Communicating as Professionals,
4th Edition

Raymond Archee, Myra Gurney

ISBN-13: 9780170465632
Copyright 2024 | Published
448 pages | List Price: USD $71.50

Archee’s Communicating as Professionals explains key communication concepts and effective strategies that you will use to communicate in your professional life, no matter what career you ultimately choose. It covers modern communication theory as well as essential practical skills such as active listening, verbal and non-verbal communication and negotiation.


PART ONE – Perspectives on professional communication
1. Communication theory and professional practice
2. Language and communication practice
3. Non-verbal communication
4. Intercultural communication
5. Mediated communication
6. Visual communication
7. Professional communication ethics

PART TWO – Communication in organisations
8. Concepts and applications in interpersonal communication
9. Communicating in teams to achieve professional goals: dynamics and negotiation
10. Oral presentations, verbal reports and interviews

PART THREE – Writing skills in professional life
11. Writing professionally: process and style
12. Writing for the workplace: content and genre
13. Writing for the workplace: research and reports

  • Raymond Archee

    Ray Archee is an academic in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at Western Sydney University and has taught professional writing, research methods and communication subjects for over 20 years. Ray has been a schoolteacher and has consulted to business in technology-related areas. He has a PhD (Charles Sturt University) in computer-mediated communication, an MA in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Adult Education. His current research interests include mediated communication, intercultural communication and innovative approaches to eLearning. Ray was one of the original co-authors of Communicating! Theory and Practice (1997), and the first and second editions of Communicating as Professionals.

  • Myra Gurney

    Myra Gurney has taught in the tertiary education sector for over 20 years and is currently a lecturer in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at Western Sydney University. She teaches units in professional communication theory and practice, professional and academic writing skills and communication research. She has a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Australian History, and a Diploma in Education from the University of Sydney, an MA in Communication and Cultural Studies from WSU and a Diploma in Book Editing and Publishing from Macleay College. Myra and Ray have collaborated for several years on a variety of grants, courses and projects related to eLearning and have won awards for their course and curriculum design, including a 2011 Australian Learning and Teaching Council citation for outstanding contribution to student learning.

  • Fully updated with the latest key issues impacting communication for professionals including a NEW Chapter 7, 'Professional communication ethics', as well as coverage of topics such as working from home (WFH), video conferencing and new social media platforms

  • Improved learning design for students, with NEW chapter features including learning objectives, reflection questions, and key terms with margin definitions.

  • Stronger approach to visual communication with improved use of diagrams throughout, as well as NEW Chapter 6, 'Visual communication', as this is a topic close to the authors’ hearts.

  • NEW resources for students on the MindTap eLearning platform including interactive reflection questions, case studies and communication videos.

  • NEW Learning objectives aligned to the key topics within the chapter guide students to what they should be able to do after reading the material in the chapter.

  • NEW Reflection questions encourage students to consider their own experience and their discipline specific requirements in relation to communication.

  • Opening scenarios introduce and illustrate the chapter topics in a real-world context to support student understanding

  • Case studies help students conceptualise how theory relates to real life and how they can apply their knowledge in professional situations. Comments on case studies from the authors at the end of the text provide further information and knowledge for a deeper understanding of the background and context of the case studies

  • 'Exhibits' provide a visual representation of concepts and theoretical processes

  • Important key terms to improve students' professional vocabulary are marked in bold in the text and have NEW margin definitions

  • 'Summing up' brings together the important concepts covered in the chapter and applies the theory learned. At the end of each chapter, students will find several tools to help review, practise and extend their knowledge of the key learning objectives. These include discussion questions and group activities, websites and references

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  • Instructor website - Your #1 resource for your course. This tailored collection of teaching tools includes downloadable PowerPoint lecture slides, Instructor's Manual, communication example downloads, Test Bank and artwork. New to this edition are the author videos. The Instructor's Manual is packed with content that helps you set up and administer your class: chapter outlines, solutions to case studies and discussion questions, and more. Log in or request an account to access instructor resources at for Australia or for New Zealand

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