Exploring Art: A Global, Thematic Approach, Revised,
5th Edition

Margaret Lazzari, Dona Schlesier

ISBN-13: 9781337709910 | ISBN-10: 1337709913

Copyright 2020

| Published 2019

| 512 pages

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EXPLORING ART: A GLOBAL, THEMATIC APPROACH, Revised Fifth Edition teaches students art basics and then shows how important it is in everyday life. Art from all over the world deals with physical survival, the spiritual life, politics, cultural life and personal identity. EXPLORING ART’s thematic organization allows students to experience art as powerfully connected to their lives. "Art Experiences" features in every chapter encourage students to make art. The newly revised Chapter 15, "Art in Your Life," shows how art is all around us and where students can find it. Students learn to analyze art, and then by extension how to analyze design products, advertising, fashion and craft.

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Meet the Authors

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Margaret Lazzari is a professor of drawing and painting at the University of Southern California. An active writer and artist, Margaret's drawings and paintings have been exhibited extensively throughout the United States. She is half of the Lazzari Evans Public Art Design Team.

Dona Schlesier taught for 27 years at Divine Word College in Epworth, Iowa, where she is now professor emerita. Her drawings and multimedia have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

  • The book begins with an open letter to students, explaining the enormous benefits of studying art, including how it can help your career, enrich your everyday life, and increase your critical awareness of the entire visual culture that surrounds you.
  • Extensively revised Chapter 15: "Art in Your Life" demonstrates how students can put into action all that they have learned in their art appreciation course and makes explicit connections in their daily lives to art and visual culture all around them. It even makes clear the difference between seeing art in person and seeing it on a smartphone.
  • Public art, crafts, and design, as they relate to art, has increased coverage.
  • Chapters 1 and 4 have new endings, which show how the chapter’s art content can be applied to critical analysis of advertising and fashion.
  • Coverage of contemporary art has been increased, and many older reproductions have been replaced with sharper, brighter images.
  • This art appreciation book goes beyond memorizing facts. Students are given the tools to actively analyze objects from art and visual culture that they may have never seen before. Chapter 15 closes with an analysis guide.
  • "History Focus" boxes begin each thematic chapter in Part II, with summaries of world history events and developments in religions, technology, and social structures. The boxes put chapter material into context, providing an integration of art with historical developments.
  • Timelines in all 10 thematic chapters vividly illustrate the visual progression of historical events and cultural trends.
  • Helping reinforce important concepts, the popular "Connection" boxes found throughout the text cross-reference related works, artists, cultures, ideas, and themes.
  • Chapters in Part I present art foundations to equip students with the necessary vocabulary and knowledge to fully engage with the thematic coverage in Part II. Themes in Part II fall into four categories: survival and beyond, religion, the state, and self and society. These themes allow the authors to place art in a variety of contexts, which gives students a sense of the diversity of meanings possible in a single work. Part III shows how students can make art part of their everyday lives.
  • The core identity of the book as an art appreciation text is fully developed, but in many places throughout the book, that art content is integrated with the broader visual culture.
  • EXPLORING ART's engaging global and thematic approach allows for full integration of non-Western traditions throughout the book, giving students an appreciation for artworks and art styles across time and around the world.
  • Presented at the start of the thematic chapters, World Art Maps help students trace historical developments and locate the geographic origins of artwork.

Table of Contents

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Letter to Students: Why Study Art?
1. Art and Art Making.
2. The Language of Art and Architecture.
3. Media.
4. Deriving Meaning.
Section 1. Survival and Beyond.
5. Food and Shelter.
6. Reproduction and Sexuality.
Section 2. Religion.
7. Deities and Places of Worship.
8. Mortality and Immortality.
Section 3. The State.
9. Power, Politics, and Glory.
10. Social Protest/Affirmation.
Section 4. Self and Society.
11. Mind and Body.
12. Race, Gender, Clan, and Class.
13. Nature, Knowledge, and Technology.
14. Entertainment and Visual Culture.
15. Art in Your Life.

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