Roof Plumbing,
3rd Edition

Owen Smith

ISBN-13: 9780170439251
Copyright 2022 | Published
480 pages | List Price: USD $65.00

This text addresses the roofing stream in Certificate III in Plumbing and has been updated in this edition to meet SA HB39-2015 ‘Installation Code for Metal Roof and Wall Cladding’, AS/NZS 3500.3:2021 ‘Storm water Drainage’ standards and and AS 3959:2018 ‘Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas’. The Cengage Plumbing Skills series provides you with the knowledge, skills and awareness you need to be successful in the plumbing industry. The series is structured to build step-by-step knowledge, working from general/foundation subjects towards more specific and technical detail as you progress. It develops problem-solving skills, combining safe work practices with professional skills and a thorough understanding of how and why things are done in a certain way. References to AS/NZS 3500:2021, referred to in the Plumbing Code of Australia, prompts familiarity with the codes throughout your training.


Part A: Roof plumbing fundamentals
1 Overview of roof plumbing
2 Types of roof structure
3 Basic roof safety
4 Asbestos
5 Material types
6 Fasteners and sealants
7 Capillary action
8 Corrosion
9 Roof plumbing tools
Part B: Roofing practice
10 Fabricate and install roof drainage systems
11 Receive roofing materials
12 Select and install roof sheeting and wall cladding
13 Fabricate and install external flashings
14 Install roof sheets, wall cladding and complex flashings
15 Flash penetrations through roofs and walls
16 Install roof components
17 Install roof coverings to curved roof structures
18 Collect and store roof water

  • Owen Smith

    Owen Smith has been a plumbing and gas-fitting teacher, and manager in the TAFE sector since 2001. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Adult and Vocational Education, and was a foundation member of the National Plumbing and Services Training Advisory Group (NPSTAG).

  • NEW Learning Tasks at the end of every topic

  • Teaching online, blended, or HyFlex courses? New Mindtap for the Cengage Plumbing Series, with instructional videos to enhance understanding of challenging topics

  • Upgrade of content and references to complement the following industry reference documents: – SA HB39:2015 ‘Installation Code for Metal Roof and Wall Cladding’; – AS/NZS 3500.3:2021 ‘Stormwater Drainage’; – AS 3959:2018 ‘Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas’

  • Table of contents restructured to match the unit-of-competency-by-chapter style

  • Addresses core and elective units of competency from the latest CPC Training Package 'From experience’ boxes outline responsibilities of employees - including the skills they need to acquire and the real-life challenges they may face at work - to enhance their employability skills on the job site 'Green tip’ boxes highlight the applications of sustainable technology, materials, or products in the industry 'Green tip’ boxes highlight the applications of sustainable technology, materials, or products in the industry ‘Caution’ boxes highlight important advice on safe work practices for plumbers by identifying safety issues and providing urgent safety reminders MindTap - Premium online teaching and learning tools are available on the MindTap platform - the personalised eLearning solution.

  • MindTap is a flexible and easy-to-use platform that helps build student confidence and gives you a clear picture of their progress. We partner with you to ease the transition to digital – we’re with you every step of the way.

  • MindTap for the Plumbing Series is full of innovative resources to support critical thinking, and help your students move from memorisation to mastery! Includes: - Basic Plumbing Skills, 4e eBook - Water Supply, 4e eBook - Sanitary and Drainage, 3e eBook - Roof Plumbing, 3e eBook - Gas Services, 3e eBook - Additional revision quizzes and online research activities in each of the chapters - Instructional videos

  • MindTap is a premium purchasable eLearning tool. Contact your Cengage learning consultant to find out how MindTap can transform your course. Roof Plumbing Instructor's Resource Pack - Premium resources that provide additional instructor support are available for this text, including PowerPoints, Test Banks and artwork. These resources save you time and are a convenient way to add more depth to your classes, covering additional content and with an exclusive selection of engaging features aligned with the text. The Instructor Resource Pack is included for institutional adoptions of this text when certain conditions are met. The pack is available to purchase for course-level adoptions of the text or as a standalone resource. Contact your Cengage learning consultant for more information. Roof Plumbing Complimentary Resource Pack - This tailored collection of teaching tools includes a solutions manual, mapping to the latest qualification and the downloadable worksheets. Contact your Cengage learning consultant for more information.

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