Structural Analysis, SI Edition,
6th Edition

Aslam Kassimali

ISBN-13: 9781337630948 | ISBN-10: 1337630942

Copyright 2020

| Published 2019

| 848 pages

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Master the basic principles of structural analysis using the classical approach found in Kassimali's distinctive STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS, SI Edition, 6th Edition. This edition presents concepts in a logical order, progressing from an introduction of each topic to an analysis of statically determinate beams, trusses and rigid frames, and then to the analysis of statically indeterminate structures. Practical, solved problems integrated throughout the presentation help illustrate and clarify the book's fundamental concepts, while the latest examples and timely content reflect today's most current professional standards. For further support, you can download accompanying interactive software for analyzing plane framed structures from this edition's companion website. Trust Kassimali's STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS, SI Edition, 6th Edition for the tools and knowledge you need for advanced study and professional success.

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Meet the Authors

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Aslam Kassimali is professor and distinguished teacher in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Southern Illinois University, where he teaches linear and nonlinear structural analysis as well as structural dynamics and stability. Dr. Kassimali was born in Karachi, Pakistan, where he received his B.E. in civil engineering from the University of Karachi. He earned his M.E. in civil engineering from Iowa State University. After completing further studies and research at the University of Missouri at Columbia, he received an M.S. and Ph.D. in civil engineering. Dr. Kassimali’s practical experience includes work as a structural design engineer for Lutz, Daily and Brain, Consulting Engineers in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, and work as a structural engineering specialist and analyst for Sargent & Lundy Engineers in Chicago, Illinois. He joined Southern Illinois University - Carbondale as an assistant professor and was promoted to the rank of professor in 1993. Consistently recognized for teaching excellence, Dr. Kassimali has received more than 20 awards for outstanding teaching at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, and he was awarded the title of distinguished teacher in 2004. Dr. Kassimali has authored or co-authored four textbooks on structural analysis and mechanics and has published a number of papers in the area of nonlinear structural analysis. He is a life member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and has served on the ASCE Structural Division Committees on Shock and Vibratory Effects, Special Structures and Methods of Analysis.

  • NEW AND REVISED EXAMPLES THROUGHOUT THIS EDITION REFLECT THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS AND APPLICATIONS WITHIN THE FIELD. Students find the latest examples drawn from today's industry throughout Chapters 3, 5, 10, 13, 15, 16 and Appendix C, in particular.
  • REVISED MATERIAL ON APPLICATION OF INFLUENCE LINES CORRESPONDS WITH THE LATEST PROFESSIONAL SPECIFICATIONS. The content within Chapter 9, Application of Influence Lines, now integrates the current HL-93 truck/tandem loadings as per AASHTO-LRFD Specifications.
  • MORE THAN 20 PERCENT OF THE PROBLEMS ARE NEW IN THIS EDITION. The author has carefully replaced one-fifth or more of the problems from the previous edition with timely, new problems designed to reflect today's developments while strengthening students' understanding.
  • UPDATED COVERAGE OF LOADS ON STRUCTURES REFLECTS THE LATEST STANDARDS. The author has carefully revised this edition's Chapter 2, Loads on Structures, to ensure all content supports today's most recent ASCE and AASHTO-LRFD standards.
  • Accompanying software – upgraded for this new edition — for analyzing plane framed structures is available for download via the companion site; can be used to simulate a variety of structural loading configurations and to determine cause versus effect relationships between loading and various structural parameters, thereby enhancing the students' understanding of the behavior of structures.
  • EXPANDED DISCUSSION MORE THOROUGHLY ANALYZES PLANE FRAMES USING CLASSICAL VERSUS MATRIX METHODS. This more detailed discussion within Chapter 17 prepares readers with the foundation needed for the follow-up course in matrix structural analysis.
  • Chapter 17, Introduction to Matrix Structural Analysis, prepares readers for the follow-up course in matrix structural analysis.
  • CHAPTER INTRODUCTIONS AND SUMMARIES PROVIDE CONTEXT FOR EACH CHAPTER'S TOPICS. Each chapter begins with an introductory section that defines objectives and engages readers. Every chapter then concludes with a helpful summary that ensures comprehension.
  • WORKED-OUT EXAMPLES PROVIDE ADDITIONAL SUPPORT. Timely, completed examples throughout this edition further clarify theories and demonstrate principles at work.
  • WELL-DEFINED EXPLANATIONS AND STEP-BY-STEP DIRECTIONS HELP STUDENTS TRANSLATE THEORY TO APPLICATIONS. Clear explanations of basic concepts are supported by detailed step-by-step procedures for analysis, enabling students to more easily transition from theory to problem solving.
  • A SOLUTIONS MANUAL PROVIDES COMPLETE SOLUTIONS FOR EFFICIENT GRADING. This edition's Solutions Manual provides solutions for more than 600 text exercises to assist you, as the instructor, in evaluating comprehension.

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction to Structural Analysis.
2. Loads on Structures.
3. Equilibrium and Support Reactions.
4. Plane and Space Trusses.
5. Beams and Frames: Shear and Bending Moment.
6. Deflections of Beams: Geometric Methods.
7. Deflections of Trusses, Beams, and Frames: Work – Energy Methods.
8. Influence Lines.
9. Application of Influence Lines.
10. Analysis of Symmetric Structures.
11. Introduction to Statically Indeterminate Structures.
12. Approximate Analysis of Rectangular Building Frames.
13. Method of Consistent Deformations – Force Method.
14. Influence Lines for Statically Indeterminate Structures.
15. Slope-Deflection Method.
16. Moment-Distribution Method.
17. Introduction to Matrix Structural Analysis.
Appendix A: Areas and Centroids of Geometric Shapes.
Appendix B: Review of Matrix Algebra.
Appendix C: Computer Software.
Appendix D: Three-Moment Equation.

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Instructor's Solutions Manual for Kassimali's Structural Analysis, SI Edition

Instructor's Solutions Manual, SI Edition

Instructor's Companion Website for Kassimali's Structural Analysis, SI Edition

Use this website to access computer software for analyzing plane framed structures.

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