Cultural Diversity,
6th Edition

Jerry V. Diller

ISBN-13: 9781337563383
Copyright 2019 | Published
464 pages | List Price: USD $115.95
ISBN: 9781337563383

Author Jerry Diller's practical text offers you a balance of clinical and theoretical information, focusing on effective methods of providing cross-cultural services. CULTURAL DIVERSITY: A PRIMER FOR THE HUMAN SERVICES, 6th Edition, covers the general principles of cultural diversity, the process of cross-cultural service delivery and cultural information on specific client populations. You'll also find practical clinical suggestions and cautions through interviews with professionals from different ethnic backgrounds. Finally, you'll gain a better understanding of your own prejudices so that you can be a more effective counselor when working with clients from different cultures.


1. Introduction.
2. What It Means to Be Culturally Competent.
3. Working with Culturally Diverse Clients.
4. Understanding Racism, Prejudice, and White Privilege.
5. Understanding Culture and Cultural Differences.
6. Working with Culturally Diverse Parents and Families.
7. Culturally Sensitive Treatment with Children.
8. Bias in Service Delivery.
9. Mental Health Issues.
10. Treating Victims of Ethnic Conflict, Genocide, and Mass Violence.
11. Working with Latino/a Clients: An Interview with Roberto Almanzan.
12. Working with Native American Clients: An Interview with Jack Lawson.
13. Working with African American Clients: An Interview with Veronique Thompson.
14. Working with Asian American Clients: An Interview with Dan Hocoy.
15. Working with Arab and Muslim American Clients: An Interview with Marwan Dwairy.
16. Working with South Asian American Clients: An Interview with Sumana Kaipa.
17. Working with White Ethnic Clients: An Interview with the Author.
18. Some Closing Thoughts.

  • Jerry V. Diller

    Jerry V. Diller has been teaching for over 30 years at all levels of higher education. He has been on the faculty at The Wright Institute, University of California at Berkeley; University of Oregon and Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. He was awarded the "Innovation of the Year Award" for teaching at Lane Community College. In his private practice he has been a partner in Multicultural Associates, a consulting and training organization focusing on issues of cultural diversity and social justice.

  • Thoroughly and completely updated with current examples, demographic information, changing dynamics in US cutlure. Expanded coverage on sociacultural, social media issues such as the impact of political agendas, LGBTQI+ rights and laws, women’s rights, gun laws, the #MeToo movement, the #TimesUp movement, and #BlackLivesMatter.

  • Updated information on cultural competencies, ethnocentric individuals, self-awareness, and the ACA Code of Ethics and a table that outlines the cultural standards for social workers, counselors, marriage and family therapists and human service professionals.

  • Chapters 11-20, the interview chapters, have been updated to follow a consistent format and added learning objectives, a summary tying the interview to information in the earlier chapters and added activities.

  • This book helps students build a general understanding of what cultural diversity is and why it's important. It also helps students better understand their own prejudices so that they can be more effective counselors when working with clients from different cultures.

  • Students receive practical clinical suggestions and cautions through captivating interviews with professionals of different ethnic backgrounds, including Latino/Latina, Native American, African American, Asian American and Arab and Muslim American.

  • Self-awareness questions help students become more aware of what racism is, as well as how to become aware of and alter negative racial attitudes.

  • Extensive materials are provided on ethnic identity and models of minority development, as well as their clinical application.

  • Case studies illustrate how to effectively deliver cross-cultural counseling services.

  • Real-world examples, personal clinical experiences and anecdotes help students develop an understanding of difference, as well as apply the text concepts and learn about their own biases and discomforts.

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