Writing Guidelines for Business Students,
6th Edition

Lisa Emerson

ISBN-13: 9780170454377
Copyright 2022 | Published
160 pages | List Price: USD $44.25

Emerson, Writing Guidelines for Business Students is a reader-friendly text for all business students which provides guidance on various assignments you will be exposed to during your studies, including reports, case studies, reviews and online articles. It is the only guide available that focuses specifically on skills for business students, to help you master the expectations of writing assessments at university. The early chapters focus on research and writing, and the latter chapters and appendices cover more specialised aspects of assignments, which allows the resource to be used as a reference tool throughout your business degree.


1. Introduction
2. On being a business student
3. Finding information
4. Note taking
5. Thinking about assessment and group work
6. The writing process
7. Report to a client
8. Essays
9. Writing for the web
10. Literature reviews
11. Research proposals
12. Research reports
13. Referencing

A. Using secondary material
B. Paragraphing, punctuation and pretentiousness – elements of style
C. Presenting data
D. Exam skills

  • Lisa Emerson

    Lisa Emerson is the Director of Teaching and Learning at Massey University. Lisa teaches into varied areas including science writing and science communication, academic writing, and writing centre theory and practice. She has taught academic writing in all disciplines (business, education, social sciences, science and technology) as well as creative writing and life writing. As well as this, Lisa has interests in New Zealand writing programs, and learning advising in New Zealand.

  • New worksheets available through the instructor companion website

  • New Chapter 5: How to think about assessment

  • Updated to reflect the 7th edition of the APA Style Guide

  • The guide focuses specifically on skills for business students and provides practical advice for assignments business students are exposed to during their studies, including reports, case studies, reviews and online articles

  • The chapters transition from basic research and writing to specialised aspects of business writing which means the resource acts as a guide for first-year students and can be used as a reference for the remainder of their studies

  • Study Tips provide practical tips for students to consider when writing or studying

  • 'Check your understanding' activities develop student understanding of the core concepts or theories

  • Further reading lists encourage students to extend their learning

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