Substance Abuse Counseling,
6th Edition

Judith A. Lewis, Robert Q. Dana, Gregory A. Blevins

ISBN-13: 9781337566612 | ISBN-10: 1337566616

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

| 320 pages

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This book provides a practical and comprehensive overview of substance abuse counseling--great to keep as a reference after you complete your course. SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNSELING, 6th Edition, focuses on empirical studies and the importance of treating clients with a collaborative and respectful approach. These values lay the foundation for individualized treatment planning, attention to the client's social environment, a multicultural perspective and client advocacy. Personalized assessment, treatment planning and behavior change strategies show you how to meet your clients' needs and select the most effective treatment modalities for each individual. And in the MindTap digital learning solution, you can read an ebook version of the text and download useful forms and questionnaires.

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Meet the Authors

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Dr. Judith A. Lewis, late, was Professor and Chair of Addictions Studies and Behavioral Health at Governors State University. She retired in 2008. She served as president of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors and was a formative contributor to the substance abuse field for many years.

Robert Q. Dana (Ed.D., Vanderbilt University) is Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at the University of Maine, where he also teaches courses on addictions and is a member of the graduate faculty. He has direct responsibility for all campus life programs including Greek Life, Alcohol and Drug Education Residence Life, Counseling Services and campus-wide crisis management services. Dr. Dana spent a substantial part of his career as an addictive behaviors researcher and practitioner. He writes frequently on substance abuse and has conducted numerous studies on epidemiology and etiology of alcohol and other drug abuse. He has served as an extramural reviewer for state and federal agencies and as a journal reviewer for Addictive Behaviors.

Gregory A. Blevins (Ph.D., Western Michigan University) is a retired Professor Emeritus from the College of Health and Human Services at Governors State University. He held positions as the Assistant Dean of the college, Chair of the Addictions Studies and Behavioral Health Department and full Professor of Addictions Studies. He completed the Specialty Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Abuse in 1974 and his doctorate in Sociology in 1979. Dr. Blevins is a founder and life member of the International Coalition for Substance Abuse Educators and has served as a trainer for the Bemidji Area Office of Indian Health Services since 1988.

  • Updated content reinforces the book's emphasis on viewing substance abuse counseling through a multicultural lens--with the client at the center of change.
  • Expanded discussions examine pharmacological treatments and evidence-based practices.
  • Available for the first time, MindTap is the digital learning solution that powers students from memorization to mastery. Its learn, practice and apply framework is designed to prepare students for real world work in the Counseling profession. MindTap gives you complete ownership of your content and learning experience. Customize the interactive syllabi, emphasize the most important topics and add your own material or notes in the ebook.
  • Expanded information highlights social justice as a central element of effective approaches in substance abuse counseling.
  • The DSM-5 is covered in depth along with more material on diagnosis and assessment.
  • This MindTap course is Quality Matters Certified. For more information, visit www.qualitymatters.org
  • New learning objectives and key terms and definitions guide users through the material.
  • New and updated instructor supplements--including a PowerPoint® presentation to accompany each chapter, an instructor's manual and a test bank--simplify class preparation and testing.
  • The group and family chapters and the relapse prevention discussion are updated to reflect current best practices.
  • An updated focus on motivational interviewing includes concepts, practices and examples from the criminal justice, health care and family therapy fields.
  • The DSM-5 is covered in depth in tandem with discussions of diagnosis and assessment.
  • Useful assessment instruments, which appear in the text and in the appendices, can be reproduced. They include a guided interview for substance abuse histories, a behavioral assessment interview form and several standardized questionnaires. These instruments are also available for download on the instructor companion website and for students in MindTap.
  • A focus on motivational interviewing includes concepts, practices and examples from the criminal justice, health care and family therapy fields.
  • All content, including the group and family chapters and the relapse prevention discussion, reflects current best practices.
  • SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNSELING provides counseling strategies and skills for working with clients, offering explanations and examples of personalized treatment plans and behavior change strategies.
  • The book examines social justice as a central element to effective approaches in substance abuse counseling as well as evidence-based practices and pharmacological treatments.
  • Content throughout the book views substance abuse counseling through a multicultural lens--with the client at the center of change.

Table of Contents

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1. Substance Abuse Counseling for Today.
2. Drugs and Their Effects.
3. Motivational Interviewing.
4. Assessment and Treatment Planning.
5. Helping Clients Change.
6. Empowering Clients Through Group Work.
7. Maintaining Change in Substance Use Behaviors.
8. Working with Families.
9. Successful Service Programs.
10. Preventing Substance Abuse.
A. Psychosocial and Substance Use History.
B. Initial Behavioral Assessment and Functional Analysis.
C. Comprehensive Drinker Profile.
D. Family Drinking Survey.
E. Useful Websites.
F. Valuable Treatment Manuals.

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