Plumbing 101,
7th Edition

PHCC Educational Foundation

ISBN-13: 9780357026328
Copyright 2025 | Published
384 pages | List Price: USD $121.95

PHCC/Moore's PLUMBING 101, 7e, provides straightforward explanations for real-world plumbing scenarios. This is the first title in a series of four plumbing apprentice training books developed in partnership with the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors (PHCC) Educational Foundation. The series addresses critical plumbing concepts, introducing topics in the first book and providing more detail in subsequent books. The text mimics common learning experiences of apprentices and professionals who gain more field experience with more in-depth knowledge. The book covers residential and commercial plumbing, focusing on basic plumbing principles and codes. This 7e includes expanded coverage of topics from daily work to career path options.


1. Plumbing History, Codes, and Principles.
2. Tools of the Plumbing Trade.
3. First Aid and Safety.
4. Basic Math for Plumbing.
5. Water Supply, Water Sources, Waste Disposal, and Sewage Disposal.
6. Mechanical Properties and Protection of Building Materials and Structures.
7. Piping Materials Used in Plumbing Work.
8. Joining Methods for DWV and Pressure Piping.
9. Squares, Square Roots, and Basic Geometry.
10. Plumbing Fixtures.
11. Faucets and Related Devices.
12. Valves.
13. Water Heaters.
14. Building Plans, Drawings, and Scale Rulers.
15. Sketching.

  • PHCC Educational Foundation

    The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) Educational Foundation was founded in 1987 by a partnership of contractors, manufacturers and wholesalers. Its mission is to provide workforce development, management education and technical training to advance the growth and career success of those employed in the plumbing and HVACR industry.

  • The book contains expanded coverage of critical topics in a plumber's everyday work and career, from plumbing rough-in practices to career path options.

  • The book contains all-new coverage of subjects, including discussion of electric water heaters and updated code references.

  • Detailed illustrations clarify key concepts and facilitate the mastery of critical information.

  • With its emphasis on real-world applications, sometimes complex theory and codes become approachable and easy to understand.

  • Simple, straightforward explanations that use industry terminology familiarize students with important, up-to-date language that is used regularly in the field.

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