Little Scholars’ Series - Primary Chinese 5A,
1st Edition

Confucius Institute

ISBN-13: 9789814930956 | ISBN-10: 9814930954

Copyright 2021

| Published 2020

| 168 pages

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Little Scholars’ Series - Primary Chinese 5A《状元学堂 • 乐思华文 5A》is based on the latest Primary School Chinese Syllabus developed by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. It consists of eight exercises that correspond to the eight lessons in the primary Chinese textbook and one end-of-term revision paper.

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  • Self evaluation: Evaluate one’s progress using a checklist provided at the end of each lesson; uncover gaps in learning and identify areas of weaknesses.
  • Culture knowledge: Learn about the early life of Confucius presented in the form of comics.
  • Exam preparation: Reinforce the learning of new words and phrases through exercises modelled on the PSLE examination question types which include language application, cloze passage, reading comprehension, and complete sentences.
  • Synonyms: Understand the differences in words that have similar meanings and learn how to use them correctly.

Table of Contents

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练习一 第一课 到户外去
练习二 第二课 身体会说话
练习三 第三课 懂事的你
练习四 第四课 分享是快乐的
练习五 第五课 我的东西找到了
练习六 第六课 一千桶水
练习七 第七课 和时间赛跑
练习八 第八课 很久很久以前
练习九 总复习(第一课~第八课)

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Little Scholars’ Series - Primary Chinese 5A

  • ISBN-10: 9814930954
  • ISBN-13: 9789814930956

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