AE Fundamentals of Management,
10th Edition

Ricky Griffin

ISBN-13: 9789814986236
Copyright 2022 | Published
640 pages | List Price: USD $249.95
ISBN: 9789814986236

Master the process of management with the skills-based, functional approach in Griffin’s FUNDAMENTALS OF MANAGEMENT, 10E. Timely content focuses on active planning, leading, organizing and controlling as you examine emerging management topics. New discussions explore the impact of technology, the importance of a green business environment, the need to adapt in changing times, ethical challenges and the role of diversity. This is one of the first management books to examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting economic turmoil. New cases and updated learning features support an effective balance of classic theory and contemporary practice. Hundreds of contemporary examples highlight organizations such as Starbucks, Hilton Hotels and Quicken Loans. New MindTap digital resources further guide you in thinking and acting like a successful manager with learning, application and study modules for each chapter. Immediate feedback and links to the printed book also help you prepare for exams.


1. Understanding the Manager's Job.
2. The Environment of Organizations and Managers.
3. Planning and Strategic Management.
4. Managing Decision Making.
5. Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management.
6. Organization Structure and Design.
7. Organization Change and Innovation.
8. Managing Human Resources in Organizations.
9. Basic Elements of Individual Behavior in Organizations.
10. Managing Employee Motivation and Performance.
11. Leadership and Influence Processes.
12. Communication in Organizations.
13. Managing Work Groups and Teams.
14. Basic Elements of Control.
15. Managing Operations, Quality, and Productivity.

  • Ricky Griffin

    Dr. Ricky W. Griffin is Distinguished Professor of Management and the Blocker Chair in Business in Mays Business School at Texas A&M University. After receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Houston in 1978, Dr. Griffin joined the faculty at the University of Missouri for three years before moving to Texas A&M in 1981. His research on task design and dysfunctional work behavior has appeared in the leading professional journals, including Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly and Journal of Management. He has served as editor of the Journal of Management and has been program chair and division chair of the Organizational Behavior Division and Program Chair of the Research Methods Division of the Academy, Program Chair and President of the Southwest Academy of Management, and a member of the Board of the Southern Management Association. He is a fellow of both the Academy of Management and the Southern Management Association. Dr. Griffin has taught organizational behavior, human resource management, international management, and research methods at all levels and has won several teaching awards. He is a frequent speaker to executive audiences and is the author of several widely used textbooks. Dr. Griffin was director of the Center for Human Resource Management at Texas A&M and just returned to the faculty at Mays after 11 years of full-time appointments as Management Department Head, Executive Associate Dean and Interim Dean. His current research interests include workplace culture, managerial skills development and decision making during times of crisis.

  • MEMORABLE EXAMPLES DEPICT MANAGEMENT AT WORK IN NUMEROUS WELL-KNOWN ORGANIZATIONS. This edition draws notable examples from a wide variety of popular establishments, ranging from large organizations to unique small businesses. Examples demonstrate management principles at work in organizations such as the TSA, Quicken Loans, EcoZoom, Netflix, Tim Cook’s leadership style, LVMH, Unilever, Google, Viking Cruises and Harley-Davidson.

  • THIS EDITION PRESENTS AN EFFECTIVE BALANCE OF MANAGEMENT THEORY AND PRACTICE. Timely content emphasizes both the strong theories and practical applications behind management today. New and revised discussions, examples and activities help students strengthen their management skills and better understand the power of innovation at work in today's workplace.

  • NEW AND REVISED BUILDING SKILLS EXERCISES OFFER INSIGHTS INTO EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT APPROACHES. These updated and helpful Building Skills guide students in approaching a variety of challenging management situations using many of today's best practices. Students improve management skills related to conceptualization, diagnostic abilities, decision-making, time management and technical competencies.

  • NEW COVERAGE OF THE COVID-19 GLOBAL PANDEMIC CLOSELY REVIEWS ITS ON-GOING EFFECTS ON MANAGEMENT. Detailed and insightful coverage examines the economic recession, the surge in unemployment and business closures during and after the pandemic. Discerning discussions delve into the long-term impact of pandemic-driven changes on small and large businesses as well as its effects on managers in the U.S. and beyond.

  • NEW SKILL-BUILDING PERSONAL ASSESSMENTS DEMONSTRATE HOW READERS’ PERSPECTIVES AND EXPERIENCES INFLUENCE THEIR MANAGEMENT CAREERS. These useful surveys found in each chapter help students develop insights into their own perspectives, feelings and experiences. Students examine how their personal viewpoints hold the potential to impact their management careers.

  • NEW "CALL-OUT QUOTES" DRAW ATTENTION TO INSIGHTS FROM BUSINESS, POLITICAL AND SOCIAL LEADERS. Each chapter features 5-8 memorable "Call-Out Quotes" from successful leaders and managers that capture student interest and showcase management principles in practice.

  • INTEGRATED ORGANIZATION OF CHAPTERS OFFERS STREAMLINED YET COMPREHENSIVE PRESENTATION. This edition's framework logically progresses from introducing the field and focusing on the environment to discussing the four major managerial functions of planning and decision making, organizing, leading and controlling.

  • CHAPTER OPENING AND CHAPTER CLOSING CASES DRAW STUDENTS' ATTENTION TO IMPORTANT CHAPTER THEMES. "Management in Action" chapter opening cases capture student attention with actual scenarios, while "Management at Work" closing cases create a cohesive conclusion to the chapter's topics. Related "You Make the Call" at each chapter's conclusion prompt students to practice key decision making skills.

  • THE LATEST RESEARCH AND CITATIONS ARE INTEGRATED THROUGHOUT THE EDITION. Each edition references and cites recent information on international business, entrepreneurship, strategic management, decision making, organizational design and change, leadership, productivity and quality management to support the book's approach.

  • Each chapter includes 5-8 interesting “Call-Out Quotes” from business, political, and social leaders that engage student interest.

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