Introduction to Political Science,
6th Edition

Abdul Rashid Moten, Syed Serajul Islam

ISBN-13: 9789670357768 | ISBN-10: 9670357764

Copyright 2020

| Published 2020

| 480 pages

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This is a unique book, in that it combines Western and Islamic perspectives on some of the key concepts and issues in Political Science. It is easy to read and answers most questions regarding political theories, comparative politics, public administration and international relations. It contains a total of 28 chapters covering almost all the topics considered essential for students of political science in the 21st century. It also defines frequently used Islamic and Western terms that are important for political analysis and comprehension. Anyone remotely interested in the field of political science and political philosophy would find this book to be a priceless addition to their personal collection.

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Meet the Authors

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ABDUL RASHID MOTEN is a Professor Emeritus and Guest Writer at the International Islamic University Malaysia. He earned his BA (Hons) and MA from Dhaka University Bangladesh; MA from Villanova University, Pennsylvania, USA; and PhD from the University of Alberta, Canada. He has been lecturing at many universities for about 45 years. He has extensive experience as an administrator. He has authored and edited 28 books and monographs and has contributed over 150 articles in internationally refereed journals and encyclopedias. He served as the editor and guest editor of many journals.

Syed Serajul Islam is both a distinguished Professor of Political Science at Lakehead University, Canada. He received his PhD from McGill University and has taught at the International Islamic University, Malaysia, McGill University, and the University of Dhaka. He was visiting a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Iowa, United States of America in 1998. He has published nine books and over 80 articles in internationally refereed journals. He received several grants including SRC and Fulbright Research Grants. He is the recipient of Lakehead’s 2008 Distinguished Researcher Award.

  • Written in clear and concise language by two experienced professors, this book features current topics such as political ideologies, revolutions, civil society, terrorism, and the causes of war, but with the conscious aim of analysing them in terms of empirical evidence and logical arguments.
  • Examples are drawn largely from Canada, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.
  • Each concept is provided with several definitions from leading authorities, and an equivalent Islamic term or its alternative from an Islamic perspective.
  • An extensive alphabetically organised glossary is also found at the end of this book.
  • The cases are set where they make the most sense substantively and illustrate issues in cross-national context.
  • Additional examples are from Bangladesh, China, Japan, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Sudan.

Table of Contents

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1. Nature and Characteristics of Politics
2. Nature and Scope of Political Science
3. Fundamental Concepts: Power, Influence and Authority
4. Political Theory: Development of the Discipline
5. Nature and Characteristics of State
6. Types of Political System
7. Unitary, Federal, and Confederal States
8. Democracy: Parliamentary and Presidential Systems
9. Constitution and Constitutional Government
10. Organs of Government: The Legislature
11. The Executive
12. Administration and Bureaucracy
13. Law and the Judiciary
14. Military in Politics
15. Modern Political Ideologies
16. Nationalism, Ethnonationalism, and Internationalism
17. Feminism
18. Environmentalism
19. Leadership
20. Political Parties and Party Systems
21. Pressure/Interest Groups
22. Election and Electoral System
23. Public Opinion and Media
24. Political Violence, Revolution, and Terrorism
25. Civil Society
26. International Relations
27. International Organisations
28. Conclusion: Challenges Ahead

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Introduction to Political Science

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