Gardner's Art Through the Ages,
16th Edition

Fred S. Kleiner

ISBN-13: 9781337630702
Copyright 2020 | Published
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Experience the wonders of human creativity in GARDNER'S ART THROUGH THE AGES: A GLOBAL HISTORY, 16th Edition! A grand tour of the world’s most celebrated works from the Stone Age to the modern era, this introductory text has been a classroom favorite for 85 years. Every chapter includes rich and compelling discussions of pivotal art works, periods and geographies in art history, as well as new artists and art forms. Of course, the bold illustrations on the pages look almost as good as the real thing, especially when you use the unique Scale feature to imagine a work’s stature from the artist’s point of view. And to keep your course success in focus, the text offers Quick Review Captions and Big Picture Overviews, as well as an optional ebook that enables you to zoom in on fine details of paintings, sculptures, and priceless art forms of all kinds.


Before 1300.
Introduction: What is Art History?
1. Art in the Stone Age.
2. Ancient Mesopotamia and Persia.
3. Egypt from Narmer to Cleopatra.
4. The Prehistoric Aegean.
5. Ancient Greece.
6. The Etruscans.
7. The Roman Empire.
8. Late Antiquity.
9. Byzantium.
10. The Islamic World.
11. Early Medieval Europe.
12. Romanesque Europe.
13. Gothic Europe North of the Alps.
14. Late Medieval Italy.
15. South and Southeast Asia before 1200.
16. China and Korea to 1279.
17. Japan before 1333.
18. Native American Cultures before 1300.
19. Africa before 1800.
20. Late Medieval and Early Renaissance Northern Europe.
21. The Renaissance in Quattrocento Italy.
22. Renaissance and Mannerism in Cinquecento Italy.
23. High Renaissance and Mannerism in Northern Europe and Spain.
24. The Baroque in Italy and Spain.
25. The Baroque in Northern Europe.
26. Rococo to Neoclassicism: The 18th Century in Europe and America.
27. Romanticism, Realism, Photography: Europe and America, 1800 to 1870.
28. Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Symbolism: Europe and America, 1870 to 1900.
29. Modernism in Europe, 1900 to 1945.
30. Modernism in the United States and Mexico, 1900 to 1945.
31. Modernism and Postmodernism in Europe and America, 1945 to 1980.
32. Contemporary Art Worldwide.
33. South and Southeast Asia, 1200 to 1980.
34. China and Korea, 1279 to 1980.
35. Japan, 1333 to 1980.
36. Native American Cultures, 1300 to 1980.
37. Oceania before 1980.
38. Africa, 1800 to 1980.

  • Fred S. Kleiner

    Fred S. Kleiner, Ph.D. has been professor of art history and archeology at Boston University for four decades. He taught previously at University of Virginia and served as editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Archaeology. Acclaimed for inspiring lectures, Dr. Kleiner won Boston University's Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching, the College Prize for Undergraduate Advising in the Humanities and the Distinguished Teaching Prize in the College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program. He is a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London as well as a member of the Text and Academic Authors Association. In addition to this title, Dr. Kleiner has authored several editions of ART THROUGH THE AGES: A GLOBAL HISTORY (Cengage), A HISTORY OF ROMAN ART (Cengage) and more than 100 publications on Greek and Roman art and architecture. Dr. Kleiner earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University.

  • Expanded Asia: Additional discussions in chapters 13 and 16 illustrate Southeast Asian art and architecture with great depth.

  • Enhanced Focus: Two new chapters separate European and American art and architecture from 1900 to 1945, giving these topics the attention they deserve.

  • Living Artists: A chapter on Contemporary Art Worldwide features new works by living artists, including Kerry James Marshall, Faith Ringgold, Sokari Douglas Camp, Damien Hirst and Doris Salcedo.

  • Global Locators: Using Google Earth coordinates for sites and the provenance of artwork discussed in the text offers a virtual tour of art through the ages.

  • New Debates: "A Second Opinion” essays introduce students to current debates in the history of art and architecture, emphasizing the ever-changing dynamic of the art world.

  • Mobile-Optimized Flashcards: Students can review key concepts and works of art on the go with the MindTap Mobile App.

  • MindTap & MindTap Mobile: Reimagined for the 21st century, the most widely read and respected art history text is available in MindTap, the customizable and mobile-optimized multi-media teaching and learning platform.

  • Architecture videos in MindTap: Students experience "being really there" by taking a virtual tour of significant monuments and sites while learning more about interior and exterior features and details.

  • Expert Storytelling: Award-winning scholar Fred Kleiner blends art history with rich stories and clear organization, making the 16th edition easier for students to understand than other texts.

  • Additional Art: Always the dependable, go-to resource, the 16th edition features more works of art and architecture than any competing title.

  • Improved Images: With more than 250 new images and enhancements to existing images, the 16th edition offers the highest quality reproduction images in terms of clarity and color-fidelity.

  • Visual Scaling: To help readers appreciate size and scale as a component in describing artwork, a scale is positioned next to images of paintings, statues, and other works, as well as architectural plans.

  • Full-Color Reconstructions: Exquisitely rendered by John Burge, these three-dimensional views of important architectural sites help readers imagine these sites as they once existed.

  • "Big Picture Features: "The Big Picture" full-page synopsis concludes every chapter, reinforcing key topics and representative artworks from each historical period.

  • MindTap Success: Take art history to new and interactive heights with nearly 1,500 high-resolution images, 300 video clips, exercises and quizzes, self-study tools, a glossary and audio pronunciation guide, Google Earth coordinates, and other resources.

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