China’s Robots,
1st Edition

Wang Hongpeng, Ma Na

ISBN-13: 9789814986472 | ISBN-10: 981498647x

Copyright 2022

| Published 2021

| 188 pages

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China’s robots have grown alongside China’s economy. Using a large number of recollections and interviews, this book describes the struggles and achievements of Chinese scientists and engineers, represented by the “father of Chinese robots” Jiang Xinsong, Wang Tianran and Qu Daokui, in developing robots. Numerous researchers and technicians strove to overcome difficulties in introducing Chinese robots to the market. Now China’s leading robot maker, SIASUN Robot & Automation Co., Ltd., owns the most comprehensive robotic product line in the world and provides solutions for customers in more than 32 countries and regions around the globe.

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Meet the Authors

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Wang Hongpeng is a member of the China Writers Association and a member of the Chinese Reportage Association. In 1986, he graduated from Air Force Radar College with a degree in automation system engineering. In 1997, he left the Air Force to work in the Publicity Department of the CPC Jining Municipal Committee. He started publishing his writings in 1981.

Ma Na is a member of the China Writers Association and the Deputy Director of the Young Creative Writers Committee of the Chinese Reportage Association. She graduated from People’s Liberation Army Academy of Art and won the first Mao Dun Literature Newcomer Prize, the Xu Chi Reportage Excellence Award and the People’s Liberation Army General Logistics Department Military Literature Award.

  • Introduces the development of China’s robotic industry with the story of a leading robot company.
  • Provides intriguing narration and easy-to-understand explanations of robotics knowledge.
  • Shows the innovation, determination and spirit of international cooperation of scientists and entrepreneurs.
  • Traces the history of robots and also envisions a better future with the advance of technology.

Table of Contents

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Chapter One Robots: Another Chinese Dream
Chapter Two We Have the “First Person”
Chapter Three The Combat Arena for Smart Machines
Chapter Four The Motherland Is Our Identity
Chapter Five A Life’s Devotion to Robots
Chapter Six “Birth Certificate” Granted by the State
Chapter Seven Flexing Muscles on a Grand Stage
Chapter Eight The “Magical Change”
Chapter Nine Three Breathtaking Attempts
Chapter Ten Entering the Era of Robotic Technology
Chapter Eleven Aiming at 2025
Chapter Twelve The Giant Continues to Move Forward

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China’s Robots

  • ISBN-10: 981498647x
  • ISBN-13: 9789814986472

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