Stress Management for Life,
5th Edition

Michael Olpin, Margie Hesson

ISBN-13: 9780357363966
Copyright 2021 | Published
432 pages | List Price: USD $149.95

Finally, a textbook that you don’t mind reading. In fact, you’ll probably share it with your stressed-out family and friends. And when the class has finished, you probably won’t sell it back. STRESS MANAGEMENT FOR LIFE: A RESEARCH-BASED EXPERIENTIAL APPROACH, 5th Edition, and the accompanying stress-reducing audio files, contain all the leading-edge tools, principles, and experiences you need to help you profoundly reduce and even prevent stress. More than just a book about how to manage stress, this book offers you a life-changing experience. If you’re tired of headaches, difficulties sleeping, feeling burned out or depressed, or experiencing a host of other chronic stress symptoms; if you’d like to master mindfulness, meditation, yoga, positive self-talk, find meaning, manage your time, and dozens of other stress-managing tools, this is the only stress management book you’ll ever need.


1. Stress in Today's World.
2. Self-Assessment.
3. The Science of Stress.
4. The Mind/Body Connection.
5. The Power of Perception.
6. Thinking and Choosing.
7. Mindfulness.
8. Managing Emotions.
9. The Importance of Values.
10. Spirituality.
11. Time and Life Management.
12. Money Matters.
13. Social Support, Relationships, and Communication.
14. Creating a Healing Environment.
15. Healthy Lifestyles.
16. Introduction to Relaxation.
17. Take a Breath.
18. Autogenics.
19. Progressive Relaxation.
20. Guided Imagery: Using Your Imagination.
21. Mediation.
22. Yoga.
23. Complementary and Alternative Health.
24. More Stress-Reduction Strategies.

  • Michael Olpin

    Dr. Michael Olpin is a professor of health promotion at Weber State University and the director of the WSU Stress Relief Center. He earned his Ph.D. in Health Education from SIU [***IS THIS SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY? IT SHOULD BE SPELLED OUT, NOT ABBREVIATED--LRT], and his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Health Promotion and Psychology from Brigham Young University. He has taught at six institutions of higher education including Southern Illinois University, Concord University, West Virginia University, Virginia Tech, Brigham Young University and, most recently, Weber State University. Among others, the classes he teaches are mind/body wellness, stress management, and wellness coaching. Mike has presented many classes, seminars and workshops on stress management and wellness at the national, regional and community levels. Dr. Olpin’s teaching includes many areas of health and wellness, but his primary focus remains on stress management, mind/body health, peak performance, mental and emotional wellness, and wellness coaching. He has presented papers and spoken at many conferences, workshops and seminars around the country. In addition to these speaking engagements, he also consults with companies and businesses, sports teams and athletes, individuals and other community groups. Mike has published two additional books on stress management: THE WORLD IS NOT A STRESSFUL PLACE: STRESS RELIEF FOR EVERYONE and UNWIND: 7 PRINCIPLES FOR A STRESS-FREE LIFE. Mike’s professional website — — focuses specifically on Stress Management and Wellness for individuals and groups of all kinds. His site includes training and instruction to help people more effectively manage their stress. Best of all, Mike has been happily married for 31 years and enjoys four amazing kids (and one grandchild). In his free time, you will find him biking and trail running in the beautiful mountains of northern Utah, where he and his family currently reside.

  • Margie Hesson

    Margie Hesson is a Registered Nurse and an instructor in the College of Nursing at South Dakota State University, where her teaching focus areas are stress management, epidemiology, population-based health care and complementary/alternative health care. She is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association as a Certified Holistic Stress Management Instructor and is the author of two general-audience books on stress and healthy living and a contributing author to numerous textbooks. In addition to more than 40 years' experience as a nurse and a teacher, she has been director of corporate health promotion and is active as a health ministry consultant to churches. She presents and consults on stress management and health promotion topics at state, national and international levels.

  • New, powerful deeply relaxing breathing meditations have been added to provide readers with an additional way to reduce stress.

  • New and updated information on sleep helps students get better quality of sleep and fall asleep faster.

  • New information on the epigenetic effects of stress – the impact of stress on cellular growth, cellular repair, and longevity – as well as updates on the health effects of chronic stress enhance the presentation.

  • New information has been added on the ways a stressful prenatal environment may increase a person’s reactivity to stressful situations as an adult.

  • Updated section on “Flow” describes how to increase the possibility of optimal experiences, especially in physical and mental performance. Includes the latest information in the field on how stress impacts learning and memory.

  • A new section on positive psychology offers a more thorough focus on what works to prevent stress.

  • “Stress Busting Behavior” boxes contain quick activities that engage students in applying chapter content to their own lives.

  • "Stress Stories" scattered throughout the chapters describe the authors' own experiences to help students better understand and relate to the content.

  • "Stress Studies" throughout the book cover the latest and most relevant research on topics involving stress and stress management.

  • FYI (For Your Information) tidbits provide motivational and interesting information.

  • "Time Tips" boxes provide specific, proven suggestions from students to help readers prevent stress by more effectively managing their time.

  • "Stress Management Activities" ask students to synthesize and apply important concepts from each chapter.

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