Delivering Authentic Arts Education,
4th Edition

Judith Dinham

ISBN-13: 9780170420594
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This market-leading text helps you develop the confidence, understanding and skills you need to teach arts, including dance, drama, media arts, music and visual arts. With a perfect balance between theory and practice, Delivering Authentic Arts Education outlines the key learning area of arts education and its importance in the curriculum. It also conveys creative activity and expression within a cultural context. The text helps you learn how to recognise and build on your existing artistic abilities and teaching skills, how to encourage children’s creativity and how to lead arts appreciation experiences. It also includes information on planning and assessment.


Part 1 The ABC of arts education
1 Putting you in the picture – the rationale and context for arts education
2 The features of authentic arts education
3 Being an effective teacher in The Arts
4 Children at the centre
5 Planning, pedagogy and assessment for authentic arts learning

Part 2 Teaching in the Arts
6 Dance
7 Drama
8 Media Arts
9 Music
10 Visual Arts

Part 3 Units of Inquiry
How this section works
Learning activities: patterns around us

  • Judith Dinham

    Judith Dinham has held senior university teaching and leadership positions in arts education and artists’ education over a number of decades. At Curtin University she is the Director of Learning and Teaching in the School of Education, having previously held the position of Program Coordinator for the Bachelor of Education (Primary). She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA); and has an Edith Cowan University Fellowship, along with a number of other awards for excellence and innovation in teaching. Judith was the founding director of ProArts, a professional development provider for teachers, as well as being an International Baccalaureate examiner for 10 years and a board member of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and National Exhibition Touring Structure, WA. Her broad curriculum experience includes writing and presenting arts education courses in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education for universities, state government and overseas curriculum bodies, Professional and Graduate Education, and Open University Australia. Her research interests relate to pre-service education in the arts. Judith Dinham is also a practising artist and exhibition curator. The monograph Judith Dinham: An artistic journey describes her artistic practice.

  • Expanded coverage and activity examples to support implementation in arts education of the cross-curricular priorities including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories

  • Reflects the latest updates to the Australian Curriculum throughout the text, with coverage on why arts education is part of the Australian Curriculum, as well as cross-curriculum considerations, and in Part 2, sections on each arts area and the Australian Curriculum

  • Assessment is a pain point for many pre-service teachers. This edition sees increased coverage of this topic with an expanded section on assessment discussing the assessment cycle in Chapter 5, as well as expanded coverage of assessment for each arts area

  • Enhanced visual examples and diagrams explain and demonstrate important concepts

  • End-of-chapter 'Go Further' online resources that instructors can supply to student teachers, including lesson plan templates, worksheets, Additional Units of Inquiry, and Key People glossary

  • Expanded Units of Inquiry in Part 3 with further examples available in the online resources for instructors to share with student teachers

  • Explore authentic arts education in practice through the Classroom Snapshot boxes with real-life examples

  • Pre-service teachers develop their own activities to introduce children to the relevant arts principles, elements and skills with the activities suggested in the Starter ideas boxes

  • For more effective learning, the At-a-glance boxes provide quick overviews of key concepts, practical tips and useful resources

  • High quality educational resources in the Online resources annotated lists at the end of each chapter support teaching and learning

  • Identify important educationalists, influential theorists and selected well-known artists using the Key people icons

  • Cross-Curricular Priorities icons clearly direct pre-service teachers to content relating to the three CCP areas of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia, and Sustainability

  • End-of-chapter learning activities and further readings help pre-service teachers consolidate learning and supplement the material presented in the chapter. Students can explore more study tools and activities online

  • Student teachers learn how to plan quality primary arts programs using the frameworks in Part 3 of the text, Units of Inquiry. This section includes sample lessons and other resources that demonstrate authentic arts education

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