Inclusion In Action,
6th Edition

Michael Arthur-Kelly, Phil Foreman, Iva Strnadová

ISBN-13: 9780170449342
Copyright 2022 | Published
656 pages | List Price: USD $98.50

Inclusion in Action outlines the philosophy of inclusive education. It focuses on the use of individualised planning to provide for the needs of every student in your class, and on using effective teaching practices to maximise learning outcomes, as well as creating positive and productive environments. This sixth edition is grounded in evidence-based practices, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and Response to Intervention. Expansion and focus on these educational frameworks and approaches is in line with the research evidence about what works for students with diverse abilities across different education settings.


PART A: Inclusive environments
1. Introducing inclusion in education
2. Legislation and policies supporting inclusive practices
3. Practising inclusion in diverse school communities

PART B: Inclusive teaching and learning practices
4. Curriculum, learning, teaching and assessment adjustments
5. Planning effective teaching strategies
6. Encouraging positive interactions
7. Transitions, self-determination and twenty-first century skills

PART C: Strategies to support inclusive teaching
8. Developing communication skills
9. Understanding and supporting literacy competence
10. Understanding and supporting numeracy competence

PART D: Inclusion across the school years
11. Inclusion in early childhood
12. Inclusion in primary schools
13. Secondary school inclusion

Appendix 1: Common abbreviations and shortened forms
Appendix 2: Fact sheets

  • Michael Arthur-Kelly

    Michael Arthur-Kelly is a Conjoint Professor in the School of Education at The University of Newcastle. He has experience as a classroom teacher in both regular and special schools, as a consultant and as a teacher educator. He is especially committed to the needs of students with multiple and severe disability.

  • Phil Foreman

    Phil Foreman is Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Newcastle. He was Chair of the NSW Institute of Teachers from 2007-2013, and was Professor and Dean of Education at the University of Newcastle from 2002–2008. In 2013 he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for services to tertiary education, particularly in the area of special education, and to people with a disability.

  • Iva Strnadová

    Iva Strnadová is Professor in Special Education and Disability Studies at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Her research aims to contribute to better understanding and the improvement of the life experiences of people with disabilities, especially those most marginalised, such as people with intellectual disabilities.

  • New Chapter 7, 'Transitions and self-determination', brings together coverage of the critical transitions between early childhood education, primary and secondary schooling and developing self-determination and self-advocacy in children. Written by Iva Strnadová and Michael Wehmeyer

  • Expanded coverage of important topics such as the language related to disability (Ch 1), high leverage practices (Ch 5), and whole school practices (Ch 6). There are also new sections on best practice models (Ch 11) and evidence-based practice (Ch 1 and 13)

  • NEW MindTapNew 'Evidence-based practice' boxes contain practical examples, teaching tips, and other materials that illustrate practical approaches to teaching and that assist in good inclusive practice

  • New MindTap offering for blended learning, incorporating readings with local classroom videos, fact sheets, flashcards and revision quizzes

  • New authors Iva Strnadová, Umesh Sharma, Carl Leonard and Michael Wehmeyer join this strong author team to provide an expanded range of teaching expertise

  • The 'A teacher reflects' feature introduces students to real teachers and helps them gain insights into how inclusive practices inform day-to-day teaching

  • 'Reflect on this' reminders prompt the reader to critically analyse important concepts and reflect on their own experiences and beliefs about the processes of learning and teaching

  • Narratives from parents, students, teachers and other professionals link the theory to real-life situations

  • Guided example boxes help students contextualise theory by providing immediate examples alongside learning concepts

  • Fact sheet icons in the margins indicate where additional background information is available on common forms of diversity

  • Learning objectives at the start of each chapter identify the key concepts the reader will engage with

  • ACARA (AC) icons indicate material from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, ACARA

  • At the end of each chapter are several tools to help students to review, practise and extend their knowledge of the key learning objectives. These include the summary; discussion questions; individual and group activities; useful weblinks and more

  • A mapping grid shows how the content of the chapters relates to the Australian Professional Standards for Graduate Teachers (APST)

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  • Instructor Website - Your #1 resource for your course. This tailored collection of teaching tools includes downloadable PowerPoint lecture slides, Instructor's Guide, and Test Bank with customisable questions for quizzes and assessments. New to this edition is the MindTap platform for online teaching and learning. The Instructor's Guide is packed with content that helps you set up and administer your class: Learning objectives, Chapter key points, additional video activities, suggested responses and more Log in or request an account to access instructor resources at for Australia or for New Zealand.

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