International Business,
3rd Edition

Mike Peng, Klaus Meyer

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Copyright 2019

| Published 2019

| 632 pages

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Mike W. Peng is the Jindal Chair of Global Business Strategy at the Jindal School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas. He is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Career Award winner and a Fellow of the Academy of International Business (AIB) and Asia Academy of Management (AAOM). Dr Peng holds a bachelor’s degree from Winona State University, Minnesota, and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Washington, Seattle. Truly global in scope, Dr Peng’s research has investigated firm strategies in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, and North and South America. With more than 160 published articles and five books, he is one of the most prolific and influential scholars in global business. Used in over 40 countries, his textbooks are worldwide market leaders that have been translated into Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish. He is one of only 101 scholars in economics and business listed among Highly Cited Researchers (based on Web of Science citations) in 2020 and has been on this distinguished list every year since 2014. Dr Peng has served on the editorial boards of AMJ, AMP, AMR, GSJ, JIBS, JMS, JWB, and SMJ; and served one term as Editor-in-Chief of the APJM. In recognition of his contributions, APJM named its best paper award the Mike Peng Best Paper Award. He has guest-edited special issues for JIBS and JMS, co-chaired an AIB/JIBS Frontiers conference in San Diego (2006) and chaired the Richard Farmer Best Dissertation Award Committee for the Washington conference (2012). He served as program chair for the biennial conference in Bali, Indonesia (2019), and is currently Vice President of AAOM.

Klaus E. Meyer is Professor of International Business at Ivey Business School. He joined in 2017 after six years at the China Europe International Business School in Shanghai. Professor Meyer is a leading scholar in the field of international business, conducting research on the strategies of multinational enterprises (MNEs), especially foreign entry strategies, in emerging economies, especially Eastern Europe and East Asia. A central theme of his research is the influence of local contexts on the strategies and operations of MNEs operating in emerging economies. Recent work is investigating the strategies of MNEs originating from emerging economies, in particular China, and how their origins shape their international growth strategies. Professor Meyer has published over 80 articles in leading scholarly journals, in particular the Journal of International Business Studies, Strategic Management Journal and Journal of Management Studies. He is also the author of nine books and has been serving as Area Editor of the Journal of International Business Studies since July 2016. From 2012-2014, he was Vice President of the AIB and chaired the 2014 AIB conference in Vancouver, Canada.

  • All references and recommended reading have been checked and updated helping to promote further research
  • Coverage of the latest business concepts, including coverage of Brexit and other anti-globalization movements which reflect some of key the challenges that modern business professionals are facing
  • Updated figures and tables throughout the text provide students with the most recent data available
  • Over 100 new and updated cases featuring companies such as Spotify, Airbnb and BMW provide students with relatable examples of global business practices
  • MindTap is available with this title; an online learning solution with encompassing many different content types. MindTap can be customised to suit individual courses and contains supporting applications and analytics to help learners make the most of the range of content
  • End of chapter features, such as ‘Debates and Extensions’, ‘Implications for Practice’ and questions encourage students to critically engage with key topics
  • Discussion of current issues, including the impact of Brexit on international business enables your students to stay up to date with the latest events
  • Up to date figures and data, presented in a clear and colourful text design help students understand the key facts
  • Over 100 new and updated case studies and ‘In Focus’ boxes illustrate key concepts using real-life European and global examples, providing students with international context

Table of Contents

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Part I: Foundations
1. Globalizing Business
2. Formal Institutions: Political, Economic and Legal Systems
3. Informal Institutions: Culture, Religion and Languages
4. Firm Resources: Competitiveness and Growth

Part II: Business Across Borders
5. Trading Internationally
6. Investing Abroad Directly
7. Exchange Rates

Part III: Globalization
8. European Integration
9. Global Integration and Multilateral Organizations
10. Socially Responsible Business

Part IV: The Firm on the Global Stage
11. Starting International Business
12. Foreign Entry Strategies
13. Competitive Dynamics
14. Global Strategies and Acquisitions

Part V: Operations in the Global MNE
15. Organizing and Innovating in the MNE
16. People in the MNE
17. Customers and Suppliers of the MNE

Part VI: Six Integrative Cases
Integrative Cases

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International Business

  • ISBN-10: 1473758432
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