The Business of Child Care,
5th Edition

Karen Kearns

ISBN-13: 9780170445528
Copyright 2022 | Published
448 pages | List Price: USD $71.25

The Business of Child Care addresses the managerial and operational aspects that you need to know in your role as manager in a Child Care setting. These include a wide range of responsibilities such as workplace health and safety, human resource management, strategic planning, financial and resource management, and sustainability. Importantly, it also includes your compliance with legislative requirements such as the regulations for early childhood education and care services. The text uses scenario-based learning so that you can understand the theory through examples from the workplace. It also includes links to the National Quality Standard and regulations assist you with understanding compliance requirements.


1. Leadership and emotional intelligence
2. Leading and managing business risk NEW
3. Leading and managing compliance
4. Managing operational plans and meeting community information needs
5. Leading and managing diversity and inclusion in the workplace
6. Leading and managing workplace wellness
7. Leading and managing recruitment
8. Leading and managing workplace relationships and performance
9. Leading and managing team effectiveness
10. Leading and managing for sustainability
11. Leading and managing learning, innovation and critical thinking NEW
12. Managing workplace communications

  • Karen Kearns

    Karen Kearns Grad. Dip. Ed (Spec. Ed.), B Ed. (ECE), M Ed (ECE) has worked in teaching, consultancy, advocacy and legislative compliance, and lecturing at the University of Newcastle. She is CEO of International Child Care College (ICCC), which delivers vocational education and training in Early Childhood Education and Care, face-to-face and online.

  • NEW chapter on innovation change and workplace learning with topic headings of: Building and sustaining an innovative work environment; Creative thinking and innovation; Leadership and innovation; Models of innovation; Creating a Culture of Innovation; Leading and managing organisational change; Developing a workplace learning environment

  • NEW chapter on Risk Management with topic headings of: Core Principles of Risk Management incorporating inherent risk; Risk appetite; Speed of onset; Residual risk; Risk tolerance; Risk context; Workplace culture; Risk Governance; Ethics and Risk; Accountability and Risk; The risk environment; Complaint procedures conflict theory; Developing and implementing policy

  • Expanded content on emotional intelligence and leadership in early childhood education and care

  • MindTap for the Diploma: a combined resource for online delivery. Includes media quizzes, polling activities, additional case studies and competency-based activity sheets

  • NEW intermediate mapping grids show how this text aligns with the Diploma in CHC13 and CHC21, and can be used with the mapping grids for Frameworks for Learning and Development 5e to show course coverage

  • New mapping grid maps down to competency unit elements and page numbers to show how the Diploma texts work together. The mapping enables smooth course delivery as well as instantly demonstrating compliance and how the texts follow the package requirements With emphasis now on Leadership in the Diploma, trainers will be able to access required information not only in the NEW chapters but throughout with more content on expanded exploration of self-assessment process and compliance; gathering and documenting evidence of compliance; understanding the NQF and managing breaches of compliance Scenario-based learning is used throughout the text, and in this new edition scenarios are followed by questioning so that students can express a response to workplace examples MindTap assists instructors delivering online or taking a blended approach to delivery MindTap - Premium online teaching and learning tools are available on the MindTap platform - the personalised eLearning solution. MindTap is a flexible and easy-to-use platform that helps build student confidence and gives you a clear picture of their progress. We partner with you to ease the transition to digital.

  • The MindTap Collection for the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care is full of innovative resources to support critical thinking, and help your students move from memorisation to mastery! Includes: - Kearns' Frameworks for Learning and Development, 5e eBook - Kearns' The Business of Child Care, 5e eBook - Students will be challenged with interactive activities integrated throughout the text - these include polling questions, activity sheets and media quizzes Instructor Website - Cengage is pleased to provide you with a selection of resources that will help you to prepare your lectures and assessments, when you choose this text for your course:

  • - Mapping grid for the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care - Solutions manual for activities in the text Instructor Resource Pack - Premium resources that provide additional instructor support are available for this text, including Power Points, Test Bank, Instructors handbook with additional cases and competency-based activity sheets. These resources save you time and are a convenient way to add more depth to your classes, covering additional content and with an exclusive selection of engaging features aligned with the text. Contact your Cengage learning consultant for more information.

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