Spanish Translated Milady Standard Foundations with Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals,
12th Edition


ISBN-13: 9780357265420
Copyright 2020 | Published
848 pages | List Price: USD $212.95

Milady Standard Foundations with Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals, 12th edition, addresses everything a student must learn to become an esthetician. Packaged together for a complete curriculum, Milady Standard Foundations focuses on introductory topics including science basics, infection control and the importance of soft/business skills while Milady Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals, 12th Edition focuses on the esthetics-specific content essential to becoming a licensed professional. Available in digital and print forms, this product provides the basics of an esthetics curriculum for every state.


Standard Foundations.
1. Life Skills.
2. Professional Image.
3. Communicating for Success.
4. The Healthy Professional.
5. Infection Control.
6. Chemistry and Chemical Safety.
7. Electricity and Electrical Safety.
8. Career Planning.
9. On the Job.
10. The Beauty Business.

Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals.
1.Career Opportunities & History of Esthetics.
2. General Anatomy and Physiology.
3. Physiology and Histology of the Skin.
4. Disorders and Diseases of the Skin.
5. Skin Analysis.
6. Skin Care Products: Chemistry, Ingredients, and Selection.
7. The Treatment Room.
8. Facial Treatments.
9. Facial Massage.
10. Facial Devices and Technology.
11. Hair Removal.
12. Makeup Essentials.
13. Advanced Topics and Treatments.

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  • New edition features a 2-book format – Standard Foundations and Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals, 12th edition - packaged together for a complete curriculum. The revision has overall better connections to learning outcomes centered on students learning needs. Standard Foundations enhancements include additional content on soft and business skills, chemical/electricity safety and increased focus on transmission, prevention and procedures for infection control. Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals, 12th edition, features updated imagery and new page designs to provide greater detail in illustrations and photos, making sections easier to read.

  • New MindTap includes all content from both texts and will feature bite-size multimedia making concepts engaging and easier to understand.

  • Hundreds of updated color photos and illustrations showcase step-by-step esthetics procedures and highlight important topics.

  • MindTap will offer a full and updated library of esthetics- specific procedures with bite-sized multimedia to keep the learner engaged.

  • New Instructor Editions will provide instructor-specific side notes such as class activity suggestions, slide references, answers to check-in questions and more ideas to engage students in the classroom and aid instructors with general classroom management.

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