Advances in Mediated Learning Experience for 21st Century: Competencies, Contexts and Culture,
1st Edition

Tan Oon Seng, Chua Bee Leng, Isabella Yuen-Fun Wong

ISBN-13: 9789814878319 | ISBN-10: 9814878316

Copyright 2020

| Published 2019

| 358 pages

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Latest developments in the neuroscience and science of learning have affirmed the theories of the late cognitive psychologist Professor Reuven Feuerstein. The theory of Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) and Structural Cognitive Modifiability (SCM), which have their genesis in the 1950s continue to make advances in its implementation science. This book aims to provide a compilation of works that synthesises the most up-to-date knowledge, research, and practice of MLE and its interventions which would guide the application of MLE with diverse learners of different stages of human development. Besides an emphasis on the culturally responsive use of the Feuerstein approach, this book also intends to offer substantive coverage of the application of MLE across different contexts and seeks to merge the current state of knowledge and chart research directions for researchers in the cognitive and social-emotional development of students’ learning.

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Meet the Authors

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Professor Oon-Seng Tan is Director of the Centre for Research in Child Development at the National Institute of Education, Singapore, a Yidan Visiting Global Fellow at Harvard University, President of the Educational Research Association of Singapore and APERA, and the Editor-in-Chief of Educational Research for Policy & Practice.

Bee-Leng Chua is a Senior Lecturer at the Psychological Studies Academic Group at the National Institute of Education, Singapore. She is VP of International Association of Cognitive Education and Psychology and Educational Research Association of Singapore and the Principal Investigator behind the establishment of the Mediated Learning Laboratory in NIE.

Isabella Yuen-Fun Wong is an Associate Professor at the Psychological Studies Academic Group at the National Institute of Education, Singapore. She has published articles in a number of leading educational and psychology journals and served on the International Editorial Board of the Journal of Pedagogy, and co-founded the Mediated Learning Laboratory in NIE.

  • Contributions from well-known experts in the United States, Belgium, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, South Africa, and Singapore.
  • MLE applications across different cultures and special needs such as learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), developmental disabilities, Down’s syndrome, Global Developmental Delay, and deaf learners with rich illustrations of interventions.
  • Cognitive enrichment programmes and assessment scales such as the Bright Start Cognitive Curriculum for Young Children, Instrumental Enrichment (IE), Learning Propensity Assessment Device (LPAD), Cognitive Modifiability Battery (CMB), Mediated Learning Experience Rating Scale (MLERS), and their applications in different environments are highlighted in the book.
  • Provides an international perspective in terms of how Feuerstein’s theory has been appreciated and adapted into practice around the world.
  • Presents an interdisciplinary approach in the mediated interventions that strengthen the cognition, social-emotional, and motivational development of students’ learning.
  • An inspirational resource for educational researchers and practitioners working closely with learners at different stages of development and in different contexts.

Table of Contents

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Foreword by Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein
About the Book Editors
About the Contributors
Chapter 1 Culturally Responsive Mediated Learning in 21st
Century Schools
Chapter 2 An Educational Model for Mediation of Pupil’s
Executive Functioning during Factual Reading
Chapter 3 Mediating Children with Developmental Disabilities:
Towards an MLE Network Theory
Chapter 4 Spatial Characteristics of 3D-IVR and 2D
Computerised Environments on Cognitive
Chapter 5 Dynamic Assessment and the Integrated Social
Learning Theory Framework
Chapter 6 Mediated Learning at Play - Developing Creative and
Strategic Thinking Through a Card Game
Chapter 7 The Relationship of Cognitive Modifiability to Neural
Plasticity: From the Feuerstein Perspective
Chapter 8 Working Memory and Executive Functions to
Mediated Learning and Metacognition ( - and Back!)
Chapter 9 Mediational Teachers and Pedagogies for 21st
Century Curriculum: Principles and Practice
Chapter 10 Mediated Learning Experience Rating Scale (MLERS)
for the Problem-Based Learning Environment
Chapter 11 Mediated Learning Experience in Teaching Malay
Language Oral: Video Stimulus Response
Chapter 12 Cognitively Oriented Curriculum for Children in
Community-Based Childcare Centres
Chapter 13 Cross-Age Peer Mediation for Children with and
without ASD
Chapter 14 Mediated Learning for Cognitive and Social Change
with Two Case Studies
Chapter 15 Deaf Learners and Cognitive Mediation: The

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Advances in Mediated Learning Experience for 21st Century: Competencies, Contexts and Culture

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