Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences,
7th Edition

Libby Tudball, Peter Brett, Rob Gilbert

ISBN-13: 9780170424165
Copyright 2020 | Published
442 pages | List Price: USD $78.25

Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences, 7e prepares you to develop and implement lessons in the humanities and social sciences. With the aid of this valuable text, you’ll be able to assist primary, middle and secondary students to become active and informed citizens. The resource blends theory with practical approaches to teaching that are engaging and relevant to students’ lives. Chapters on history, geography, civics and citizenship, and economics and business discuss the nature of these subjects and how to teach them. New, print versions of this book come with bonus online study tools on the Search Me! platform. You’ll get access for 12 months from your first login.


PART 1 Context: The Humanities and Social Sciences in Australia
1. The context for teaching and learning in the Humanities and Social Sciences
2. The Humanities and Social Sciences in the Australian Curriculum

PART 2 Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences: key elements
3. Integrating the curriculum
4. Planning for critical inquiry
5. Planning for student learning
6. Assessment for student learning
7. Values, ethical understanding and controversial issues
8. Developing language and literacy
9. Using information and communication technologies

PART 3 Disciplinary knowledge in Humanities and Social Sciences
10. Learning History
11. Teaching historical inquiry
12. Geography as a learning area
13. Teaching geographical inquiry
14. Teaching and learning Economics and Business
15. Teaching and learning for active and informed citizenship

PART 4 Cross-curriculum priorities
16. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures
17. Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia
18. Sustainability

  • Libby Tudball

    Libby Tudball is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, Monash University whose specialist areas are teacher education, civic and citizenship and teaching and learning in the humanities and social sciences. She works nationally and internationally in these research fields and in teacher professional learning and strategic planning for school improvement.

  • Peter Brett

    Peter Brett is Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, University of Tasmania, Burnie. He teaches into two Humanities and Social Sciences education units in the B.Ed. (Primary) programme. His research interests centre on teaching and learning relating to citizenship education and history education, but also explore broader issues around high quality initial teacher education.

  • Rob Gilbert

    Rob Gilbert is Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Queensland and an educational consultant with a special focus on curriculum development and change. A leader in research and development in social science education in Australia, he has published widely in this field as well as in curriculum development and in education for citizenship.

  • Enhanced layout and full-colour visual design for improved student navigation of the key issues, theories and concepts covered in this valuable resource for pre-service and graduate primary and secondary teachers

  • The general shift in focus from curriculum towards teaching practice has resulted in the following changes: combining the content of chapters 2 (Our globalising world) and 19 (Global education) and moving it to a new first chapter; switching the history and geography chapters to now become 10 (History as a learning area), 11 (Teaching historical inquiry), 12 (Geography as a learning area) and 13 (Teaching geographical inquiry). Chapter 15 (Integrating the curriculum) has been moved to earlier in the text to chapter 3, as this is critical for this area, especially for primary teaching

  • NEW focused 'Check your understanding' boxes include questions that allow pre-service teachers to assess and reflect on their own knowledge and understanding of chapter concepts. A twelve-month subscription to Search Me! Education provides students with 24-hour access to full-text articles from hundreds of scholarly and popular periodicals for wider reading and assignments. Search Me! Education keywords at the end of each 'Check your understanding' box assist students to explore these topics further and find the latest references

  • NEW focused 'Teaching and Learning' activity boxes provide activities for pre-service teachers to use with primary and/or secondary students and are linked to the relevant Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST). These could be used to develop students-teachers' portfolio of evidence

  • Students think about their own connection with teaching humanities and social sciences by considering the NEW 'Reflection questions' at the end of chapters

  • NEW grid at the beginning of the text shows how the content of chapters relates to the various standards of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

  • The broad scope of this text provides a valuable base for teaching humanities and social sciences to children from Foundation to Year 10, with practical examples across this range

  • Key questions in the chapter overview gives students a clear sense of what each chapter will cover and what to ask themselves while reading the chapter

  • Chapters open with Snapshots of primary and secondary teaching that introduce and illustrate the chapter topics in a real-world context

  • Case studies with questions illustrate how the theory and concepts covered in the chapter may apply to real-world situations for both primary and secondary teaching

  • Easily find relevant curriculum and standards content by navigating via the icons throughout, including for General capabilities, AC for ACARA quotes, Cross-curricular priorities, and APST for Australian Professional Standards for Graduate Teachers

  • Readers test their knowledge and consolidate learning through Activities at the end of every chapter

  • High-quality online educational resources in the 'Useful web-based teaching and learning resources' annotated lists at the end of every chapter support pre-service teachers in their learning

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