Empowerment Series: An Introduction to the Profession of Social Work,
6th Edition

Elizabeth A. Segal, Karen E. Gerdes, Sue Steiner

ISBN-13: 9781337567046 | ISBN-10: 1337567043

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

| 544 pages

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What does it mean to be a social worker? Get an overview of the social work profession and learn about the role of the social worker in the social welfare system with Segal, Gerdes and Steiner's text. Through case studies, personal stories and exercises, AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PROFESSION OF SOCIAL WORK helps you apply concepts as well as understand what social workers do, what they need to know and the issues they face. Part of the Brooks/Cole Empowerment Series, the sixth edition is completely up to date. It also prepares you for a successful career by integrating the core competencies and recommended practice behaviors outlined in the most recent Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) set by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

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Meet the Authors

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Elizabeth A. Segal is a Professor in Arizona State University's School of Social Work. Along with this text, Dr. Segal has multiple publications, including a social welfare policy text and numerous journal articles. She is a co-founder and editor emeritus of the Journal of Poverty. Her areas of research and interest include inequality, social justice and social empathy.

Karen Gerdes is Professor Emeritus at the Arizona State University School of Social Work. Her research interests include empathy, empathy measurement and conation. Many of Dr. Gerdes' 36 publications focus on how students learn and process information. She was recognized with a university-wide Faculty Achievement Award as an Outstanding Professor in Undergraduate Education in 2010.

Sue Steiner is Professor at California State University, Chico School of Social Work. Her areas of interest include macro practice/community organizing, social welfare policy and teaching effectiveness. She is a coauthor of a book on self-care in social work and has published articles in numerous journals.

  • Chapter 4, "Human Rights and Social and Economic Justice," describes current challenges in these arenas. Topics include record numbers of refugees seeking asylum in the U.S. and elsewhere, the expanding and contracting rights based on gender identity and the increasing numbers of hate crimes throughout the U.S.
  • Each chapter includes learning objectives. Similar to the way in which CSWE competencies are integrated throughout the text, callouts identify content that addresses specific learning objectives--focusing students' attention on what they need to know and understand.
  • New content examines the broad-ranging changes in health care, human rights, education, immigration and other policy areas that have been put in motion since the 2016 election and that will likely affect social work practice.
  • Chapter 10, "Mental Health Services," includes an expanded focus on the recovery model that's widely used in public mental health nationwide.
  • Chapter 14, "Crisis, Trauma and Disasters," presents a trauma-informed practice perspective that helps students understand the importance of creating a safe environment for clients, who may be survivors of trauma.
  • In Chapter 12, "Substance Abuse," the authors include new case examples and the latest information about the opioid epidemic, which kills 100 people in the United States every day.
  • Boxed features give students deeper information about specific aspects of the social work profession, including types of practice and crucial skills.
  • Each chapter's content is aligned to learning objectives, which help to articulate the knowledge and competencies identified in the accreditation standards.
  • MindTap exercises are presented in a "learn, practice and apply" framework, making the chapter content instantly relevant to students' daily lives and future careers.
  • Brief questions interspersed in chapters, end-of-chapter discussion questions and experiential/self-exploration exercises create a combination workbook and textbook that provides students with ample tools to apply concepts.
  • Case studies help students apply the concepts and explore their understanding of the profession. The appendix provides the full text of the NASW Code of Ethics for easy use as a professional resource.
  • Videos in MindTap showcase timely examples of real-life social work in action, with questions that ask students to connect the scenarios they're watching to the concepts they're learning in class.
  • The text encompasses all of the core curriculum content required by the 2015 Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) for program accreditation, including coverage of human diversity, populations-at-risk and the promotion of social, economic and environmental justice, social work theory, values and ethics.

Table of Contents

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1. What Is Social Work?
2. The History of the Social Welfare System and the Social Work Profession.
3. Poverty and Economic Disparity.
4. Human Rights and Social and Economic Justice.
5. Dimensions of Diversity.
6. Generalist Social Work Practice.
7. Child Welfare: Working with Children and Their Families.
8. Gerontology: Working with People Who Are Older.
9. Health Care Services.
10. Mental Health Services.
11. School Social Work.
12. Substance Abuse.
13. Violence, Victims, and Criminal Justice.
14. Crisis, Trauma, and Disasters.
Appendix A: NASW Code of Ethics.

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