Finite Element Analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation,
1st Edition

Robert H. King

ISBN-13: 9781337618687 | ISBN-10: 1337618683

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

| 432 pages

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King's FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS WITH SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION prepares you for a range of professional applications using an innovative, efficient approach that combines presentation theory with solid mechanics calculations to confirm your configurations. The author demonstrates calculations in PTC Mathcad, providing an interactive "what-if" environment. You then build SOLIDWORKS simulations. The book focuses on 3D analysis of real-world designs while emphasizing fundamentals. You master critical concepts such as singular stiffness matrices, digital resolution, and rigid-body motion. You build a small FEA software program in PTC Mathcad that implements a 1D spring model. Investigations help you explore the effects of changing your analyses as you compare solutions, identify errors, make decisions and examine alternative configurations and new models as problem solvers and critical thinkers.

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Dr. King is an Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. He has a BS in mining engineering and a BS in geological engineering from the University of Utah and an MS and PhD in mining engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. He has worked in industry, for a government agency, and at a national lab in addition to his academic appointments at Penn State and the Colorado School of Mines, where he has taught since 1981. Dr. King’s scholarly work integrates automated measurement systems and modeling in a variety of subject areas including mobile robotics, automated regolith handling, bat-habitat microclimates, and automated mine equipment and systems. A recent success was accurate prediction of a structural failure in a NASA lunar excavator with a finite element model. Working with faculty colleagues and graduate students, Dr. King has written more than 150 publications and a textbook, Introduction to Data Acquisition with LabVIEW, 2nd Edition. Dr. King’s work also includes the development of the award-winning Multidisciplinary Engineering Laboratory course sequence. In addition to automated measurement systems, the course focuses on enhancing thinking maturity, open-ended problem solving, self-learning, writing skills, and teamwork. Dr. King has taught more than 30 different courses in several disciplines during his 40-year academic career. The most recent course is an introductory finite elements course, called Computer-Aided Engineering.

  • THIS EDITION EMPHASIZES THE ANALYSIS OF STRESS AND DISPLACEMENT OF SOLIDS. Careful attention to these critical areas prepares students for success in today's workplace.
  • PROVEN METHODOLOGY HAS BEEN CLASSROOM-TESTED. The author has thoroughly tested and refined this book's unique approach, working with a large number of students and multiple faculty throughout a number of years.
  • ONE-SEMESTER, EFFICIENT APPROACH PROVIDES THE COMPETENCE TO ANALYZE REAL-WORLD ENGINEERING DESIGNS. This innovative approach takes students from no knowledge of finite element analysis to the competence necessary to analyze real-world engineering designs. The author accomplishes this by integrating 3D solids modeling, finite element analysis fundamentals, and mechanics of materials fundamentals using both SOLIDWORKS Simulations and PTC Mathcad. The author also combines active learning with investigation pedagogy.

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction.
Geometry: 3D Solids Model. Configure Options for the Simulation. Material Property Values. Restraints: Values, Locations, and Directions. Loads: Values, Directions, Locations, and Types. Mesh. Execution and Results. Investigation and Interpretation of Results. Investigation Activity. Potential Errors. FEA Application.
2. 1D Spring Element Model.
Introduction. Problem Definition. General Exact Solution. Specifically Valued Exact Solution. Solution with Finite Elements. Investigation Activity.
3. Truss and Beam Element Models.
Truss Element Models: Introduction. 2D Spring-Element Model. Pin and Roller Restraints. FEA Rules. Creating Truss-Element Models. Analysis of a Truss-Element Model. Investigation Activity. Defeaturing. Beam-Element Models: Introduction. Beam Directions and Sign Conventions. Analysis of a Beam-Element Model. Interpretation of Results.
4. 3D Tetrahedral Element Models.
Introduction. Mesh Design. Adaptive Methods. 3D Stress. Poisson Effect. Investigation Activity. Interpretation of Results.
5. Solid Model Loads.
Simulating Physical Reality. Edge Loads. Split-Surface Loads. Vertex and Point Loads. Distributed Force Loads. Remote Loads. Pressure. Torque. Bearing Loads. Gravity. Centrifugal Loads. Distributed Mass. Thermal Effects. Combined Loading.
6. 3D Solid Model Restraints.
Introduction. Degrees of Freedom. Restraint Types and Symbols. Planar Reference Geometry. Cylindrical Reference Geometry. Spherical Reference Geometry. Nonzero Displacement. Advanced Restraint Group. Contradicting Restraints. Model Stability. Axially Loaded Bar Example.
7. Failure Criteria.
Introduction. Brittle and Ductile Materials. Von Mises Failure Criterion. Tresca (Maximum Shear Stress) Failure Criterion. Maximum Normal Stress (Coulomb) Failure Criterion. Mohr-Coulomb Failure Criterion. FOS Results. Custom Materials. Interpretation of FOS Results.
8. Symmetry Models.
Introduction. Plate-with-Hole Mode. Reflective Symmetry. Cyclic Symmetry.
9. Assembly Models.
Introduction. Beam Assembly Model Example. Positioning Components. Beam Assembly Solid Model. Assembly FEA. Beam Assembly FEA Example. Local Analysis of Assembly Models.
10. Special Topics.
Shell Element Models. Frequency Analysis. Buckling Analysis.
Heat Transfer.
Appendix A: Simple 3D Solid Models.
Appendix B: Simple PTC Mathcad Worksheets.
Appendix C: Special Mechanical Connectors.

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