Business Research Methods,
2nd Edition

Barry Babin, Christina Quinlan, Jon Carr, Mitch Griffin, William G. Zikmund

ISBN-13: 9781473760356
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ISBN: 9781473760356

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Part I: Introduction
1. Introducing Business Research
2. Developing Research Skills
3. Understanding Research Ethics
4. Understanding Research Philosophy
5. The Role of Theory

Part II: Beginning the Research Process
6. The Literature Review
7. Quantitative Research: An Introduction to Measurement
8. Qualitative Research: An Introduction
9. Research Methodology and Design
10. Understanding Populations and Sampling
11. Writing the Research Proposal

Part III: Data Gathering
12. Fieldwork
13. Using Observation
14. Using Interviews and Focus Groups
15. Surveys and Questionnaires
16. Attitude Measurement

Part IV: Dealing with Data
17. Managing Data and Introducing Data Analysis
18. Analysing Qualitative Data
19. Analysing Quantitative Data
20. Completing and Presenting the Research

  • Barry Babin

    In addition to co-authoring four textbooks, Barry Babin has published over 70 research publications in prestigious periodicals such as the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Business Research, the Journal of Retailing, Psychological Reports, Psychology and Marketing and the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. Dr Babin also has won numerous honours for his research, including the University of Southern Mississippi Louis K. Brandt Faculty Research Award (on three occasions), the 1996 Society for Marketing Advances (SMA) Steven J. Shaw Award, and the 1997 Omerre DeSerres Award for Outstanding Contributions to Retail and Service Environment Research. Dr Babin is current Chair of the Board for the Academy of Marketing Sciences, former president of the Society of Marketing Advances and past marketing editor for the Journal of Business Research.

  • Christina Quinlan

    Dr Christina Quinlan is a social scientist. She has taught research methods to both undergraduate and postgraduate students at Dublin City University for several years. She is interested in both quantitative and qualitative research and she has a particular interest in visual methods Christina published a book on women’s experiences of imprisonment in Ireland in 2011 with Irish Academic Press. Her current research interests include: Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, Image Based Research, Feminist Research, Media and Communications, Social Control, Prisons and Penality, Narratives of End of Life Experiences, Cross Cultural Communication, Development Issues, Poverty and Marginalized Populations.

  • Jon Carr

    Jon Carr is the Jenkins Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at North Carolina State University where he teaches courses in new venture planning at the undergraduate and graduate level. He previously taught at Texas Christian University and the University of Southern Mississippi. He has published articles in journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Journal of Management and the Journal of Business Research.

  • Mitch Griffin

    Mitch is a Professor of Marketing at Bradley University. Mitch has previous teaching experience at Southern Illinois University and Louisiana State University. His current teaching interests include pricing and product strategies, marketing research and advanced marketing research. In recognition of his teaching and research, Dr Griffin has received numerous teaching, research and service awards. His research has appeared in the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Retailing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Consumer Affairs, Journal of Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behaviour, Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing and Advances in Consumer Research.

  • William G. Zikmund

    William G. Zikmund, Ph.D., was a professor of marketing at Oklahoma State University until his death in 2002. He received his bachelor of science degree in marketing from the University of Colorado, a master of science degree from Southern Illinois University, and a Ph.D. in business administration with a concentration in marketing from the University of Colorado. Professor Zikmund worked in marketing research for Conway/Millikin Company and Remington Arms Company before beginning his academic career, and he had extensive consulting experience with business and not-for-profit organizations. Professor Zikmund published dozens of articles and papers in a diverse group of scholarly journals, including the JOURNAL OF MARKETING, ACCOUNTING REVIEW, and the JOURNAL OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY. He was the author of the successful textbooks EXPLORING MARKETING RESEARCH, BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS, MARKETING, and EFFECTIVE MARKETING, as well as a work of fiction: A CORPORATE BESTIARY. Professor Zikmund was a member of several professional organizations, including the American Marketing Association, the Academy of Marketing Science, the Association for Consumer Research, the Society for Marketing Advances, the Marketing Educators¿ Association, and the Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators. He served on the editorial review boards of the JOURNAL OF MARKETING EDUCATION, MARKETING EDUCATION REVIEW, JOURNAL OF THE ACADEMY OF MARKETING SCIENCE, and JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH. Professor Zikmund was an accomplished educator who strived to be creative and innovate in the classroom, and his books have been used in universities in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and North America, reaching more than a half million students worldwide.

  • Includes updated Real-World Research of modern business examples.

  • Quantitative and qualitative research have been split into separate and more focussed chapters.

  • Data and references have been checked and updated where necessary.

  • Case studies have been updated throughout.

  • A clear step-by-step structure to help guide students through the research process.

  • A wide range of EMEA examples are included which are relevant to students from various business disciplines; they assist on understanding business practices around the world.

  • Pedagogical features on Research in Practice, Real World Research, the Value of Research and Case Studies illustrate to students research in practice.

  • Combines qualitative and holistic approaches that shows students how to undertake all parts of their research.

  • Includes a clear focus on research ethics enabling students to apply ethical principles to their business research.

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