Health Politics and Policy,
6th Edition

James A. Morone, Dan Ehlke

ISBN-13: 9780357359150
Copyright 2025 | Published
464 pages | List Price: USD $187.95

Morone/Ehlke's HEALTH POLITICS AND POLICY, 6e, walks you through the inner workings of health care policy-making, from the legislative process to socioeconomic impacts, and reveals both modern and historical perspectives in exciting detail. A collection of writings by some of today's sharpest political minds and policy-makers, the book explores factors that shape the U.S. health care system and policy, such as values, government and private players and compares them to other countries for international context. Discover how systemic racism distorts health outcomes across the country, learn about the crucial role nurses and other health professionals play in our health care system and notice how they meet the needs of our nation’s veterans. This 6e seeks to cover not only the workings of our health care system, but the numerous broader factors that impact individual and community well-being.


Preface (James Morone).
Introduction: Health Politics and Policy (James Morone).
1. Values in Health Policy: Understanding Fairness and Efficiency (Deborah Stone).
2. Markets and Politics (Tom Rice).
3. Structural Racism (Ruqaiijah Yearby, Brietta Clark, Jose Figueroa).
4. Immigrant Health Eyewitness (Angela Castrillo-Vilches).
5. Congress (Mark Peterson) (James Morone and David Blumenthal).
6. The Presidency (James Morone).
7. The Courts (Marc Rodwin).
8. The Health Care Bureaucracy (Simon Haeder and Susan Yackee).
9. Federalism (Andrew Kelly, Philip Rocco, Adrianna McIntyre).
10. The Delegated Welfare State (Kimberly Morgan and Andrea Campbell).
11. Medicare (Jon Oberlander) (Daniel Ehlke).
12. Medicaid (Colleen Grogan).
13. The Affordable Care Act (Larry Jacobs).
14. Private Equity in Health Care (Laura Katz Olson) (Mark Schlesinger).
15. Lobbyists: Ten Myths About Power and Influence (Rogan Kersh).
16. Reproductive Health (Deborah McFarlane).
17. Public Opinion and Issue Framing (Sarah Gollust).
18. Medicaid from the Ground Up (Jamila Michener).
19. Nursing (Deena Costa and Olga Yakusheva).
20. Homelessness and Health (Charley Willison).
21. Prescription Drugs (Anthony Dell’Aera).
22. Mental Health Policy (David Rochefort).
23. Evidence-Based Medicine (Tony Patashnik) .
24. Veterans’ Health (Nathan Boucher).
25. Vaccines (Matthew Motts).
26. International Health (Scott Greer and Joseph White).
27. France (Victor Rodwin).
28. Continental Europe (Carolyn Tuohy).
Epilogue (James Morone and Daniel Ehlke).

  • James A. Morone

    James Morone is the John Hazen White Professor of Political Science, Public Policy and Urban Studies at Brown University, where he received multiple citations for excellence in teaching. His research has been featured in the New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of Law and Medical Ethics, Journal of Health Policy and Law and many other publications as well as on National Public Radio's All Things Considered. A prolific author, Dr. Morone's 10 published books include HELLFIRE NATION: THE POLITICS OF SIN IN AMERICAN HISTORY, which was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in nonfiction. The New York Times, Washington Post and several T.V. and radio shows have featured his essays and op-ed pieces on politics, history and morality. A Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Morone speaks frequently for organizations around the world, sits on the Board of Editors for several scholarly journals and has shared his expertise through congressional testimony and on special government panels. He earned his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Chicago.

  • Dan Ehlke

    Daniel Ehlke is Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management at S.U.N.Y. Downstate Medical Center School of Public Health, where he teaches courses that include introductory health policy and management, healthcare advocacy and politics and International Health Systems. He is a recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. His research centers on reform in the American and British health care systems. Daniel Ehlke earned an M.A. and Ph.D. from Brown University.

  • New Content Areas: All-new material on veterans' health, nursing, the lived experience of Medicaid, systemic racism and more.

  • New issue briefs: New ‘eyewitness’ briefs to this edition include material on immigrant health law and legal advocacy.

  • Solid Foundation: Morone/Ehlke's HEALTH POLITICS AND POLICY, 6e, introduces health policy and the numerous ways in which policy-making affects different communities and populations.

  • Unique Approach: This is the only book that describes the actual development of health care policy by taking learners inside the White House, judiciary, bureaucracy and state governments to understand how the process works.

  • Stimulating Questions: Study questions and analysis problems raise student awareness of the issues and instigate thoughtful classroom discussions.

  • Effective Visual Learning: Detailed tables, charts, graphs and boxes complement chapter material to broaden reader perspectives about health care and politics in the past and present.

  • Student-Friendly Style: Edited by an award-winning author, teacher and researcher, this text fascinates students with the politics behind health care issues today.

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