Anderson's Business Law & The Legal Environment - Comprehensive Edition,
24th Edition

David P. Twomey, Marianne M. Jennings, Stephanie M Greene

ISBN-13: 9780357363744
Copyright 2022 | Published
1360 pages | List Price: USD $500.95

Gain a strong understanding of business law as it's practiced today with the comprehensive, yet clear, approach found in today's number one business law resource with summarized cases: ANDERSON'S BUSINESS LAW & THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT, COMPREHENSIVE VOLUME, 24E. This reader-friendly approach helps you grasp legal concepts and principles without overwhelming detail. You examine the latest developments in law with new cases as recent as 2020 and examples from current headlines. Clearly identified content helps you prepare for the current CPA exam. In addition, summarized cases, numerous examples of today's real legal dilemmas, meaningful applications and interesting learning features emphasize the relevance of what you are learning. You examine legal concepts at work in examples such as rapper 50 Cent's bankruptcy, Netflix's battle with Hollywood and popular online retailer Wayfair's legal battles. MindTap digital resources are also available to help you succeed in your business law course.


About The Authors.
1. The Nature and Sources of Law.
2. The Court System and Dispute Resolution.
3. Business Ethics, Social Forces, and The Law.
4. The Constitution As The Foundation of The Legal Environment.
5. Government Regulation of Competition and Prices.
6. Administrative Agencies.
7. Crimes.
8. Torts.
9. Intellectual Property Rights.
10. The Legal Environment of International Trade.
11. Nature and Classes of Contracts: Contracting On The Internet.
12. Formation of Contracts: Offer and Acceptance.
13. Capacity and Genuine Assent.
14. Consideration.
15. Legality and Public Policy.
16. Writing, Electronic Forms, and Interpretation of Contracts.
17. Third Persons and Contracts.
18. Discharge of Contracts.
19. Breach of Contract and Remedies.
20. Personal Property and Bailments.
21. Legal Aspects of Supply Chain Management.
22. Nature and Form of Sales.
23. Title and Risk of Loss.
24. Product Liability: Warranties and Torts.
25. Obligations and Performance.
26. Remedies For Breach of Sales Contracts.
27. Negotiable Instruments: Types, Parties, Transfer, and Liability
28. Checks, Banks, and Funds Transfers
29. Nature of The Debtor-Creditor Relationship.
30. Consumer Protection.
31. Secured Transactions in Personal Property.
32. Bankruptcy.
33. Insurance.
34. Agency.
35. Third Persons in Agency.
36. Regulation of Employment.
37. Equal Employment Opportunity Law.
38. Types of Business Organizations.
39. Partnerships.
40. LPs, LLCs, and LLPs.
41. Corporation Formation.
42. Shareholder Rights in Corporations.
43. Securities Regulation.
44. Accountants' Liability and Malpractice.
45. Management of Corporations.
46. Real Property.
47. Environmental Law and Land Use Controls.
48. Leases.
49. Decedents' Estates and Trusts.
Case Index.
Subject Index

  • David P. Twomey

    Professor David Twomey has been a member of the business law department in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College since 1968. As department chair for more than a decade, and a multi-term chair of the school’s Education Policy Committee, Professor Twomey has served as a spokesperson for a strong legal and ethical component in both the undergraduate and graduate curriculum. He is the author of 36 editions of textbooks on labor, employment and business law topics. His articles have appeared in journals such as Best’s Review, The American Business Law Journal, The Labor Law Journal, The Massachusetts Law Quarterly, The Florida Bar Journal, and The Business Law Review. Professor Twomey has served as arbitrator in more than 2,000 labor-management disputes throughout the country. His service includes appointments by Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, William J. Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama to nine Presidential Emergency Boards, whose recommendations served as the basis for the resolution of major disputes in the rail and airline industries. After service in the U.S. Marine Corps, Professor Twomey graduated from Boston College, earned his M.B.A. at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a J.D. degree at Boston College Law School. He is a member of the Massachusetts and Florida Bars and a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators.

  • Marianne M. Jennings

    Professor Marianne Jennings is an emeritus professor of legal and ethical studies in business from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University (ASU). She was named professor of the year in the College of Business in 1981, 1987, 2000 and 2010 and was the recipient of a Burlington Northern teaching excellence award in 1985. She served as director of the Joan and David Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics at ASU from 1995-1999. From 2006-2007, she served as the faculty director for the M.B.A. Executive Program. She took emeritus status in 2015, but continues to teach graduate courses in business ethics and ethical culture at ASU and other colleges around the country. She is also an instructor and mentor for Wiley’s CPAExcel review course. Professor Jennings has authored hundreds of articles in academic, professional and trade journals. She was named one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders by Trust Across America in 2010. In 2012 she was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics by Ethisphere magazine. Her columns have been syndicated around the country, and her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times, Washington Post and the Reader's Digest. She has been a commentator on business issues on All Things Considered for National Public Radio. She has appeared on CNBC, CBS This Morning, the Today Show and CBS Evening News. Professor Jennings earned her undergraduate degree in finance and her J. D. from Brigham Young University. She has done consulting work for law firms, government agencies, businesses and professional groups including Allstate, Amgen, AstraZeneca, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Boeing, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Coca-Cola, Department of Energy, Department of Interior, Dial Corporation, DuPont, IBM, Institute of Internal Auditors, Mattel, Motorola, Southern California Edison, Pfizer and Toyota.

