Chinese Treasure Chest Vol. 1(SC),
2nd Edition

Marisa Fang, Helen Jung, Rosemary Firestein

ISBN-13: 9789814773935 | ISBN-10: 981477393x

Copyright 2018

| Published 2018

| 444 pages

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Chinese Treasure Chest 中文百宝箱 is is a valuable resource that every Chinese teacher can use to enhance lessons. This collection of ready-to-use games, songs, craft projects, delightfully illustrated student worksheets and activities helps students from grades K-12 learn Chinese as a foreign language. It offers a wide variety of activities of different difficulty levels to facilitate differentiated instruction in mixed-ability classrooms and across grade levels.

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Meet the Authors

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Originally from Taiwan, lead author Marisa Fang graduated from Fu Jen University, majoring in Spanish. She then received her M.S. degree in New York and taught ESL for four years before becoming a Chinese teacher. She is also Board Treasurer of the Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of Greater New York, co-author of Chinese Treasure Chest Volumes 1 and 2 (Cengage Learning, 2008, 2010), Chinese 123 – I Sing Along (2009), Flying with Chinese (2007 - Now), and Chinese Culture for Children (2004, 2005).

Helen Jung has over 17 years of teaching experience in both Hong Kong and New York. She received her M.A. degree from SUNY at Stony Brook. Her professional interest lies in creating game-like activities to make learning meaningful and fun. She currently teaches Chinese as a foreign language in public schools on Long Island. She is the co-author of Chinese Culture for Children (Far East Book Company, 2004-2005).

Rosemary began studying Chinese as an undergraduate student at Temple University. She then spent two years as an exchange student at Nankai University in Tianjin, China. She received her M.ED degree in Foreign Language Education from Temple University's Graduate School. Rosemary taught ESL and Chinese in the Philadelphia public schools for 13 years. She now teaches Chinese as a foreign language to American students in a public school on Long Island.

  • Additional Chinese New Year worksheets, projects and songs that your students will love 
  • Updated content to reflect current culture 
  • Teacher notes at the beginning of each section state the learning objectives and difficulty level of each activity, and offer suggestions on how to implement an activity. 
  • Organized into 12 monthly sections to fit the school year 
  • Revised teacher notes that provide useful teaching strategies and suggestions 
  • New project samples of recent student work Cross references to contents in our upcoming Volumes 3 and 4 that will provide teachers with an abundance of additional materials about related themes
  • 12 full-color posters that teachers can download for use in the classroom. Poster images include 10 of the themes from the calendar pages, the map of China and classroom commands. Visit http://emarketing.cengageasia.com/ctc1 to access these materials.
  • Contains ready-to-use games, songs, craft projects, attractively illustrated worksheets, and activities in two volumes 
  • Exciting new activities, worksheets, songs and rhymes to complement the most popular ones from our original series 
  • Activities include games, songs, crossword puzzles, cut-outs, picture cards, TPR activities, role-play, chants and conversations. 
  • Seasonal activities to help students celebrate special events and holidays of each month (e.g., Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Dragon Boat Festival).

Table of Contents

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September 九月
➊ September Calendar 九月月历
➋ Greetings 问好
➌ Self-Introduction 自我介绍
➍ School 学校
➎ Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节
➏ Introduction to China 中国常识
➐ Cultural Link: Confucius 孔子
➑ Try It Out! 每月一练

➊ October Calendar 十月月历
➋ Numbers 数字
➌ Days of the Week & Months of the Year 星期和月份
➍ Halloween 万圣节
➎ Cultural Link: Great Wall of China 万里长城
➏ Try It Out! 每月一练

November 十一月
➊ November Calendar 十一月月历
➋ My Family 我的家
➌ Thanksgiving 感恩节
➍ Feelings and Emotions 感觉和情绪
➎ Cultural Link: Giant Panda 大熊猫
➏ Try It Out! 每月一练

December 十二月
➊ December Calendar 十二月月历
➋ Birthday 生日
➌ Parts of the Body 身体部位
➍ Weather 天气
➎ Winter 冬天
➏ Holidays 节日
➐ Cultural Link: Monkey King 孙悟空
➑ Try It Out! 每月一练

Appendices 附录
➊ Answer Key for Word Search and Crossword Puzzles 字谜答案
➋ Chinese Equivalents of English Names: Boys 男孩中英文名对照表
➌ Chinese Equivalents of English Names: Girls 女孩中英文名对照表
➍ Useful Templates 常用样本
➎ Project Samples 作品展示

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