Foundations of Investments,
1st Edition

Troy Adair, R. Nofsinger

ISBN-13: 9780357130421
Copyright 2024 | Published
825 pages | List Price: USD $312.95

Now you can master investments by both learning and doing with Adair/Nofsinger's unique FOUNDATIONS OF INVESTMENTS. From theory to practice to implementation, the authors use clear descriptions, real examples, interactive learning features and MindTap and Excel digital resources to strengthen your understanding and skills to confidently implement investment ideas. You learn trusted places on the internet to obtain information and data as you work with data from companies such as Tesla, Apple and Walmart. You then use that data in spreadsheets to create investment solutions that lead to good decision making. Even if you have limited Excel experience, Excel Expert example boxes guide you through how to analyze investment spreadsheets. Applications from today's headlines highlight examples such as Bitcoin and GameStop. With this edition, you develop your own personal investment strategies to use in your personal portfolio or in your professional job.


PART I: The Investments Environment.
1. Introduction to Investments.
2. Types and Attributes of Financial Instruments.
3. Securities Markets and Transactions.
4. Mutual Funds and Other Investment Companies.
PART II: Portfolio Theory.
5. Measuring Return and Risk.
6. Portfolios and Diversification.
7. Risk-Free and Risky Asset Allocation and the CAPM.
8. Asset Pricing Models and Efficient Markets.
9. Portfolio Performance Analytics.
PART III: Investing in Stock.
10. The Macroeconomic Environment for Investment Decisions.
11. Valuing Common Stock.
12. Valuing Preferred Stock.
PART IV: Investing in Debt.
13. Valuing Corporate Bonds.
14. Valuing Government Securities.
PART V: Investing in Derivative Securities.
15. An Introduction to Futures Contracts and Options.
16. Derivative Valuation and Strategies.
PART VI - Special Topics.
17. Technical Analysis.

  • Troy Adair

    Dr. Troy Adair is a teaching professor in the Decision and Technology Analytics Department in the College of Business at Lehigh University, where he also co-directs the computer science and business degree program as well as the fintech minor. Dr. Adair received his B.S. in computers/information science from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, his M.B.A. from the University of North Dakota and his Ph.D. in business from Indiana University. Prior to joining Lehigh University, Dr. Adair held many influential positions in industry. He managed research computing infrastructure and support services for Harvard Business School. He served as a senior business intelligence consultant in the financial services industry to HSBC, JP Morgan Chase and the United Services Automobile Association (USAA). In addition, he served as the banking/risk management professor for the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, where he also oversaw a variety of academic functions as the Associate Provost/Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness at Berkeley College. Dr. Adair is a vocal advocate for the use of technology to enhance business processes. He has authored numerous textbooks leveraging technology in the business decision-making processes, including FINANCE: APPLICATIONS & THEORY, CORPORATE FINANCE DEMYSTIFIED and INTRODUCTION TO R FOR BUSINESS.

  • R. Nofsinger

    Dr. John Nofsinger is dean and the William H. Seward Endowed Chair in International Finance at the College of Business & Public Policy, University of Alaska Anchorage. Dr. Nofsinger has authored or co-authored 16 finance trade books, textbooks and scholarly books that have been translated into 11 languages. Two books, in particular, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF INVESTING and THE BIOLOGY OF INVESTING, are extremely popular with investment advisors. Dr. Nofsinger is a prolific scholar who has written 74 articles in multiple disciplines that have been published in a variety of prestigious scholarly journals or practitioner journals. He is most widely known for his work in investments, behavioral finance and socially responsible investing.

  • QUESTIONS AND PROBLEMS ADDRESS BOTH CONCEPTS AND COMPUTATION SKILLS. Questions ensure students master key terminology and conceptual understanding, while problems provide computational practice applying the methods described in the chapter. Many problems include an Excel data file that is referenced in the problem.

  • OBJECTIVE-BASED LEARNING DIRECTS STUDENT ATTENTION TO KEY POINTS. Clear and concise learning objectives start each chapter and are closely tied to the text narrative, questions and problems. This edition's eBook in MindTap includes links to subheads for each objective. This tool makes it easy to navigate to specific parts of the chapter for targeted comprehension.

  • KEY EQUATIONS VISUALLY STAND OUT FROM THE REST OF THE TEXT TO DRAW STUDENT ATTENTION TO THEIR IMPORTANCE. Key equations within each chapter are both screened and numbered to highlight their importance as students learn the underlying theory. All equations are summarized at the end of each chapter for students to conveniently use as they study and complete end-of-chapter problems.

  • EXCEL EXPERT BOXES HIGHLIGHT EXAMPLES FROM THE TEXT. Most examples in this edition appear within Excel Expert boxes. Example solutions are presented through the spreadsheets so students can shift from theory to practice. Students build important problem-solving skills as they implement the suggested functions and formulas within Excel.

  • DATA FROM ACTUAL FAMILIAR COMPANIES ADDS INTEREST AND EMPHASIZES THE RELEVANCE OF SKILLS. Throughout this edition, students work with real data from companies such as Tesla, AMD, JP Morgan, Apple and Walmart. Students see firsthand how the data describes and demonstrates actual performance from many of today’s leading companies.

  • WORLD OF INVESTING APPLICATIONS EXPLORE TIMELY AND POPULAR TOPICS. These applications in each chapter provide students with popular topics and examples of today's investing world, drawn straight from the most recent headlines. Examples engage students with issues such as Bitcoin volatility, socially responsible investing (SRI) and GameStop (GME) Short Squeeze.

  • CASE STUDIES USE REAL DATA AND ENCOURAGE DEEPER ANALYSIS. This edition's case studies ask students to work with actual data from companies such as Pfizer (PFE). In addition to solving for multiple requirements, case studies ask students to justify their conclusions after performing a more in-depth investment analysis.

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