AE Statistics: A Tool For Social Research and Data Analysis,
11th Edition

Joseph F. Healey, Christopher Donoghue

ISBN-13: 9789814922845 | ISBN-10: 9814922846

Copyright 2020

| Published 2020

| 592 pages

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With a new emphasis on the same "real data" professionals use to make evidence-based decisions, Healey's STATISTICS: A TOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH AND DATA ANALYSIS, 11e, introduces fundamental concepts and their practical application to current social issues -- no advanced math knowledge required. Examples from daily life illustrate that statistics are not just abstract mathematical constructs but have practical value in government, education, business, media, politics, sports and more. The latest version of IBM's SPSS software is fully integrated, and end-of-chapter SPSS problems are labeled by discipline. Making statistics accessible for even the most math-adverse learners, the text breaks down complex material to help students master key concepts and develop skills they will need as professionals in a social science field -- or as statistically literate consumers of social research.

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Meet the Authors

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Joseph F. Healey is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Christopher Newport University. In addition to STATISTICS: A TOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH AND DATA ANALYSIS, he is the author of RACE, ETHNICITY, GENDER AND CLASS, 8th Edition (Sage, 2018 ) and DIVERSITY AND SOCIETY, 6th Edition (Sage, 2020 ) as well as co-author of several other texts. Dr. Healey earned his A.B. and M.A. from The College of William and Mary (sociology and anthropology) and his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia (sociology and anthropology). In his spare time, he plays and records music for the hammer dulcimer and banjo.

Christopher Donoghue is Associate Professor of Sociology at Montclair State University in New Jersey. He is the author of many articles on bullying, race and ethnicity, and nursing home care, with his work appearing in such journals as THE GERONTOLOGIST, SOCIOLOGICAL FORUM, RESEARCH ON AGING, JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENCE, THE SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, DISABILITY AND SOCIETY, HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT REVIEW, CHILDREN AND SCHOOLS, SOCIOLOGICAL STUDIES OF CHILDREN AND YOUTH and SEX EDUCATION. Dr. Donoghue earned his B.A. from Seton Hall University, his M.A. from Montclair State University and his Ph.D. from Fordham University. Recently he helped to establish a new Master of Arts in Social Research and Analysis program at Montclair State.

  • SPSS examples include problems using the 2018 General Social Survey, the Pew Research Center's Core Trends Survey and databases that incorporate information from the 50 states and a diverse group of nations.
  • A new emphasis is placed on the same "real data" that most industries now use to make evidence-based decisions. In every chapter, hypothetical examples have been replaced with new data used by professionals working on current issues in social policy research, market research, social work, education and other fields. These are now featured in Social Research and Data Analysis boxes.
  • Highlighting the careers in data analysis that social science students can now pursue, new end-of-chapter problems have been added on social policy and market research topics to complement the text's traditional problems in sociology, social work, political science, criminal justice, public administration and gerontology.
  • All the sections on politics (including the most recent general election), criminal justice, public opinion, sexual behavior and other topics have been thoroughly updated throughout. A "Using Statistics" box at the beginning of each chapter tells students what kinds of things they can learn by using that material and where in the chapter they can find examples of it.

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction.
2. Basic Descriptive Statistics: Tables, Percentages, Ratios and Rates, and Graphs.
3. Measures of Central Tendency.
4. Measures of Variation.
5. The Normal Curve.
6. Introduction to Inferential Statistics: Sampling and the Sampling Distribution.
7. Estimation Procedures.
8. Hypothesis Testing I: The One-Sample Case.
9. Hypothesis Testing II: The Two-Sample Case.
10. Hypothesis Testing III: The Analysis of Variance.
11. Hypothesis Testing IV: Chi Square.
12. Bivariate Association for Nominal- and Ordinal-Level Variables.
13. Association Between Variables Measured at the Interval-Ratio Level.
14. Elaborating Bivariate Tables.
15. Partial Correlation and Multiple Regression and Correlation.
Appendix A: Area Under the Normal Curve.
Appendix B: Distribution of t.
Appendix C: Distribution of Chi Square.
Appendix D: Distribution of F.
Appendix E: Using Statistics: Ideas for Research Projects.
Appendix F: An Introduction to SPSS.
Appendix G: Codebooks for All Data Sets.
Answers to Odd-Numbered End-Of-Chapter Problems and Cumulative Exercises.

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AE Statistics: A Tool For Social Research and Data Analysis

  • ISBN-10: 9814922846
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