Retrospection and Reflection: 40 Years of Development and Reform in China,
1st Edition

Qi Zhenhong

ISBN-13: 9789814878463 | ISBN-10: 9814878464

Copyright 2020

| Published 2019

| 208 pages

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Retrospection and Reflection: 40 Years of Development and Reform in China highlights the changes that China has experienced and its vision for the future. Over the last four decades, the Chinese people, with their solidarity, diligence and courage, have written a magnificent chapter in the development of the nation. From an in-depth historical perspective, this book aims to help readers understand the reform of Chinese civilization. It celebrates the various milestones of the Chinese people and also discusses where China sees itself in the modern era.

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Ambassador Qi Zhenhong, is President of the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS). He worked as Counsellor, Deputy Director-General, Policy Planning Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the People’s Republic of China; Deputy Director- General, General Office, MFA; Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China to the Kingdom of Bahrain. He has been engaged in the field of economic diplomacy for many years. He specializes in international economic cooperation, particularly in the development of the Belt and Road Initiative with rich experiences and excellent achievements.

  • China’s view on globalization and the role it plays in the International Community.
  • Readers can understand Chinese diplomacy and learn more about China’s vision for the future.
  • Understanding China’s transformation over the last 40 years and to see how far it has developed.

Table of Contents

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PART I Where Did China Come From?
Chapter One
From Classical Civilization to Modern Civilization:
Achievements and Challenges
I. Historical Environment for the Birth of Classical Chinese
Civilization and the Original Form of the Chinese Nation
II. Contribution of Classical Chinese Civilization to World
III. Transformation from a Classical Civilization to a Modern
IV. How the World Views China: Inspirations and
Chapter Two
China’s Development Has Entered a New Era
I. China’s Historical Achievements in Development
II. Principal Contradiction Facing Chinese Society in the New Era
III. Historic Changes in China’s Relations with the International
PART II How Did China Get Here?
Chapter Three
Choosing The Our Road of Development According to
I. The Difficult Course of China’s Transition from a Classical to
Modern Civilization (1840-1949)
II. New China’s Arduous and Tortuous Exploration of National
Development Path (1949-1978)
III. Reform and Opening Up Is the Only Path for China’s
Development (1978-2018)
Chapter Four
Adhering to the Path of Peaceful Development
I. Chinese Agrarian Civilization and Its Cultural Heritage for
II. The Cherished Value of Peace after China’s Suffering and
III. The Theme of Peace and Development Created a Favorable
International Environment
IV. China as a Builder and Defender of World Peace
Chapter Five
Placing Emphasis on Sustainable Development
I. Scientific Development: Achieving Coordinated and Quality
II. Green Development: Protecting the Environment to Build a
Beautiful China
III. Inclusive Development: Achieving an Equitable Society
IV. Cooperative Development: China’s Contributions to Global
Sustainable Development
PART III Where Is China Heading?
Chapter Six
The Chinese Dream and Future Development
I. The Phased Goal of China’s Future Development
II. The Chinese Dream Should Meet the People’s Expectation for
a Better Life
III. China’s Economic and Political Features as a Developing Country
Chapter Seven
Implications of the Chinese Dream for the World
I. Working toward a Community of a Shared Future for Mankind
II. Pursuing Major-Country Diplomacy with Chinese
III. Improving China-US Relations for a Better World

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Retrospection and Reflection: 40 Years of Development and Reform in China

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