Step Up With Chinese, Textbook, Level 2,
2nd Edition

Lucy Chu Lee, Chen Lixia

ISBN-13: 9789814866118 | ISBN-10: 9814866113

Copyright 2019

| Published 2019

| 384 pages

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Step Up with Chinese《成长》is an innovative, standards-based Chinese textbook series for junior and senior high school students with little or no Chinese background. Highly learner-friendly and task-centered, Step Up develops all four language skills while incorporating the principles of ACTFL Five C’s – Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. Students will learn all the necessary material to engage others in meaningful communication and gain a better understanding of the Chinese culture. This second edition features updated content, new images, and an additional vocabulary index that facilitates Chinese word search via English keywords. This series consists of three levels covering three to four years of instruction. Each level comprises a Textbook and a Workbook. Each Textbook offers ten themed lessons that are structured around key communicative goals. It features a clear, step-by-step approach to help students progress from small steps towards larger communicative goals. The accompanying Workbook features a wide variety of activities to give students plenty of practice on all the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The program’s companion website (http://stepup.cengageclt.com) offers a Pinyin pronunciation guide, interactive vocabulary flashcards, free mp3 audio downloads, additional practice exercises and password-protected instructors’ resources.

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Meet the Authors

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Affiliation: Livingston High School, New Jersey Lucy Lee is a veteran teacher at Livingston High School in New Jersey, teacher director at Rutgers and William Paterson University and past president of the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS).

Affiliation: Beijing Language & Culture University Lixia Chen is the director of Confucius Institute at the Beijing Language & Culture University.

  • Offers a variety of communicative classroom activities to help students achieve target language goals
  • Interweaves Chinese cultural information into the texts, visuals and activities
  • Breaks down lesson into manageable chunks to help students progress from “bite-size” stages to more lengthy and complex tasks
  • Reinforces language learning by making connections to other content areas
  • Spiraling design helps students build upon existing knowledge and facilitates the gradual mastery of skills
  • Includes topics relevant to secondary students’ everyday experience

Table of Contents

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Lesson 1 Starting a new school year 开学了!
Lesson 2 Moving to a new school 到新学校
Lesson 3 Settling into a new home 搬进新家
Lesson 4 Adapting to the weather 适应气候
Lesson 5 Discovering the community 熟悉新社区
Lesson 6 Meeting new people 认识新朋友
Lesson 7 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle 保持健康的生活习惯
Lesson 8 Connecting with others 与人沟通
Lesson 9 Getting along with others 与他人相处
Lesson 10 Being a global citizen 做一个好公民

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