Biology Today and Tomorrow With Physiology,
6th Edition

Cecie Starr, Christine Evers, Lisa Starr

ISBN-13: 9780357127544
Copyright 2021 | Published
640 pages | List Price: USD $167.95

Succeed in your biology course with this updated Sixth Edition of BIOLOGY TODAY AND TOMORROW WITH PHYSIOLOGY. Packed with real-world applications, the book offers chunked content in a clear, straightforward writing style, beautiful art and a variety of in-text learning tools. The accompanying MindTap for Biology includes multimedia instruction, assessments, videos, personalized study tools and more. With this easy-to-read, engaging text, you'll learn about biology from the perspective of issues relevant to your daily life.


1. Invitation to Biology.
2. Molecules of Life.
3. Cell Structure.
4. Energy and Metabolism.
5. Photosynthesis.
6. Releasing Chemical Energy.
7. DNA Structure and Function.
8. Gene Expression and Control.
9. How Cells Reproduce.
10. Patterns of Inheritance.
11. Biotechnology.
12. Evidence of Evolution.
13. Processes of Evolution.
14. Prokaryotes, Protists, and Viruses.
15. Plants and Fungi.
16. Animal Evolution.
17. Population Ecology.
18. Communities and Ecosystems.
19. The Biosphere and Human Effects.
20. Animal Tissues and Organs.
21. How Animals Move.
22. Circulation and Respiration.
23. Immunity.
24. Digestion and Excretion.
25. Neural Control and the Senses.
26. Endocrine Control.
27. Reproduction and Development.
28. Plant Form and Function.
29. Plant Reproduction and Development.

  • Cecie Starr

    For decades, Cecie Starr has been known as one of the best-selling biology textbook authors. Her texts, appreciated for their clarity in both the written word and the visual representation of biological concepts, include multiple editions of BIOLOGY: THE UNITY AND DIVERSITY OF LIFE, BIOLOGY: CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS, and BIOLOGY TODAY AND TOMORROW. Her original dream was to become an architect. Instead of building houses, she now builds, with care and attention to detail, texts based on this philosophy: "I invite students into a chapter through an intriguing story. Once inside, they get the great windows that biologists construct on the world of life. Biology is not just another house. It is a conceptual mansion. I hope to do it justice."

  • Christine Evers

    Christine Evers has been providing tools for biology education for more than 20 years. Before becoming a textbook author, she provided content for Genentech’s Access Excellence website and developed digital course materials for a variety of publishers. She received her undergraduate education at SUNY Stony Brook and did graduate work at Yale University.

  • Lisa Starr

    Lisa Starr has been creating incredible art for the Starr biology textbooks since 1997 and began authoring the books in 2004. She has a passion for all things science, and particularly enjoys parsing complex scientific concepts into written and visual content that engages nonscientists. She has an education in chemistry and biochemistry and an extensive background in molecular biology-based research in both academic and industrial settings.

  • MindTap for the Sixth Edition of BIOLOGY TODAY AND TOMORROW: Now featuring an improved learning path and assessments designed to maximize learning, MindTap for this edition offers students and instructors greater flexibility with personalized remediation, mobile-friendly activities and powerful reporting tools.

  • Chunked Content: To decrease student cognitive load and facilitate chapter review, concepts have been titled in the core narrative of each section. Activities in the MindTap Learning Path are similarly chunked into 5-15 minute concept-based activities to enable students to focus.

  • Concept Connections: This new chapter-opening feature helps students make conceptual connections between content across chapters.

  • Photosynthesis: For this edition, expanded material on photosynthesis and respiration has been separated into two chapters.

  • Setting the Stage: Chapter-opening application sections include open-ended questions that can be used as prompts for classroom discussions for active learning. Where relevant, the application narrative is continued in section content and end-of-chapter critical-thinking questions.

  • Emphasis on Relevance: Hundreds of real-world applications, including social issues arising from new research, help students relate biology to their own lives.

  • Highly Visual Learning: Stunning art with extended callouts enhance visual learning of complex mechanisms in the new chapter-based Closer Look feature. The feature includes one or more Figure It Out questions designed to engage students in an active learning process; an upside-down answer allows a quick check of understanding.

  • Accessible for Introductory Students: The authors' clear, straightforward writing style makes the material accessible without glossing over the science—even with the most formidable topics.

  • Powered by MindTap: Available with MindTap for Biology, the platform that gives instructors complete control of their course and powers students from memorization to mastery.

  • Invitation to Biology: Much-expanded material in a new section, “The Nature of Science,” includes detailed coverage of pseudoscience and how it differs from science.

  • Section-ending "Take-Home Message" features distill key concepts.

  • A boldface, on-page glossary, ideal as a quick study aid, includes the key terms introduced on each spread to increase reading comprehension and help students master the language of Biology.

  • A "Digging into Data" exercise featured in a relevant section of each chapter sharpens analytical skills by asking students to interpret scientific data adapted from a published study.

  • "Figure It Out" questions embedded in figure captions allow students to check their understanding.

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