Communications Toolkit,
5th Edition

Jane Grellier, Veronika Goerke, Katie Fielding

ISBN-13: 9780170452052
Copyright 2022 | Published
384 pages | List Price: USD $55.25

The Communications Toolkit contains practical advice, tips and strategies to enable you to develop the communication skills you need to be successful in your studies. This resource helps you make a successful transition to tertiary studies, develop effective research skills for your discipline, approach academic writing with confidence, refine your writing skills and enhance your face-to-face communication experience. The Communications Toolkit provides information on academic integrity and referencing, taking into account the changing nature of university communication including recent text-types such as blogs, twitter, digital articles, online research questionnaires, presentation formats and Turn-it-in. Additional examples of online students’ communication work and additional coverage of the communication challenges students face when going to university via an online channel are included.


Part 1 Transitioning to tertiary studies
1. Making the transition
2. Online learning

Part 2 Research skills
3. Identifying and evaluating appropriate resources
4. Reading scholarly texts, both written and recorded 
5. Referencing and academic integrity

Part 3 Academic writing
6. Approaches to writing
7. Reflective writing
8. Report writing
9. Academic essay writing
10. Some other tertiary genres

Part 4 Refining your writing
11. Two principles of good academic writing
12. Grammar, punctuation and spelling

Part 5 Face-to-face communication
13. Interpersonal skills
14. Intercultural communication
15. Teamwork
16. Presentations
17. How far you’ve come!

  • Jane Grellier

    Jane Grellier has coordinated the Communication Skills program in the Faculty of Media, Society and Culture at Curtin University since 2000. She began working life as a secondary English teacher, and then worked as a curriculum developer and educational writer in the fields of English and literacy. The Communication Skills program Jane coordinates is offered to 1600 students – mainly first-year students – in three divisions of the university in order to develop the skills they will need for success at university: skills in information literacy, academic writing, oral presentations and teamwork. Jane's research interests include the teaching of writing and discipline-specific literacies.

  • Veronika Goerke

    Veronica Goerke (PhD) is a senior lecturer at Curtin University who lives with her husband near her children and their families on Whadjuk Noongar Country in Boorloo (Perth, Western Australia). Her ancestors all come from the Valtellina in northern Italy and her first language was a dialect from that region. Like Jane and Katie, Veronica first worked as a secondary school teacher, before moving into universities, where she taught and coordinated communication skills, as well as holding leadership roles in academic development and curriculum design. She has worked with Australian First Nation colleagues to cocreate and deliver reconciliation-related projects including intercultural staff training and on-country subjects for students. She has completed research into the first-year experience, communication skills and students’ use of tablets for learning. However, her key research focus is reconciliation in Australian universities. She believes we are all continually learning how to better communicate with each other, so we can be more inclusive and respectful and thus enact real reconciliation and peace across the world.

  • Katie Fielding

    After graduating from post-graduate Education studies at the University of Western Australia in 2004, Katie Fielding has been involved in education since 2005. Beginning her career as a secondary English classroom teacher, she also served as a Head of House and Head of Learning Area (English) during her time at Western Australian secondary schools. During this time, Katie completed a Master of Education at the University of Western Australia, focusing her final dissertation on the use of Information Communication Technologies in the English learning area. Katie later expanded her involvement in education by working on various projects for the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, particularly in the area of senior and middle years English curriculum support materials and standards setting. She has been involved in WACE examinations for both English and Literature for many years, notably having the role of Chief Marker for Literature since 2017. Katie has spent the last seven years teaching Communications and Education units at Curtin University in Western Australia, both on-campus as well as online, and she also supervises practicum students during their placements for the University of Western Australia.

  • NEW MindTap provides an alternative way of viewing the content and engaging with online learning; its key differentiator is that it offers alternative approaches to using the core material with potential for academics to add discipline-specific resources and activities, with assessment rubrics

  • NEW author Katie Fielding joins this strong author team to provide an expanded range of expertise

  • NEW Chapter 2, 'Online learning' considers online learning and its impact on communication as well as explaining to students what they can expect from online learning

  • NEW Chapter 3, Identifying and evaluating appropriate resources. This is a combination of the previous edition’s chapter 3, Identifying appropriate resources, and Chapter 4, Evaluating your resources

  • NEW Chapter 4, 'Reading scholarly texts', both written and recorded covering note taking skills from the old Chapter 2, with a stronger focus on the scholarly processes

  • Expanded and updated coverage of important topics such as online learning and communication, academic integrity (Ch 5), different digital texts types such as blogs, wikis, infographics and social media (Ch 10), links for online language labs and grammar exercises (Ch 12), and inclusive language (Ch 14)

  • Real student examples of communication highlight best practice and especially the annotated examples that provide guidance on areas to improve so that students can compare their own communication efforts

  • Recognise common mistakes and gain valuable guidance from the 'How to spot' and 'How to fix' tables

  • 'Hint' boxes provide simple tips and suggestions to improve student communication skills

  • Students use the activities throughout the text to practise and develop their communication skills as individuals and in group situations

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