Chinese Treasure Chest: Pinyin Practice Book - Initials (SC),
1st Edition

Marisa Fang, Helen Jung, Rosemary Firestein

ISBN-13: 9789814844444 | ISBN-10: 9814844446

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

| 132 pages

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Chinese Treasure Chest: Pinyin Practice Books – Initials and Finals are supplementary materials of Chinese Treasure Chest Volumes 1-4. With a focus on introducing the initial and final sounds, they provide useful pinyin and vocabulary practices for young learners and beginners of all ages. Pinyin Practice Book: Initials contains 63 worksheets and Pinyin Practice Book: Finals contains 68 worksheets. These fun activities will keep learners engaged as they develop literacy skills. The words and illustrations for each sound will appeal to the interest of young learners. The activities are designed to enable language learners to read words, identify sounds, and acquire substantial knowledge of the new language system. In time, they will be able to consolidate this information into patterns that lead to fluency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Chinese. Free audio recordings of the vocabulary and reading passages can be downloaded from https://resource.cengageclt.com/SG3384/ (Initials) and https://resource.cengageclt.com/SG3385/ (Finals). This book is a thematic collection of activities that helps teachers and students organize teaching and learning in a more efficient way. All worksheets are detachable, making it convenient for students to take their work home. Handy and easy-to-use, this material is a great resource for different class settings such as bilingual programs, dual language programs, immersion programs, after-school programs, and private tutoring classes. It is also suitable for parents who would like to teach their children Chinese at home.

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Originally from Taiwan, lead author Marisa Fang graduated from Fu Jen University. She then received her M.S. degree in New York. Marisa has enjoyed a successful career in teaching ESL and Chinese to students from elementary through university for more than 20 years. Although she retired in 2013, she continues to be active in the teaching community as a lecturer and teacher trainer in the U.S. and China. Marisa currently serves as a Board Director of Chinese Language Teachers Association of Greater New York (CLTA-GNY) and Guest Teacher Adviser to the College Board.

Helen Jung received her B. Ed. from University of Wolverhampton, U.K. and her M.A. from SUNY at Stony Brook, U.S. She began her teaching career in Hong Kong and currently teaches Chinese in the Plainview-Old Bethpage public schools in New York. With 28 years of experience working with young children, Helen is well-versed in stimulating students’ interest in Chinese learning. She takes great pleasure in creating innovative lessons that integrate technology with language learning to inspire and challenge her students.

Rosemary began studying Chinese as an undergraduate student at Temple University. She then spent two years as an exchange student at Nankai University in Tianjin, China. She received her M.ED degree in Foreign Language Education from Temple University's Graduate School. Rosemary taught ESL and Chinese in the Philadelphia public schools for 13 years. She now teaches Chinese as a foreign language to American students in a public school on Long Island.

  • Coloring Activities – All worksheets contain lively illustrations for learners to color. This keeps learners engaged as they develop literacy skills.
  • New Vocabulary – Each initial sound and final sound introduces new vocabulary to deepen learners’ understanding of the sound.
  • Free Audio Files – Audio recordings of all initial and final sounds, vocabulary, and reading passages are available on http://http://emarketing.cengageasia.com/SG3384 (Initials) and http://emarketing.cengageasia.com/SG3385 (Finals).
  • Short Reading Passages – This activity contains short readings with full pinyin annotation to help students develop reading skills.
  • Cut and Paste Activities – This activity helps learners attach meaning to the words while reading.

Table of Contents

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• b
• p
• m
• f
• d
• t
• n
• l
• g
• k
• h
• j
• q
• x
• zh
• ch
• sh
• r
• z
• c
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