The Chinese Dream: What It Means for China and the Rest of the World,
1st Edition

Ren Xiaosi

ISBN-13: 9789814773706 | ISBN-10: 9814773700

Copyright 2017

| Published 2016

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The 'Chinese Dream' is a term coined by the President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, in many of his speeches in China and around the world. Since its first appearance in 2012, the term has generated widespread interest and discussion. What does the 'Chinese Dream' mean for China and the rest of the world? Where does this dream come from, and how different is it from the American Dream? Is the 'Chinese Dream' a quest for the past glories of empire, or is it a desire for peaceful mutual development? How do people in China pursue and fulfill dreams, and how far are they from realizing them? In this book, a team of media experts in China come together to discuss and address these questions extensively, offering a thought-provoking interpretation of the 'Chinese Dream'.

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Meet the Authors

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Ren Xiaosi is the pseudonym of a team of experienced media professionals in the field of international communication.

  • Comprehensive interpretations of the 'Chinese Dream' and its broad implications.
  • Written by a team of experienced media professionals in China.
  • Discussions informed by a wide-ranging view of the culture and recent history of China.
  • Features the stories and aspirations of locals and foreigners living in China, and how they are realizing their 'Chinese Dream'.

Table of Contents

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Prologue Where did the Dream Come From?
Chapter 1 What is the “Chinese Dream”?
Chapter 2 The “Chinese Dream” and Its Impact on the World
Chapter 3 The Path to Fulfillment
Chapter 4 The Dreamers
Epilogue The Dream – How Far is the Nation from Its Fulfillment?

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The Chinese Dream

  • ISBN-10: 9814773700
  • ISBN-13: 9789814773706

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