Hospitality Management,
4th Edition

Lynn Van der Wagen, Lauren White

ISBN-13: 9780170411424
Copyright 2019 | Published
600 pages | List Price: USD $71.25

Written for SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management, Hospitality Management, 4e covers all 13 core units plus seven electives. Each chapter is written to a unit of competency and maintains the volume of learning of previous editions, with relevant and easy-to-understand information including Australian examples and references. Structured in three parts, the text covers the knowledge and skills required of frontline supervisors, managerial topics, and business strategy content. The ‘Industry viewpoint’ at the start of each chapter introduces students to current issues and themes in the hospitality industry, and numerous pedagogical features, examples and illustrations have been included throughout the text to help students engage with the material and extend their understanding. Each chapter includes activities for discussion and debate, with assessment activities requiring the understanding, application and analysis of case studies. Each section concludes with an integrated case study and weblinks to useful industry resources.


1. Source and use information on the hospitality industry
2. Enhance customer service experiences
3. Monitor work operations
4. Implement and monitor work health safety
5. Manage finances within a budget
6. Lead and manage people
7. Develop and manage quality customer service
8. Manage operational plan
9. Prepare and monitor budgets
10. Research and comply with regulatory requirements
11. Establish and conduct business relationships
12. Roster staff
13. Manage diversity in the workplace
14. Manage conflict and crisis
15. Develop and implement a business plan
16. Develop and implement marketing strategies
17. Manage finances
18. Manage physical assets
19. Recruit, select and induct staff
20. Monitor staff performance
21. Establish and maintain a work health safety system

  • Lynn Van der Wagen

    Dr Lynn Van der Wagen is Head Teacher of Tourism and Events at TAFE NSW. Lynn is the author of many highly acclaimed books on hospitality, tourism and event management. Her doctorate reviewed the national curriculum for customer service training in the services sector and its suitability for developing a service ethos in tourism and hospitality enterprises. Her early career involved working for a five-star hotel as Director of Human Resources.

  • Lauren White

    Lauren White has extensive experience in corporate communications. She has a degree in Communications from UTS and has managed public relations campaigns which have included media events. As trends in new media, social networking and experiential marketing have important implications for event managers of the future, the experience she brings is highly relevant in the new edition.

  • New Activity boxes to make volume of learning more manageable and meaningful

  • Competency mapping grid to assist instructor in planning training programs

  • Concluding Case Study for each part to help learners connect theories to real-world applications

  • Digital hospitality elements are embedded throughout the text to provide contemporary contexts for learners

  • Competency Mapping Grid to help instructors plan training programs

  • Solutions Manual contains suggested answers to assist instructor develop marking guides

  • PowerPoint Teaching slides that are customisable

  • Sufficient volume of learning and volume of assessment materials for the Diploma course

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