Looking Out, Looking In,
16th Edition

Ronald B. Adler, Russell F. Proctor II

ISBN-13: 9780357033944
Copyright 2023 | Published
480 pages | List Price: USD $250.95

Learn how to master and apply strong communication principles in both your personal relationships and on the job with Adler/Proctor/Manning's popular LOOKING OUT, LOOKING IN, 16E. Written with you in mind, this market-leading book connects today's latest research and theories to your everyday life. This is a textbook you'll actually enjoy reading with current, captivating magazine-style readings and the latest pop culture references -- from recent Marvel movies to viral stars rising through TikTok. This edition continues to focus on the impact of social media and technology on relationships, whether it's "Netflix and chill" or families tethered to cell phones during dinner. You explore the lives of diverse people as you gain a wide sense of understanding about relationships. Compelling photos and cartoons, thought-provoking prompts and hands-on activities bring principles to life. MindTap digital resources are also available to reinforce learning.


1. A First Look at Interpersonal Communication.
2. Interpersonal Communication and Social Media.
3. Communication and Identity: Creating and Presenting the Self.
4. Perception: What You See Is What You Get.
5. Emotions: Feeling, Thinking, and Communicating.
6. Language: Words and Worlds of Relating
7. Nonverbal Communication: Messages Beyond Words.
8. Listening: More Than Meets the Ear.
9. Communication and Relational Dynamics.
10. Communication in Close Relationships.
11. Improving Communication Climates.
12. Managing Interpersonal Conflicts.

  • Ronald B. Adler

    Ron Adler is professor emeritus at Santa Barbara City College, where he developed programs in interpersonal communication, business and professional communication and communication theories. He has co-authored and edited several textbooks that address communication contexts and topics including interpersonal communication, small group communication, public speaking, assertiveness and social skills. In addition to writing and teaching, Professor Adler works with professional and business people to improve their communication on the job.

  • Russell F. Proctor II

    Russell F. Proctor II is a professor at Northern Kentucky University, where he has taught since 1991. He primarily teaches courses in interpersonal communication, interviewing and communication pedagogy. In 1997 he won the university's Outstanding Professor Award. Professor Proctor is the author of numerous articles and textbooks focusing on interpersonal communication and communication education, with a particular interest in the use of feature films as instructional resources.

  • UPDATED, BROADER COMPUTER-MEDIATED COMMUNICATION EXAMPLES FOCUS ON RELATIONSHIPS AND SOCIAL MEDIA. Already recognized as one of today's most thorough presentations of technology in interpersonal communication, this edition now offers a wider discussion of computer-mediated communication interaction. An updated Chapter 2 exclusively focuses on social media and relationships. From "Netflix and chill" to examining the effects of families tethered to cell phones during dinner, expanded coverage examines communication technology in new ways.

  • DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIVITY APPEAR AT THE CORE OF ALL CONTENT. The authors take special care to ensure today's wide variety of readers are represented in all updated and existing content. This newest edition centers around diversity and inclusion, from research covered in the text and the latest examples and current images to all activities and supplements.

  • UPDATES INCORPORATE REFERENCES AND EXAMPLES DRAWN FROM POPULAR CULTURE. From the latest Marvel movies and series to the viral stars rising through TikTok, updated content features exciting popular culture examples that keep students engaged. The authors skillfully place theories and concepts into discussions with scenarios, situations and personalities already familiar and appealing to today's readers.

  • THE LATEST RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS BREAKTHROUGHS FROM PIONEERS IN THE FIELD. Updates throughout this edition present the latest research examples from top interpersonal communication researchers. The concepts and theories that have made this book a favorite still appear, but are now backed by timely research that places them into context. Content corresponds with students' lifestyles in today's expandingly diverse, technology-laden world.

  • NEW AND UPDATED ACTIVITIES BRING NEW ENERGY TO LEARNING. This edition continues to engage your students with new, captivating activities -- most of which are even perfect for distance learning. Many of these new activities even encourage students to consider how interpersonal communication relates to their careers. This solidifies this edition's leading approach in relating the principles students are learning to today's workplace.

