Business Chinese Today - Reading & Writing - Intermediate,
1st Edition

Kiat Hock Koh, Hong Zhi Peng

ISBN-13: 9789814336956
Copyright 2011 | Published
116 pages | List Price: USD $18.90

Business Chinese Today is a three-level, six-title series developed to meet the learning needs of both working adults and mature students who are seeking to develop their fluency in business Chinese. This series is authored by Dr Koh Hock Kiat, director of the Confucius Institute at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; and Dr Peng Zhihong, assistant director at the same institute. Both Dr Koh and Dr Hong have extensive experience in offering business Chinese courses and are very aware of the learning needs of this group of students. Business Chinese Today aims to equip learners with the essential skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) for effective communication in Chinese business settings.


Lesson 1 Recruitment and Interview 招聘应聘

Lesson 2 Evaluation and Appraisal 评估考核

Lesson 3 Business Conference 商务会见

Lesson 4 Business Development 联系业务

Lesson 5 Planning a Schedule 安排日程

Lesson 6 Organising an Event 安排活动

Lesson 7 Discussing a Collaboration 洽谈合作

Lesson 8 Signing a Contract 签订合约

Lesson 9 Project Development 项目开发

Lesson 10 Advertising and Promotion 广告促销

Lesson 11 Office Equipment 办公设备

Lesson 12 Year-end Review 年终总结

Lesson 13 Office Communication 办公室会话

Lesson 14 Ordering Supplies 订购物品

Lesson 15 Handling Complaints 处理投诉

Appendix 1 References 课文参考资料来源

Appendix 2 Answer Key “活动与练习”参考答案

Appendix 3 Vocabulary Index 词汇总表

  • Kiat Hock Koh

    Dr. Koh Hock Kiat Affiliation: Director, Confucius Institute at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  • Hong Zhi Peng

    Affiliation: Assistant Director, Confucius Institute at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  • Business Chinese course designed to quickly raise Chinese language proficiency

  • Modular system caters for learners of different levels with different skills

  • Developed by the experienced teaching team at the Confucius Institute, NTU

  • Extensive coverage of modern business related topics

  • Reading passages based on real-life business/work scenarios

  • Introduce commonly used business/work related vocabulary

  • Vocabulary section with pinyin and English meanings to aid learning

  • Listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises designed to develop language fluency

  • Audio CDs for each level provide listening practice

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