Go! Chinese Workbook, Level 6, Simplified Chinese,
2nd Edition

Julie Lo, Emily Yih

ISBN-13: 9789814889469 | ISBN-10: 9814889466

Copyright 2020

| Published 2020

| 88 pages

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Go! Chinese now comes with a second edition offering new and improved content! As a fully integrated Chinese language program, it is specially designed for learners of Chinese as a foreign language. Comprising eight levels, Go! Chinese helps students develop all four language skills across the three modes of communication (interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational). It engages students in an exploration of Chinese culture and helps them gain an appreciation of Chinese cultural products, practices, and perspectives. Students will also have opportunities to compare different cultures, make connections with other discipline areas, and extend their learning experiences to their homes and communities. The program employs innovative teaching methodologies to enhance language learning, and to motivate students to learn Chinese. Go! Chinese is divided into two series: Beginner (Levels 1-4) and Intermediate (Levels 5-8). The Beginner Series equips students with vocabulary and common expressions for everyday interactions in Chinese, while the Intermediate Series places more emphasis on cultural comparison, self-expression, and opinion exchange. Each level offers 10 lessons and consists of a Textbook and a Workbook. The program’s companion site offers additional resources for teachers and students.

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Meet the Authors

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Julie Lo has forty years of experience teaching Chinese to primary and high school students. She has also taught in the National Taipei University of Education and served as a local education counselor. She retired as Assistant Professor from the National Taipei University of Education in 2003. After her retirement, Julie continued to pursue her passion for Chinese and teaching by volunteering with the Jian Hua High School in Chiangmai.

Emily Yih is an experienced Chinese language teacher, having sp ent more than 20 years teaching the language to foreign student s. She has also worked as Curriculum Advisor for the Toronto Board of Education (Canada). She was member director of Ontario Chinese Education Association (Canada), and web educator for Global Chinese Language and Culture Center of OCAC (Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission, Taiwan).

  • A new companion site that offers interactive vocabulary flashcards, Chinese (pinyin) typing practices, reading practices, audio recordings of vocabulary, reading passages, and listening practices, as well as password-protected instructor resources such as teacher’s guide, answer key, and audio files. Visit gochinese.cengageclt.com
  • Instructions provided in Chinese
  • Cultural notes in both Chinese and English
  • New images and updated content

Table of Contents

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Lesson 1 Stories Behind Pictures 照片的故事
Lesson 2 My Idol 我的偶像
Lesson 3 Good Neighbors 好邻居
Lesson 4 Having an Argument 吵架了
Lesson 5 Safety at School 校园安全
Review 1
Lesson 6 Which Continent Are You From? 你从哪一洲来?
Lesson 7 At the Sale 拍卖会
Lesson 8 Fun with Chinese Characters 来玩中文字
Lesson 9 Festivals of Gratitude 感恩的节日
Lesson 10 Sunny’s Problem 以晴的烦恼
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