  • FRESH, STUDENT-FOCUSED APPROACH AND THE LATEST CONTENT ENCOURAGE INTERACTION. The authors take pride in creating a text your students love. This edition retains all of the classic elements that make it a joy for you and your students alike with updates that refresh content for the current moment. From engaging, magazine-like readings to fun activities to the latest pop culture considerations, this newest edition continues to be that rare textbook that students keep after the course ends because they know it contains a lifetime of valuable information.

  • AFFORDABLE PRICING KEEPS STUDENT BUDGETS IN MIND. The authors continue to work to create a best-selling edition that remains affordable. This focus on reasonable pricing keeps this edition accessible for students, especially at a time when budgets are tight and the costs of higher education are rising.

  • DETAILED COVERAGE EXAMINES SOCIAL MEDIA AND MEDIATED COMMUNICATION. Updated coverage, examples and images of communication technology emphasize how technology impacts relationships and culture. Students examine online impression management (Ch. 3); social media's fluence on emotion perception and expression (Ch. 5); nonverbal communication in mediated messages (Ch. 6); giving and receiving support online (Ch. 8), how social media affects close relationships (Ch. 9); and social media's impact on communication in families, friendships and romantic relationships (Ch. 10).

  • NEW MAGAZINE-STYLE READINGS APPEAL TO TODAY'S STUDENTS. In a world where BuzzFeed lists and pithy memes are students' sources for information about interpersonal relationships, this edition provides an inviting contrast with captivating, enlightening short readings that help students consider how topics relate to their own lives. From stories of being catfished to inspiring examples of personal triumph, the latest set of readings for this edition create reading moments where students do not want to put the book down.

  • FOCUS ON CAREER CONNECTIONS EMPHASIZES THE IMPORTANCE OF PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION. This edition is full of professional communication insights that will help guide students to success. The authors also retain the book’s unique focus on personal insights and proven methods for connecting to others on both a professional and personal level.

  • SAVVY USE OF POPULAR CULTURE ENCOURAGES STUDENTS TO READ AND RETAIN CONTENT. Captioned photos in every chapter illustrate how principles from the text's discussion operate in everyday life. Numerous, current pop culture examples featured throughout this edition connect to what students are watching, listening to, and talking about. This approach makes it natural for students to engage with the material in meaningful and learning-filled ways.

  • MEANINGFUL CONTENT DEMONSTRATES THE REAL-WORLD IMPACT OF WHAT STUDENTS ARE LEARNING. The authors clearly highlight the connection between scholarship and everyday life. This popular, user-friendly edition not only delivers a wealth of practical information and features, but also show readers how the concepts and skills they learn help them improve important personal and professional relationships.

  • ENGAGING DESIGN CAPTURES AND KEEPS READERS' ATTENTION. A captivating assortment of photographs, cartoons and magazine-style readings reinforce concepts and provide quick starting points for lively classroom discussions. This reader-driven approach immediately demonstrates how students can apply the communication principles described in the chapter both in their personal lives and at work.

  • PROVEN LEARNING FEATURES HELP STUDENTS IMPROVE RETENTION AND STUDY SKILLS. In order to maximize student study time and course success, every chapter includes a wealth of proven learning aids. Chapter outlines, learning objectives, key terms and online MindTap activities and resources help students focus their studies and gauge their progress.

  • MEANINGFUL ACTIVITIES REINFORCE THE PRACTICAL COMMUNICATION PRINCIPLES IN EACH CHAPTER. Hands-on activities help you illustrate how key course concepts relate to every student's life and experiences. You can use practical activities, such as Pause and Reflect and Skill Builder exercises, in class or can assign these activities as homework.

  • MINDTAP DIGITAL RESOURCES HELP YOU TRANSFORM STUDENTS INTO ENGAGED, CRITICAL THINKERS. MindTap digital learning solution uses dynamic assignments and applications that you can personalize as well as real-time course analytics and an accessible reader. These digital tools and activities help you offer a cutting-edge approach to learning, transforming apathy into engagement and memorizers into higher-level thinkers.

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