  • Stephanie M Greene

    Professor Stephanie Greene has been a member of the faculty at the Boston College Carroll School of Management since 1995. She currently serves as professor and chair of the business law department. She has served as editor-in-chief of the American Business Law Journal and the Journal of Legal Studies Education. Professor Greene has published numerous articles on employment law and intellectual property law with recent publications appearing in the American Business Law Journal and the Stanford Journal of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. A member of the Massachusetts Bar, Professor Greene earned her undergraduate degree in Slavic languages and literature at Princeton University and her J.D. from Boston College Law School.

  • NEW "THINKING THINGS THROUGH" PROBLEMS ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO EXAMINE CONCEPTS WITHIN CONTEXT. These engaging problems in each chapter reinforce legal principles at work within meaningful examples drawn from real life.

  • NEW "SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW" HIGHLIGHTS LEGAL ISSUES IMPACTING CELEBRITIES AND SPORTS FIGURES TODAY. Your students enjoy reading about the legal issues surrounding current celebrities or athletes as memorable example demonstrate key principles of law. Students learn why rapper 50 Cent went bankrupt, how Kevin Costner became crosswise with his co-owners in his L.L.C., or why Netflix became the target of Hollywood and then Hollywood became the target of the Justice Department's Antitrust Division.

  • UPDATED "ETHICS & THE LAW" FEATURES DELVE INTO CURRENT ETHICAL ISSUES FROM TODAY'S HEADLINES. This edition examines high-profile scandals like "Operation Varsity Blue," which led to jail time for parents paying to get their children accepted into top colleges. Another feature engages students with behind-the-scenes details of Boeing’s problems with the 737MAX jet

  • UPDATED "E-COMMERCE & CYBERLAW" FEATURES EXAMINE LEGAL ISSUES AFFECTING ONLINE BUSINESSES. This edition uses familiar examples to illustrate legal principles in action. For instance, students review the Wayfair U.S. Supreme Court decision within a discussion of how online retailers should deal with sales tax and the costs to small businesses.

  • UPDATES THROUGHOUT THIS EDITION REFLECT LEGAL CHANGES AS RECENT AS 2020. This edition has captured the latest developments in law with a focus on significant legal changes since the last edition. Numerous new cases, some as recent as 2020, reflect the most current changes and their impact in the law today.

  • RECENT CASES AND EXAMPLES FEATURE SOME OF TODAY'S MOST CURRENT AND NEWSWORTHY TOPICS. With the latest updates throughout this edition, it’s simple to bring today’s most recent developments and current events into your course to engage and motive your students.

  • "MAKE THE CONNECTION" HIGHLIGHTS THE RELEVANCE OF WHAT STUDENTS ARE LEARNING. These engaging features at the end of each chapter help your students understand the relationship between concepts from the book and actual life situations.

  • LEARNING OUTCOMES DIRECT STUDENT ATTENTION TO KEY CONCEPTS. These helpful learning features assist students in mastering and retaining key legal concepts.

  • ENHANCED INSTRUCTOR’S MANUAL SAVES YOU PREPARATION TIME. This essential resource is filled with insights, teaching strategies and chapter outlines specifically designed to save you time and assist you in creating a dynamic course. Case briefs include additional information and questions to aid you in developing meaningful classroom discussion.

  • INTERESTING, READER-FRIENDLY PRESENTATION KEEPS STUDENTS ENGAGED AND LEARNING. Known for delivering an active, lucid writing style, these experienced, award-winning authors explain important legal principles with an appropriate depth of explanation. Interesting cases and current, real examples further strengthen this edition's content.

  • MEANINGFUL CASES CLARIFY CONCEPTS AND HIGHLIGHT APPLICATION. Engaging cases reinforce student comprehension while focusing on how concepts apply to the situation. This edition’s cases present landmark decisions that involve some surprising parties, such as Led Zeppelin on intellectual property rights in Stairway to Heaven and popular online retailer Wayfair challenging the constitutionality of sales tax imposed in all states for a retailer that never leaves its state.

  • CPA ICONS IDENTIFY CONTENT FROM THE CPA EXAM. Icons identify CPA exam-related content within chapters, while end-of-chapter questions draw from past CPA exams. As the CPA Exam Blueprint has changed so has this edition. For instance, with the exam's increased focus on problem solving and the ability to read statutes and regulations, this edition footnotes resources similar to those in simulation portions of the exam. Chapters on negotiable instruments, which no longer appear on the exam, are consolidated to focus on app and online banking issues more than checks in today's paperless era.

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