Chinese Treasure Chest: Chinese New Year (Student Workbook),
1st Edition

Marisa Fang, Helen Jung, Rosemary Firestein

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| Published 2019

| 148 pages

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Chinese Treasure Chest: Pinyin Practice Books – Initials and Finals are supplementary materials of Chinese Treasure Chest Volumes 1-4. With a focus on introducing the initial and final sounds, they provide useful pinyin and vocabulary practices for young learners and beginners of all ages. Pinyin Practice Book: Initials contains 63 worksheets and Pinyin Practice Book: Finals contains 68 worksheets. These fun activities will keep learners engaged as they develop literacy skills. The words and illustrations for each sound will appeal to the interest of young learners. The activities are designed to enable language learners to read words, identify sounds, and acquire substantial knowledge of the new language system. In time, they will be able to consolidate this information into patterns that lead to fluency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Chinese. Free audio recordings of the vocabulary and reading passages can be downloaded from https://resource.cengageclt.com/SG3384/ (Initials) and https://resource.cengageclt.com/SG3385/ (Finals). This book is a thematic collection of activities that helps teachers and students organize teaching and learning in a more efficient way. All worksheets are detachable, making it convenient for students to take their work home. Handy and easy-to-use, this material is a great resource for different class settings such as bilingual programs, dual language programs, immersion programs, after-school programs, and private tutoring classes. It is also suitable for parents who would like to teach their children Chinese at home.

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Meet the Authors

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Originally from Taiwan, lead author Marisa Fang graduated from Fu Jen University, majoring in Spanish. She then received her M.S. degree in New York and taught ESL for four years before becoming a Chinese teacher. She is also Board Treasurer of the Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of Greater New York, co-author of Chinese Treasure Chest Volumes 1 and 2 (Cengage Learning, 2008, 2010), Chinese 123 – I Sing Along (2009), Flying with Chinese (2007 - Now), and Chinese Culture for Children (2004, 2005).

Helen Jung has over 17 years of teaching experience in both Hong Kong and New York. She received her M.A. degree from SUNY at Stony Brook. Her professional interest lies in creating game-like activities to make learning meaningful and fun. She currently teaches Chinese as a foreign language in public schools on Long Island. She is the co-author of Chinese Culture for Children (Far East Book Company, 2004-2005).

Rosemary began studying Chinese as an undergraduate student at Temple University. She then spent two years as an exchange student at Nankai University in Tianjin, China. She received her M.ED degree in Foreign Language Education from Temple University's Graduate School. Rosemary taught ESL and Chinese in the Philadelphia public schools for 13 years. She now teaches Chinese as a foreign language to American students in a public school on Long Island.

  • Character Writing—Chinese characters related to Chinese New Year are attractively displayed with illustrations and stroke order directions for students to practice.
  • Wide Variety of Activities—Puzzles, songs, riddles, mini-books, as well as arts and crafts projects support students to talk about and gain a deeper understanding of the 12 Zodiac Animals and the customs and traditions of Chinese New Year.
  • Free Audio Files—Audio recordings of songs, vocabulary, reading passages, and dialogues are available on http://emarketing.cengageasia.com/cnywb
  • Differentiated Instruction—All activities are clearly marked with their level of difficulty to facilitate differentiated learning.

Table of Contents

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➊ Monthly Calendar 月历
1 Coloring Activity: Zodiac Animals 涂颜色:十二生肖
2 My Monthly Calendar 我的月历
3 What’s Happening in This Month? 这个月知多少?

