A Guide to Crisis Intervention,
6th Edition

Kristi Kanel

ISBN-13: 9781337566414
Copyright 2019 | Published
352 pages | List Price: USD $124.95

Handle any crisis situation with the help of this practical, nuts-and-bolts guide. A GUIDE TO CRISIS INTERVENTION, 6th Edition covers the fundamentals of situational and developmental crises, how they occur and how you can manage them. Author Kristi Kanel discusses traditional counseling models as they relate to crisis intervention, and shows how they're incorporated into her ABC Model of Crisis Intervention--which you can use in any mental health setting with anyone in crisis. Examples illuminate the psychological and behavioral dynamics associated with crisis situations. Cases and scripts help you learn exactly what to say to clients, whether the crisis is developmental; related to trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse or other factors; or arises from personal victimization. You'll also learn how to conduct suicide assessments and mental status exams.


1. An Overview of Crisis Intervention.
2. Ethical and Professional Issues.
3. The ABC Model of Crisis Intervention.
4. Intervening with Crises Related to Danger to Self, Others, or Being Gravely Disabled.
5. Developmental and Cultural Crises.
6. Crises of Loss: Death, Relationship Breakups, and Economic Loss.
7. Community Disaster, Trauma, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
8. Crises Related to Military Service.
9. Crises Related to Personal Trauma.
10. Crises Related to Sexuality.
11. Substance Use Related Disorders and Crises.
12. Crises Related to Aging, Physical Illness, and Disabilities.

  • Kristi Kanel

    Kristi Kanel (Ph.D., University of Southern California) is a Full Professor at California State University, Fullerton in the Department of Human Services where she has been teaching for over 31 years. She is the author of A GUIDE TO CRISIS INTERVENTION, 5th Edition; HUMAN SERVICE DELIVERY TO LATINOS, 2nd Edition; and AN OVERVIEW OF THE HUMAN SERVICES, 2nd Edition (with Melanie Horn-Mallers). Dr. Kanel was a practicing psychotherapist for over 25 years. Her experience as a counselor includes working at two non-profit agencies (the Anaheim Free Clinic and a battered woman's shelter), a public agency, a managed care organization, and in private practice where she worked with a multitude of client populations, specializing in trauma. Her most recent research has focused on the mental health needs and interventions for the veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Other research includes mental health needs of Latinos and crisis intervention practices.

  • Specific examples of basic attending skills illustrate essential competencies that are need when conducting helping interviews.

  • Examples of reframes, educational statements, validation statements and empowerment statements offer students guidance on what to practice in each case vignette for role-play.

  • A new Chapter 10, "Crises Related to Sexuality," offers insight into crises concerning teen pregnancy, transgender confirmation surgery, sexual orientation and HIV/AIDS, among other topics.

  • Chapter 3 presents a sample script from beginning to end for the ABC Model, providing readers with guidance on the types of questions to ask and statements to make when using the model.

  • MindTap, an online learning experience built on the book's content, is available with this text. MindTap guides you through your course by combining readings, multimedia, applied activities, and quizzes into a learning path. Each chapter utilizes realistic videos to illustrate skills and concepts in action, followed by questions that give you practice evaluating and thinking critically about what you viewed.

  • The book offers useful day-to-day guidelines based on the ABC Model of Intervention: developing and maintaining rapport, identifying the problem and exploring the client's coping strategies. It also includes specific therapeutic interactions for use in a variety of situations. Crisis workers or those working in crisis situations can use the model effectively in any mental health setting and with any individual--from any population--in a crisis situation.

  • Case examples and scripts of dialogues illustrate the ABC Model and show students exactly what to say to a client in a given situation.

  • The book emphasizes brief therapeutic interventions and short-term crisis intervention counseling to enable successful outcomes despite the changes brought about by managed care organizations.

  • Students learn the effects of dealing with crises on community workers and crisis counselors, with examples of secondary PTSD.

  • Discussion of the cognitive tree metaphor helps students understand how to ask questions that explore the cognitive component of a crisis and how to move up the branches to extract the essential "cognitive key" that underlies the crisis. This metaphor can also help counselors see how to start with a precipitating event or subjective distress and how to reach the cognitions from that starting point.

  • The "Cases to Role-Play" feature offers students and faculty a starting point for discussions of particular crisis scenarios. Appropriate reframes, support statements, educational statements and empowerment statements for students to practice during the role-plays accompany each case vignette.

  • Tables summarize key points--including the history of crisis intervention, suicide assessment, death and dying stages and HIV-AIDS issues--and provide students with outlines for assessing substance abuse and other issues with clients.

  • Although the author focuses on what clinicians do rather than on a review of research and literature, she provides more than enough information to help inform and educate clients about the nature of their crisis.

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