vivid, in-depth accounts by correctional workers, journalists, people in prison, people on parole and the relatives of those who are in the system.
  • Myths in Corrections sections address common myths and misconceptions about corrections and criminal justice. They provide an interesting and effective way to engage students, stimulate class discussion and encourage critical thinking.

Table of Contents

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1. The Corrections System.
2. The Early History of Correctional Thought and Practice.
3. The History of Corrections in America.
4. Contemporary Punishment.
5. The Law of Corrections.
6. The Correctional Client.
7. Jails: Detention and Short-Term Incarceration.
8. Probation.
9. Intermediate Sanctions and Community Corrections.
10. Incarceration.
11. The Prison Experience.
12. Incarceration of Women.
13. Institutional Management.
14. Institutional Programs.
15. Release from Incarceration.
16. Making It: Supervision in the Community.
17. Corrections for Juveniles.
18. Incarceration Trends.
19. Race, Ethnicity, and Corrections.
20. The Death Penalty.
21. Immigration and Justice.
22. Community Justice.
23. American Corrections: Looking Forward.

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