➋ Zodiac Animals 十二生肖
1 Vocabulary Flash Cards: Zodiac Animals 词卡:十二生肖
2 Find and Color: Who Are the Winners? 找一找,涂一涂:谁赢了?
3 Song: Zodiac Animals 儿歌:十二生肖
4 Rhyme: 12 Zodiac Animals 数来宝:十二属相
5 Sing Along: 12 Zodiac Animals 说说唱唱:十二生肖
6 Matching Activity: Zodiac Animal Matching 配对游戏:生肖配一配
7 Compare: Are They the Same or Different? 说一说,比一比:它们哪里相同?哪里不同?
8 Vocabulary Review: Who Am I? 词汇练习:我是谁?
9 Mini-Book: What Can These Animals Do? 我的小书:它们能(会)做什么?
10 Reading: Chinese Zodiac Personality Traits 读一读:你的生肖个性
11 Math Skills: Fill in the Missing Zodiac Animal Years 算一算:填写生肖年份
12 Writing Activity: What Zodiac Animal Sign Do They Have?
13 Word Search: Zodiac Animals ○1 找一找:生肖一
14 Word Search: Zodiac Animals ○2 找一找:生肖二
15 Art Project: Chinese Zodiac Lantern 创意手工:生肖灯笼
16 Art Project: Zodiac Fortune Wheel 创意手工: 生肖轮盘
17 Reading: Story of the 12 Zodiac Animals 读一读:十二生肖的故事
18 Vocabulary Review: Story of the 12 Zodiac Animals词汇练习:十二生肖的故事
19 Quiz: Story of the 12 Zodiac Animals 考考你:十二生肖的故事
20 Math Fun: Chinese Zodiac Animals 算一算,数一数:十二生肖

➌ Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) 农历新年(春节)
1 Vocabulary Flash Cards: Chinese New Year 词卡:农历新年
2 Word Search: Chinese New Year 找一找:农历新年
3 Vocabulary Review: Chinese New Year 词汇练习:农历新年
4 Vocabulary Flash Cards: Popular Food for Chinese New Year 词卡:新年食品
5 Survey: What Food Do You Like to Eat During Chinese New Year?
6 Rhyme: Chinese New Year Is Coming! 数来宝:新年到!
7 Reading: Story of Chinese New Year 读一读:年的故事
8 Mini-Book: Chinese New Year Celebration 我的小书:过新年
9 Character Code Challenge: Chinese New Year Message ○1 解码游戏:新年密语一
10 Character Code Challenge: Chinese New Year Message ○2 解码游戏:新年密语二
11 Art Project: Lucky Messages for New Year 创意手工:新年吉祥话
12 Art Project: Chinese New Year Couplets 创意手工:对联
13 Art Project: Dragon Puppet 创意手工:龙头纸偶
14 Art Project: Happy New Year Fish 创意手工:“年年有余”挂饰
15 Art Project: Chinese New Year Ornament - Paper-cut Fish 创意手工:新年挂饰
16 Art Project: Lucky Words Paper Cuts 创意手工:吉祥字剪纸
17 Art Project: Red Envelope 创意手工:红包
18 Art Project: Go Green Flower 创意手工:环保花
19 Art Project: Palace Lantern 创意手工:宫灯
20 Art Project: Firecrackers 创意手工:鞭炮
21 Game: Chinese New Year Dragon Board Game 游戏:龙形棋盘
22 Game: Chinese New Year Qs and As 问答游戏:农历新年知多少
23 Song: Happy New Year! 新年歌:恭喜!恭喜!
24 Recipe: Dumplings 下厨乐:包饺子

➍ Lantern Festival 元宵节
1 Mini-Book: The Lantern Festival 我的小书:元宵节
2 Art Project: Chinese New Year Lantern 创意手工:新年灯笼
3 Art Project: Chinese Lantern Paper Cut 创意手工:灯笼剪纸
4 Riddle Game: Riddles for Lantern Festival 猜一猜:趣味灯谜

➎ Try It Out! 练一练
Let’s Talk! 说一说
1 What’s Your Zodiac Sign? 你属什么?
2 What’s Your Favorite Zodiac Animal? 你最喜欢哪一个生肖?
3 Happy New Year! 新年快乐!
Let’s Write! 写一写
1 天 2 米 3 早 4 年 5 吉 6 春 7 福

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