Database Principles: Fundamentals of Design, Implementation, and Management,
3rd Edition

Carlos Coronel, Steven Morris, Keeley Crockett, Craig Blewett

ISBN-13: 9781473768048 | ISBN-10: 1473768047

Copyright 2020

| Published 2020

| 928 pages

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Meet the Authors

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Carlos Coronel is currently the Lab Director for the College of Business Computer Labs at Middle Tennessee State University. He has more than 29 years of experience in various fields as a Database Administrator, Network Administrator, Web Manager, and Technology Specialist. He has taught courses in Web development, database design and development, and data communications at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Steven Morris completed his Bachelor of Science and Ph.D. from Auburn University. He has taught Database Design and Development, Database Programming with Advanced SQL and PL/SQL, Systems Analysis and Design, and Principles of MIS at Middle Tennessee State University. Steven has published many articles, and currently serves on the review boards of several journals.

Dr Keeley Crockett is a Reader in Computational Intelligence in the School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University. She gained a BSc Degree (Hons) in Computation from UMIST in 1993, and a PhD in the field of machine learning in 1998 entitled "Fuzzy Rule Induction from Data Domains". She has been teaching within the field of database systems and data engineering for 14 years to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. She is a member of the Intelligent Systems Group which has established a strong international presence in its research into Conversational Agents and Adaptive Psychological Profiling including an international patent on "Silent Talker". She has published over 50 refereed conference papers and journal articles in major international conferences and journals. She is the current Chair of the IEEE Women into Computational Intelligence (2012) and a senior member of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society

Dr Craig Blewett has been researching and teaching in the area of Information Systems and Technology for over 25 years. His Masters explored the application of Artificial Intelligence to database transaction management. His PhD, in education technology, resulted in the development of the Activated Classroom Teaching (ACT) model, a unique approach to teaching with technology. Craig is the founder of multiple technology companies and is the author of numerous books covering topics such as computer literacy, database systems, teaching with technology, running, and active living. He is also an internationally acclaimed speaker who is using his innovative approaches to help change education in our rapidly changing digital world.

  • New or updated business vignettes and additional problems and review questions provide multiple opportunities for students to apply concepts, examine applications, and test their understanding of chapter material.
  • Chapter 17, Database Connectivity and Web Technologies includes coverage of cloud computing and how it enables the database-as-a-service model.
  • A completely new chapter on Big Data and NoSQL data models teach students more about these diverse data sources. It also covers Hadoop technologies, as well as other topics reshaping today’s approach to database systems.
  • A variety of review questions, cases, and problem sets provide multiple opportunities for students to apply concepts, examine applications, and test their understanding of chapter material.
  • Expanded coverage of Relational Algebra in Chapter 4 helps students understand this often-challenging area. This chapter is unique to the EMEA edition of this title.
  • Highly accessible writing style and helpful explanations of difficult concepts facilitate understanding of more complex concepts.
  • The updated text design and pedagogical structure enable easy navigation of the text. Full-colour, detailed illustrations, tables, and diagrams enhance student-friendly learning and comprehension.

Table of Contents

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Part I: Database Systems
Chapter 1: The Database Approach
Chapter 2: Data Models
Chapter 3: Relational Model Characteristics
Chapter 4: Relational Algebra and Calculus

Part II: Database Alternatives
Chapter 5: Data Modelling with Entity Relationship Diagrams
Chapter 6: Data Modelling Advanced Concepts
Chapter 7: Normalising Database Designs

Part III: Database Programming
Chapter 8: Beginning Structured Query Language
Chapter 9: Procedural Language SQL and Advanced SQL

Part IV: Database Design
Chapter 10: Database Development Process
Chapter 11: Conceptual, Logical and Physical Database Design

Part V: Implementation Alternatives
Chapter 12: Managing Transactions and Concurrency
Chapter 13: Managing Database and SQL Performance

Part VI: Database Management
Chapter 14: Distributed Databases
Chapter 15: Databases for Business Intelligence
Chapter 16: Big Data and NoSQL
Chapter 17: Database Connectivity and Web Technologies

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Database Principles

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