Adult Development and Aging,
8th Edition

John C. Cavanaugh, Fredda Blanchard-Fields

ISBN-13: 9781337559089 | ISBN-10: 1337559083

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

| 496 pages

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ADULT DEVELOPMENT AND AGING makes it easier to study and learn. This best-selling development text helps you connect what you're learning with real life while providing you with the tools you need to be successful in your course. Learning objectives, concept checks, review questions (organized by topic heading for quick review), and key terms (with definitions) help you focus on what's important in each chapter.

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Meet the Authors

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John C. Cavanaugh is President and CEO of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Delaware and his Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame. Cavanaugh is a fellow of the American Psychological Association, the Association for Psychological Science, and the Gerontological Society of America, and has served as president of the Adult Development and Aging Division (Division 20) of the APA. Cavanaugh has also written (with the late Fredda Blanchard-Fields) ADULT DEVELOPMENT AND AGING. His research interests in gerontology concern family caregiving as well as the role of beliefs in older adults' cognitive performance.

Fredda Blanchard-Fields, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology and Chair of the department at Georgia Institute of Technology. Her current research interests include social cognition in adulthood and aging as well as everyday problem solving and emotion regulation from adolescence through older adulthood. She has been published in Psychology and Aging, Developmental Psychology, Current Directions in Psychological Science, and other journals. She is a fellow of both the American Psychological Association and the Gerontological Society of America and a member of the American Psychological Society, the Society for Research and Child Development, and the Psychonomics Society.

  • New topics in the "How Do We Know?" features -- which highlight research methods mentioned briefly in the main narrative -- include hearing loss and quality of life; the relationships among intelligence, health, and survival; possible selves and the pursuit of social goals; and the long-term health effects of leisure activities.
  • The "Real People" feature, which illustrates principles through the lives of individuals, includes new profiles on Pope Francis, Oliver Sacks, Beverly Paige's recovery from stroke, Angelina Jolie's public discussion of her cancer risks, Harry Lorayne (a magician and memory-training specialist), Bernie Sanders and the 2016 election, Pat Summitt (University of Tennessee women's basketball coach who had early-onset Alzheimer's disease), and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (as examples of impression formation), among others.
  • Chapter 14, "Healthy Aging," is restructured to focus on social issues and the healthy aging framework. It includes revised discussions of Social Security and Medicare based on recent political activity, and new discussion of salutogenesis as an important framework for promoting wellness.
  • New or updated material includes discussion of structural brain changes and their relation to behavioral change with age, Theory of Mind, age related macular degeneration, the Kronos Early Estrogen Prevention study (KEEPS), genetics of health and genomic-based interventions, the MESSAGE Communication Strategies in Dementia training program, neurological development, and the Openness-Fluid-Crystallized-Intelligence (OFCI) model, among many other topics.
  • This edition presents current information on Alcohol Abuse Disorder from DSM-5, the "gig economy," the most frequent causes of death by age, updated brain death criteria, death doulas, the Model of Adaptive Grieving Dynamics, and disenfranchised and ambiguous grief.
  • "Real People" boxes provide examples of adult development and aging principles through the lives of individuals.
  • End-of-chapter pedagogy includes review questions organized by topic heading for quick review, "Integrating Concepts in Development" questions relating to other chapters, and key terms (with definitions).
  • "How Do We Know?" boxes draw students' attention to specific research studies that are discussed briefly in the main body of the text, including details about the study's design, participants, and outcomes.
  • Each section opens with Learning Objectives and ends with a Concept Check to help students review and gauge their understanding of the most important information.
  • The book's scholarship is unparalleled. The authors are both well-known researchers and eminent academics who successfully integrate cutting-edge research in the text.
  • "Discovering Development" boxes provide a starting point for applied projects by giving students a way to see developmental principles and concepts in the real world.
  • "Current Controversies" boxes raise provocative issues about topics discussed in the chapter, motivating students to think about the implications of research or policy issues.

Table of Contents

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1. Studying Adult Development and Aging.
2. Neuroscience as a Basis for Adult Development.
3. Physical Changes.
4. Longevity, Health, and Functioning.
5. Where People Live: Person-Environment Interactions.
6. Attention and Memory.
7. Intelligence, Reasoning, Creativity, and Wisdom.
8. Social Cognition.
9. Personality.
10. Clinical Assessment, Mental Health, and Mental Disorders.
11. Relationships.
12. Work, Leisure, and Retirement.
13. Dying and Bereavement.
14. Healthy Aging.

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