The Skilled Helper,
3rd Edition

Gerard Egan, Robert J Reese

ISBN-13: 9781473774919
Copyright 2021 | Published
432 pages | List Price: USD $62.25


Part I: Laying the Foundations
1. Successful Helping – An Introduction
2. The Helping Relationship

Part II: The Therapeutic Dialogue: Communication and Relationship-Building Skills
3. Empathic Presence and Responding – Building a Mutual Understanding
4. The Art of Probing and Summarising
5. Facilitating Client Self-Challenge: From New Perspectives
to New Behaviour
6. Helper Self-Challenge and Overcoming Client Resistance

Part III: The Skilled Helper Problem-Management and Opportunity-Development Approach to Helping
7. An Introduction to the Problem-Solving and Problem-Management Process
8. Stage I: Helping Clients Explore their Concerns and Tell their Stories
9. Stage II: Helping Clients Design Problem-Managing Outcomes and Set Goals
10. Stage III: Planning the Way Forward
11. How to Implement and Make it all Happen

Part IV: Exercises to Assist in Becoming a Skilled Helper, and Extract from a Counselling Conversation
12. Counselling Skills Exercises
13. Extract from a Counselling Conversation

  • Gerard Egan

    Gerard Egan, Ph.D., is Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Organizational Studies at Loyola University of Chicago. He has written over a dozen books and currently writes in the areas of communication, counselling, business and organization effectiveness, management development, the management of innovation and change, leadership and organization politics and culture. He also conducts workshops in these areas both in the United States and abroad and is a consultant at a variety of companies and institutions worldwide.

  • Robert J Reese

    Robert J. Reese, Ph.D., is Professor and Chair of the Department of Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology at the University of Kentucky. He teaches in the American Psychological Association accredited counselling psychology doctoral programme and is directly involved with counsellor training at the master's and doctoral levels. He is a licensed psychologist. His research is focused in the areas of psychotherapy process/outcome, psychotherapy training and supervision, and the use of tele-health technologies to increase the availability of mental health services for underserved populations. Dr. Reese has several publications in top counselling and psychotherapy professional journals.

  • New content on the 2020 global pandemic and how helpers can advise their clients through the difficulty and stress they might experience during and after the situation.

  • A fully updated companion website is available for lecturers, including PowerPoint slides, essay questions, an Instructor’s Manual for each chapter and a wide selection of test bank questions.

  • World-renowned for its approach to the helper-client relationship as a collaborative effort and its emphasis on the client-centred approach.

  • Local examples from a range of cultures, particularly from South Africa and the UK, are the focus of this edition. The scenarios and conversations included create context and relevance for practitioners and aid helpers in building confidence to tackle a variety of situations.

  • Updated with the latest research and practices in therapy, it also includes lists of relevant websites, charities and companies to help in the journey to becoming a skilled helper.

  • Egan's approach to the therapy process is optimistic, focusing on spotting and creating opportunities from problems and promoting self-healing through collaboration in the client-helper relationship.

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